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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 19, 2012    

Cycle & Carriage is one of the premier automotive groups in Singapore and represents Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Kia and Citroën.


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Great Service

My experience with Cycle and Carriage arose from a purchase of a Mercedes, which C&C represents. Apart from having an extremely enthusiastic car agent who answered all our questions with ease and assured us of the good deal that we were getting, the after-purchase service provided by C&C has been nothing short of amazing.

Usually nothing happens after the purchase of a car has been made. Maybe they will dangle some free gifts or goodies that come together with the car, but never anything more. However, I love that C&C takes the extra step to ensure customer satisfaction even AFTER the sale has been done and closed. They send us regular newsletters that keep us informed about what C&C is doing and what new services and offers are available in the Mercedes servicing centre. They have also sent us a complimentary Cathay movie card and gave us free movie passes to catch the premiere of Thor.

Throughly amazed and impressed at the high level of customer care at C&C. Nothing to complain about and it has been an absolute joy thus far. Thumbs up!

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Great Customer Care
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Good professional dealer for cars ranging from low to high end

Having wanted a small car for my first then, I came into C&C for their Kia Picanto after test-driving the Honda Jazz at the Honda showroom a couple of steps down the street.

After entering into C&C and approached by a sales staff, her good and pleasant attitude didn't seem to have dropped even after stating that I'm actually looking for the smallest and cheapest range car offered in the house. The usual applies, pouring me with all the merits of the car (being cheap and fuel savings the most) before doing a sample calculation of the monthly installments. The staff was professional and honest, for when I mentioned that I have intentions to drive up to north Malaysia, she advised to take extra caution or even refrain from doing so since the Kia Picanto is a very small car with only a engine of 1.1 Liters. She also advised driving above the speed limit for the car is also very light and might face stability issues. I appreciate all these honesty she has provided me with since I think the safety of the commuter should be the top priority and weaving lies to close the deal.

The test-drive is up next. While the Kia Picanto offers a simple basic car at an affordable rate (then), the stability factor is really lacking at some point, especially when I just test-drove a Honda Jazz. Acceleration was average although it's only 1,100cc but let's face it, how fast can you drive in Singapore with all the traffic lights.

And yes, my first car was actually a black Kia Picanto, the main reason for choosing it was the cost. Although I've long sold my Picanto to upgrade to a bigger car, I still miss it from time to time. My mother especially so for she seldom drives and she's under the impression that a smaller car is easier to maneuver and park (the logic which I failed to apprehend thus far). Perhaps that's also the reason why she hates driving my car now and if she does, she'll always make a comment about how she prefers the previous Picanto without fail.

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