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288, South Bridge Road Singapore 058840
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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on November 03, 2012    

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum (BTRTM) was founded in 2002 and was to promote and showcase Buddhist, Chinese, Chinatown and Singapore culture.

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7.00am to 7.00pm
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A touching and beautiful place to educate yourself

I came here to show off Singapore’s culture to my visiting friend, however I think that we both left as impressed as each other. First thing that I would recommend, is to either make sure that you’re wearing trousers or a long skirt as shorts aren’t allowed, however if you are wearing shorts to just make sure that you grab a robe before you go in and wrap it around your waist. The last thing you want is to accidentally insult the importance of this place and just look like a bit of a mug in the process.

As you walk in, the temple is honestly very beautiful. You know that they are urns all over the temple, however it doesn’t seem like a place of death, instead a place of commemoration and remembrance. Bright colours fill the room and it’s packed full of either tourists like us or those paying their respect. Activities are held throughout the day however when we were between the timings, but honestly you don’t need to attend any to get the feel of the place and I guess that those times will be really really busy.

Sadly we never made it to the top floor and the Orchid garden, as somehow we managed to get a bit lost and the whole place is not very well labelled. There are floors full of the history of the story of the Buddha Tooth and the stories surrounding it, but it’s quite small and I found the temple itself to be much more interesting. It’s a really touching and beautiful place, and you should definitely pay a visit and try and find the so called Orchid garden that I annoyingly couldn’t find.

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

Make sure you make it to the top

It is, after all, a temple. And a columbarium. And a museum. Several, in fact.

Enter at the ground floor and remove your shoes. Ladies, wear something decent. Robes are provided. Then process through the two shrines on the ground floor. Both are imposing and, despite the red and gold and glitter and the thousands of urns containing the thousands who have paid thousands for the privilege, it is a moving place in which to be, especially if there is a ritual taking place.

Then take the lift to the top floor, walk up the the roof, and enjoy the orchid garden. Circumnambulate the bell in the pagoda, and then descend to two floors of amazing relics and exotica, including, allegedly, the Budda's tooth. I am a little suspicious. I have traveled for over forty years in Asia, and either the Buddha had a lot of teeth or someone is exaggerating.

Nonetheless, when it comes to faith, reason and rationality must be placed on the back burner.
This temple is very much worth a visit, and its museums are stunning.

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Definitely Grand

It's new. So if you're looking for more history, this might not be the place for you.

HOWEVER, there are a total a 5 levels to this building, including a roof top garden which is definitely worth a visit.

When you enter, the grandeur of the place definitely hits you. Gorgeous lamps, bright, clean colours and many wonderful statues to observe. They also have a museum inside that explains the religion much more. The 4th floor is an amazing room. Words cannot describe what I saw in there so just go see the 4th floor!

As much as it is a tourist destination, the setting inside allows for many to participate in the meditative environment. While I was there, I saw quite a few people finding spots to meditate. The 4th floor has a small area sectioned off to those who wish to meditate in that space.

It's worth a pop in because it's really beautiful and informative.

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