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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 30, 2012    

Army Museum of Singapore (ARMS) is a museum dedicated to the history and contributions of all NSmen.

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Weekday Opening Hours:
10am - 6pm
Weekend Opening Hours:
10am - 6pm
Entrance Fees:
FREE Admission

For SAF & Home Team NSF & NSmen, SAF servicemen/women. These NSmen/women are also entitled to bring in up to 4 guests free on Weekends and Public Holidays. Proof of status is required to enjoy these privileges.

NORMAL Admission

ADULT - $5/pax
CHILD - $3/pax (6-12yrs old)
SENIOR CITIZEN - $3/pax (60yrs and above)
FAMILY COMBO - $12 (2 Adult + 2 Child, $1 for each additional child)
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  • Free
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I was brought on a National Education (NE) trip to Army Museum on my 4th week of Basic Military Training (BMT). It was an eye-opening tour with the Army Museum being along a string of destinations including OCS and Singapore Discovery Centre.

For those new to the army, as I was at that point of time, life was a culture shock for me. I had to put away trappings of my civilian life and adapt to the new order of life, with its tiring demands, rigid regimentation and frequent punishments. Moreover, I was exposed to lingo I had scant idea what to make of (thankfully not totally clueless as I did watch Ah Boys to Men prior to enlistment) and arms which I had no idea about which I found out later belonged to the respective formations (infantry, armour etc).

The approach adopted by the museum to improve the understanding of the public were soft medium and real life demonstrations. In terms of soft medium, plenty of comics (painted on walls and display panels together with the main text of information). One particular point of interest was the room where there was a showcase of how the SF works together through the army, navy and air force. In the room, there was present lifelike models of a tank, a huge helicopter gunship as well as combat boats. Elaborate sound effects and pyrotechnics were displayed as the filmed played, and it was so realistic that i felt as if there was a real war going about around us.

In terms of real life demonstrations, actual SAF items such as the sandbags were brought in to showcase what soldiers are equipped with and how it plays a role in maintaining the defense in event Singapore is being attacked.

To wrap it all up were exhibitions detailing the various humanitarian missions the SAF mounted as well as combat missions (the hijacking of 1991). I would recommend a visit to this place for guys (to learn more about what you'll be doing) and girls (to learn more about what you loved ones are doing or have been through).

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A sense of purpose.

A sense of purpose, or shall I say, a greater sense of purpose, developed in me after I visited the museum. Why greater? Cause this is currently what I am doing, contributing on a full time basis as a military personnel.

ARMS, the acronym for this place, probably had multiple meanings. It could mean brother-in-arms. it could also mean the arms as in the sense of weapons. But whichever the meaning behind it, the museum no doubt paints a picture of some of the unstable times that happened in the past, and likely unheard of by our younger generations.

It tries to tell us that no matter how peaceful things are currently, we should never take it for granted and assume that things would always end on a happy note, as there would also be hidden things lying around. And this builds the purpose of national service.

Besides the history part, there are also exhibits of the heritage of the Army, and also a multimedia hall, which sadly was not operational when I went the other time.

It is a serene place to visit as visitors are not a lot and for those who visit the museum, do note that there are also some other exhibits outside of the museum, which show cased some of the vehicles that our army has been using since history.

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Sense of patriotism

I went here with my family for free since men/women who have served NS before can bring up to 4 guests in free-of-charge. Few people are actually interested enough to make a trip here, but my father thought it would be interesting to educate my brother about the NS life since he was going to join it soon. Due to the lack of visitors, the museum is quiet, but not in an eerie way. Rather, the silence is almost peaceful, and is seemingly fitting, considering that the museum is dedicated to armymen in the past, present, and future.

Exhibits show the progress of the army through time. For example, weapons and uniforms of the past, present and future are shown, and there are even life-size planes and cannons inside and outside the museum.

In all, it is a good, non-boring place to learn about the army as well as to alleviate the fear of NS for future NS men. I certainly left with a sense of patriotism and confidence that our country is well-protected.

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