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The second part of the Jack Neo directed and MINDEF supported film which shows boys becoming men through National Service.


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Apart from its supposed 'propaganda motives', I do confess that this movie provides a sufficiently satisfying conclusion to the previous cliffhanger (part 1).

In the second part of the movie, new and exciting changes in the dynamics within the group surfaces and it becomes interesting to witness how the soldiers resolve such difficulties - both personally and as a team.

Despite being a female, I manage to find key learning points from the movies. Firstly, it is the importance of teamwork. Teamwork in ANY circumstances (good or bad), is crucial to the successful accomplishment of a task (easy or difficult). This is best exemplified by the impressionable instance in the movie where Lobang and the rest of his platoon mates decided to collude to help avenge IP man by throwing defecation at the accused.

I also picked up the importance of sacrifice - when Wayang King decided to defend Lobang when he lost some part of his rifle - he did sacrifice his own conduct but what he gained in return was a valuable friendship and trust from the rest of his platoon mates. Pretty worth it, I thought.

I am looking forward to how Ah Boys to Men Part 3 will turn out to be!

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Better than the first movie

Having been a fan of jack neo's local comedic films for a long time, I felt that ah boys to men was a let down - with an abrupt ending and an unsatisfactory draggy beginning, I hoped that ah boys to men 2 would be a better bet.

It was indeed much better than the first - with a whole lot of comedy from the shit fighting to the action that took place to the tear-jerking moments when values of friendship, camaraderie, and love, it was worth the watch.

Although the movie would have been better without being broken up into parts, the life of an NS man was revealed in the film - it was tough and rough, but it seemed like a good training program. Somehow, all of my friends who have entered into army came out making army jokes which I've never understood. Ah boys to men didn't help me understand them any better, but hopefully one day I'll be able to connect with my friends and their NS experiences that may not be a total bore after all.

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This is really as close as it gets to what we actually experienced in Pulau Tekong during our BMT days on the cinema screen. Released during my BMT days, what I could see on the screen matches my daily routines and adventures. Jack Neo indeed has the penchant for creating beautiful films which allows us room to enhance with our own memories as we watched the film.

Embossed with the standard Jack Neo sense of humour, the movie brings to a close Part 1, in which many loose ends were left hanging. I truely enjoyed the antics that the recruits took part in (wishing that my own experience had been as dramatic and exciting). Since I was in school 4 and the female company, Pegasus Coy was in another school, I never got the chance to see any female recruits except during route march. But the epic thing was when even when they marched past us, it took us a while to recognise that they were actually girls, and it was their singing, not the physical features that helped us to tell. Hence, I definitely did not get to try the stunt shown in the show.

A true Singaporean comedy show that touches the heart of all of us, it is definitely recommended for viewing. Not only does it lighten your lives, but it helps our family and girlfriends to understand what we're actually going through and why we can't be there for them most of the time.

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

So Singaporean Humour

I mean that in a good way!

Before catching ABTM 2, I had never seen the first movie, so I decided to watch it on YouTube (credits to some persistent YouTuber who kept re-uploading the video after it got taken down) and was really quite humoured by it. I was sure that I wanted to catch the second one right after that.

As a guy, I have yet to be enlisted into the army (one more year to go!), and I found the two shows, the second one in particular being very informative in terms of what to expect in the army. My only fear is that because of this show, the army might change their ways so as to give future recruits more surprise and unexpectedness, who knows!

In my opinion, ABTM 2 was much better than the first one. The first one was a tad bit too farfetched, but this, though still a little exaggerated at parts, such as the wild boar scene, made more sense in a realistic way. The show was also really witty, and I especially loved the part where Ismail insulted his Sergeants without knowing that they were behind him, and then events that followed after for him. There were also moments where one could not help but feel emotional, like the letter reading scene.

The cast, being a fresh batch of actors whom I've never seen on Mediacorp shows before, was really good. Through their acting and portrayal of each of their characters, it felt really convincing that this is how army life could be like for me because the characters just felt very natural to me. I did like the twist in Lobang's and Wayang King's personalities, and their acting were to me the most commendable, along with Tosh Zhang who plays Sergeant Ong.

Overall, I am glad I caught the movie while it was in theatres, and if you have yet to do so, find means to watch it, especially if you are a guy who has yet to be enlisted, or better yet, are enlisted (or have already ORD-ed) and want to reflect back on your army days. You will laugh, you might cry, and you certainly will have a good time watching Ah Boys To Men.

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two times

The first movie was lighthearted, amusing with a tinge of propaganda. The second movie doubles it up.

From entertaining jokes to hilariously epic moments. My personal favourite was IP Man's (Noah Yap) first reaction when he saw an intimate video of his ex-girlf's, not hurling vulgarities or kicking tables - he bit the table. And more amusement when they tried to create another video to get back at his ex (which i will not reveal to spoil your fun).

The propaganda this time was like right SMACK in your face. With the main lead crossing over to the good side, trying to convince his bunk mate that army is good & we should all give our very best bla bla.. But one thing I do agree is that, army teaches you to organise plans properly and helps you to fight well, as depicted in their Throw Faeces Operation.

The filming was well done, the actors wise there is incredibly commendable acting skills revealed in the second movie especially actors like Lobang King (Wang Wei Liang) and Aloysius Jin (Maxi Lim) as the plot got more intense. The other actors did a wonderful job as a comic relief as seen as part 1 but i personally think Ken Chow's (Joshua Tan) acting is mediocre as seeminly unimpressive being placed next to better actors.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, it was hilarious, it was very relatable to us Singaporeans, and even though hidden messages from the government can be annoying but at least they are transmitting positive messages unlike other countries that allow all sorts of nonsensical & unethical movies. I thought it was a brillant idea to film both movies at the same time so the releasing of both movies together kept the hype up & the previous movie's storyline was still fresh in our head. Loved it.

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(Updated: February 19, 2013)

very enjoyable

I thoroughly enjoyed watching part two. Perhaps even more than part one because now its all wrapped up nicely and done. I wish it wasn't. I could see a whole season of Tosh and co as a channel 8 drama. Yes the CGI is face palm worthy, mini-plots cringe worthy and the story cliche. What on earth was that whole food republic CGI scene about? I later learned in the credits they were one of the movie's sponsors.. Oh so that explains it! The product placements don't even attempt subtleness - they become entire out of story scenes and locations lol!

Anyway its the original humor and the power of Jack's story telling that really makes this film. The typical bo chap reservist officers, the wayang kings and chao kengs, the chain of command, the fact that commanders are accountable and have to sign 7 "extras". Everything was perfectly relatable for anyone who has served army who would reminisce fondly about their time served. And the funniest bits had to be everything with the PRC foreign talent soldier. From his "But I'm Singaporean" rant (in PRC Chinese of course) to the short running gags "Ni Jia!" instead of "Ninja!". How I wish he was part of the main cast too, he was hilarious and maybe it would make Singaporeans embrace them more. I see no way of PRCs getting offended that way.

Jack has managed to package national propaganda in a relatable and endearing way that will send millions of mainstream Singaporeans into nationalistic pride and newfound respect for our boys in the army. I can just see most people eating this up, especially all the girls who have had no idea what its like to go through national service, now feeling they have some idea. And perhaps now they do. But still, the pain of losing your girlfriend or first love in the army or having your life come to a complete standstill for 2.5 years is something only understood through experience. Sometimes there just aren't happy endings and respectful camaraderie, there is a much darker side to NS than what this movie depicts.

Regardless, my partner who is normally resilient to emotional movies was moved to tears by the show. I wanted to show her this movie so she could understand our army more and be more supportive of my reservist duties. She did not want to see it initially but perhaps my constant singing of Tosh's theme song was getting to her. And she throughly enjoyed herself as well. I applaud Jack Neo for producing yet another instant hit and enjoyable movie. Loved it!

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(Updated: February 13, 2013)

Never been to army but learned alot

Part 2 of the movie focused more on the training and it was interesting as a female to see how the boys in Singapore has to go through the tough training and how they bonded. According to my hubby what was shown was quite real about today's training condition.

The humor in the movie has improved from the past Jack Neo's movies. I like "Lobang" the most in the movie and the classic ah Beng language. As usual, Neo is good at portraying family values in the movies and outstanding acting by "Ken's Father" is really touching.

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(Updated: February 13, 2013)

The Best Jack Neo Movie Yet

I watched Ah Boys to Men Part 2 a few days after watching the first part on DVD and again laughed my head off at the snappy jokes and underlying messages behind the humour. I particular liked Jack Neo's subtle jabs at nationalized foreigners through his casting of the Singaporean PRC recruit.

Even more insightful is his portrayal of Ken and his ostracization by his section mates when he returns with a changed attitude. It brought back memories of my days in BMT when simply having a positive attitude and trying to encourage the same in your platoon mates got you classified with the "wayang kings" and treated with contempt. It is the greatest pitfall for recruits in NS. As any NSmen can tell you, the Singapore Army lacks efficiency and spirit despite Mindef's propaganda to tell the public otherwise. This is because the bulk of the Armed Forces are made up of National Service men grudgingly serving their 2 years with the minimal effort possible. Few put in the extra effort which can turn Singapore's Army into a truly world class army.

Only two things stops me from giving Ah Boys to Men Part 2 five stars. The blatant featuring of the movie sponsors which results in jarringly unnecessary scenes and dialogue, and the over the top, possibly MINDEF required, propaganda speeches on the importance of NS. I get that NS is important and MINDEF is trying to change the hearts and minds of incoming recruits. But doing it this way probably has the opposite effect.

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A little disappointing, but still a must-watch for Singaporeans!

Ah Boy to Men 2 was a little disappointing for me despite the hype.

I was really into part 1 and felt that it was a great comedy and the part 2 thriller seems pretty cool. However, the part that I was anticipating, where they carried out the “revenge” on the girlfriend who dumped his NS boyfriend, was a bit disappointing. I think this part was the highlight of the show, wasn't it? But I felt that it wasn't great enough. Anyway after this “highlight”, the rest of the movie was really more of a compilation of short stories. It was still funny here and there, but I just felt that something was missing.

Overall, it is still a touching comedy like typical Jack Neo’s film, and carries great educational value. With its theme on Singapore NS, it carries great significance and definitely remains as a must-watch film for Singaporeans.

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