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Listing created by bxbong on November 26, 2012    

The Ghosts Must Be Crazy is a Singaporean comedy horror film directed by Boris Boo and Mark Lee.

The film is split into two stories, one on a ghost bride, and one of a day off in the army.


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Yet another disappointing local horror flick

I'd already expected this movie to be another flop, yet I went against the better part of my judgment and watched it nonetheless, and as expected, it was a massive waste of time.

In this Singaporean comedy horror flick, Mark Lee attempts to put together a chilling horror movie made up of two separate plots, similar to that previously directed by Jack Neo, but it is clearly a total flop. The movie seems like a cheap replica of Jack Neo's 'Where Got Ghost', and I can hardly understand why it was even released into cinemas in the first place, because this movie is undeniably bad.

The film claims to be a horror comedy, but there was hardly any scares in this one. I get spooked really easily, but even so, I barely batted an eyelid when the fake blood and low voices emerged. Furthermore, this film was hardly comedic, and I barely recall myself being amused at any part of this film.

The first story in 'The Ghosts Must Be Crazy' was a typical army horror. However, with its strange lack of personnel, and unprofessional script, this story was hardly believable, much less scary. As for the second story, it was yet another Chinese horror plot about getting married to a ghost, and there was hardly any attempt at a scare in this story, and the only amusing part about this one was seeing Mark Lee dressing up as a female.

In general, a horrible film. For those who are even contemplating catching this one, I'd say, skip it!

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(Updated: December 09, 2012)

Not for all kinds of movie junkies.

I finally got around to watching another Singaporean film, though I never actually have high expectations of films like these. I only decided to watch this because I had some free time on my hands and because it was already sitting in my movie collection.

One thing I love to bits about Jack Neo/Singaporean films is that there are always parts spoken in Hokkien. Being fluent in this dialect myself, I find myself laughing hard at several points in the film. I don't know if it's just a quirk of mine, but when the characters speak agitatedly in Hokkien, I can't help but laugh. I suppose it's because the dialect sounds pretty aggressive whether you're scolding someone or not.

Sadly, that's the only part I laughed about. This film is split into two separate stories: one about the ghostly experiences of NS men and another one about a man down on his luck.

The storyline of the first bit had me slightly hooked, since I always hear stories of hauntings and ghost encounters from the men in my family. It was believable to watch two reservists actively trying to gain exemption from their in-camp training. Their interaction with their senior officer seemed realistic enough - again, I base all of this on the stories I've heard. Aside from the almost-vulgarities and conflict, the story dried up after one of the characters died in an accident along with their Encik. The story became all about a ghost trying to get back at the people that treated him unfairly and I lost interest quickly.

The second story was slightly more engaging since the main character, Hui, managed to rile me up. To me, what makes a story good is when its characters are able to stir emotions inside you, whether it's good or bad ones. I particularly hated his guts for being obsessed with money, but it wasn't as though the gambling scenario was unrealistic. What made me wrinkle my nose in disgust was when Hui married a ghost and had to pick out the things she wanted in the underworld. He even had to kiss her in public, which did nothing for me as a viewer. I didn't even laugh. While I understand it's a comedy, I do believe stories need to be grounded at times.

In short, this film started out alright, but then began to border on ridiculous towards the end of each storyline. I wouldn't recommend it to serious movie-goers, but if you fancy a good laugh and don't pay much attention to storytelling then I suppose it could be a movie for you.

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