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Ah Long Pte Ltd is a 2008 comedy film directed by Singaporean film director Jack Neo. This film is also the seventh collaboration between MediaCorp Raintree Pictures and Jack Neo.


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Breaking the gender stereotype

The swap in gender roles made the movie super interesting to watch. In place of the usual big-sized guy with lots of tattoos, you see Fann Wong being the Ah Long. And on the other hand, you have Mark Lee being a dance instructor and displaying all the traits of a (forgive my crude language) sissy.

My favourite scene would have be when Fann forced Mark to marry her. Couldn't stop laughing for ages afterwards! The hilarious performance of the 2 veteran actors and their amazing chemistry could only add to the overall excellence of the movie. One of Jack Neo's best works!

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Interesting concept

This movie is about a special couple, a feminine husband and a manly wife, who were once special friends during their childhood but only communicated through written notes and got married to each other when they were older. The wife is the leader of a gang and always have to fight, which does not really show a girl's character. The husband, however, was a dancer who people might think he is a gay due to his actions.

I think that this movie is rather interesting and funny at some point. However, I will watch it once as it does not give me the temptation to want to watch it again. It has special ideas like fighting with durain shells instead of rods and knives. Dialects and Singlish were also spoken to show the Singapore side.

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