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Money No Enough 2 is a Singaporean film written and directed by Jack Neo. Representing the business owners, white and blue collar workers of Singaporeans, the story revolves around three brothers from a middle-income background in contemporary Singapore.


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Not as Hilarious as the first

It is always said that the sequel to a movie is never as good as the original. I find it especially true for this movie. While it is indeed a continuation of the original "money no enough" that is purposely titled in Singlish to emphasise on the 'kiasu' nature of Singaporeans, I find that the novelty and the humour of the show wears out a little.

The jokes that were made in the original movie were funny the first time round, but after a second time trying to repeat jokes along the same lines ended up being boring and repetitive; unoriginal even. Nevertheless, I find that Jack Neo has a generally good track record of creating humorous films that actually make me laugh at the truly Singaporean jokes. Maybe I didn't find his jokes funny this time round, but I'm sure there will be other movies to cheer me up.

It's just that having watched the first movie, I had hoped that this would be just as hilarious, or even better.

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Not as good as part one

When I watched Money No Enough, I could not stop laughing. It was so close to our lives and even a lot of jokes were those we heard in our lives. At that time, many of my friends watched the show more than once.

Money No Enough 2 was nowhere near as good as part one. It may be the success of part one was too great that it would be so much more difficult to overtake. It may be also the same topic being played twice would miss its novelty. For this show, I seldom heard any friend that watched it more than once. Nevertheless, Jack Neo was still a great producer and he was always able to produce very close to our lives.

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Reel Life

This show is about the realities of life in Singapore. Cheap CGI effects notwithstanding, the story is one that we can identify with - the pursuit of wealth put into a local context like the hated ERP and get-rich-quick schemes at all levels, ranging from MLM to property and stock investment.

I used to dislike this movie for it's lack of subtlety. It seems to me that the cold and unfeeling money-minded elder brothers is too harsh a depiction of the average Singaporean. It seems to me that the few good people in the show are always manipulated and victimized (My heart goes out to you, Yanyan!).

However, upon watching this movie again recently, I realized that the characters aren't supposed to be the average Singaporean, but rather an exaggerated embodiment of our worst traits. We may not be scamming our old mum into an old folk's home, but we are really wishing that to happen somehow coz it's the easiest way out. This ugly side of Singaporeans, I cannot deny.

So this film really does tell the sad truth about Singaporeans, albeit in a comic setting. It's touching and all.. but I still don't have to like it.

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)

Movingly sincere

While not quite as funny as its predecessor, Money No Enough 2 tugs enough heartstrings to be deemed a hit. Its three main actors - Jack Neo, Mark Lee and Henry Thia - return as brothers whose biggest ambition in life is to get rich. In their quest for wealth, they forget that there are other things in life than money, such as familial warmth and filial piety. Sounds like a typical Asian film? That's because it is - but a good one at that.

The mother of the three brothers quietly steals the show with a touching, endearing performance that surely deserves numerous accolades. She accurately depicts the true extent of a mother's love and her performance was so moving it made me cry. If you're looking for a reason to watch this show, watch it for this woman.

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True to its title, Money No Enough 2 definitely portrays how materialistic Singaporeans are, to the cruel extent that they would forsake family ties in order to gain greater wealth and affluence.

Yet another thought-provoking movie from Jack Neo, the focus of this movie is on filial piety. Touching, with a touch of humour, it's no wonder that this movie took the box office by storm. In fact, I have never seen any movie from Jack Neo falling off the charts without a tough struggle, and Money No Enough 2 is definitely on the list of Jack Neo's best movies.

This film features several well known faces in Singapore, namely Mark Lee, Jack Neo (who also directed it), and Henry Thia. Their acting was convincing, as expected from their experience in the industry, and it definitely made the film all the more realistic.

Expect a good cry after watching this movie. It's definitely nothing short of touching. For the manlier souls, perhaps a tear would suffice.

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A mind-probing movie that touches on the hard truth

It is yet another Jack Neo movies - one of those I wouldn't want to miss.

"Money No Enough 2", I felt was better that the previous. It was very in touch with the common and well-recognized problems plaguing our society in this era - the financial issues, money matters, filial piety and family problems.

Starring in the film are a few of my favourite actors - Mark Lee and Henry Thia and I credit them for being able to portray their respective characters to its fullest without losing touch with the general theme of the movie. The fact that Henry Thia was able to win an international accolade from this movie is a proving evidence of not just his acting skills but the character in the movie that has won the hearts of many.

After watching this movie, I believe that it would have led many of us into a deeper self-reflection upon our attitude towards people, money and life, and would have probe deep into our souls, making us question ourselves for whom we have been.

It also very critically points out the not uncommonly faced problems of children abandoning their parents with the mindset that they are obsolete and troublesome. The issue of filial piety versus own benefits is being confronted here and I wouldn't be doubtful that many of the people whom have watched this show would have been guilty of their acts.

The touching scenes of this movie has tugged at my heartstrings. Especially at the last part as the mother of the three sons decides to sacrifice her life in exchange for her granddaughter's - it has clearly conveyed the idea of the nobility of motherhood that had moved many to tears.

I hope that by the end of the movie, a question would linger in our minds. Have we really lost our morale compass in the endless pursuit for wealth and satisfaction for our materialistic desires?

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Money is a touchy subject amongst many Singaporeans and this movie explores the three routes most Singaporeans take - poor, middle-class, and wealthy. Jack Neo shows us why he is Singapore's number one filmmaker again with Money No Enough 2.

In my opinion, this is a good film. Building on the success from the earlier Money No Enough film, familiar faces such as Mark Lee, Henry Thia, and even Jack Neo himself play the protagonists. It's a story about our never-ending pursuit for money. Several scenes touched me particularly, such as when the three of them choose financial gain over the relationship with their elderly mother. Although it's not a classic masterpiece, it's a touching piece of art nonetheless.

Catch it if you haven't.

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depicts reality

Money No Enough 2 is a movie that I think that kind of depicts the life of some people and families living in today's world, where having and not having money may cause disharmony between family members. I think the part where the mum have to sleep near the toilet and on the floor of her son's house, being sent to old folks' home and also her daughter-in-law not wanting to give that packet of blood to the mum was rather heart breaking and brought tears to my eyes.

In today's world, money is an important factor in everyone's life. When you have it, people get close to you with intentions to get the money. If you do not have money, people will not give you much attention.

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