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Welcome to Café Iguana, Singapore’s only contemporary Mexican restaurant and bar, which features authentic cuisine and much more. The bar houses an extensive collection of over 100 different kinds of 100% blue agave tequila and handcrafted mezcal. Come and enjoy a great gourmet meal or sample our exotic drinks by the Singapore River, today.

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Thought of Fallout

When I was playing the game Fallout, iguana was one of the items that I hunt and sell for money. I thought this got something to do with that iguana. Then I realised this was actually a Mexican restaurant.

Personally, I did not like Mexican food very much. They were too spicy for me and I am not getting younger and my stomach can no longer take such food. But I like margaritas a lot. I had went to the restaurant for margaritas before and it was not bad. Add to the ambiance besides the river, it made the drink more enjoyable. It was not common that I could drink because most of the time I would be the one driving but when I wanted to visit this place, I would make special arrangement for my children to have baby sitter so that my wife and I could take public transport here. Margarita is one of the few alcoholic drinks that my wife enjoyed.

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Crowded.. Simple chill out place if within the area. Not worth travelling.

The food don't leave much impression.

However Mexican friends that i brought along was disappointed with the margaritas. Perhaps not as authentic as what they had back home. Or as potent in the alcohol content. Treat it as icy beverage just to cool down on typical humid weather in Singapore, is just fine.

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Nice margheritas

I'm no avid clubber, booze junkie, or bar frequenter, but I do enjoy an occasional drink at ungodly hours of the night with close friends I have not met for ages. It's great to sit by the river (not that close to it because it stinks) chatting and reminiscing and trash-talking while sharing some their super addictive corn chips (which was strange, as I'm not the sort who even likes corn) and sipping on margherita. We had serving after serving of their lime margherita which was superb. The taste of lime was refreshing for the palate and kept us awake through the night. Great times, great food, great booze.

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

Siesta time!!

I highly doubt that there is better authentic Mexican cuisine available in Singapore! Cafe Iguana is one of those must-try and definitely-revisit places I've been to and there're plenty of reasons which justify these proclamations.

First up, is their menu. Their nachos, tortillas, salsa and guacamole are all made with the freshest of ingredients, evident when you take your first bite and savour the mesh of the guacamole and the tortillas blending together. Next up, their drinks menu is simply astounding! They specialize in margaritas, thus I think it's only proper to try one. I'd recommend the Mexican Melorita, a delightful concoction of melon-flavored Midori and tequila. It's deep fluorescent green appearance also gives it an exotic feel.

Go on and give this place a try. With it's festive ambience and lively music, it's a sure-bet to inject some salsa into you!

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Located in the Clarke Quay area, it's the place to go if you want good margaritas. The price is alright compared to the other bars, pubs and restaurants there, but their margaritas are undoubtedly the best. It's nice to chill out with friends there near the river and with the bustling nightlife opposite - you even get to see funny (ie. drunk) people if you're lucky. I have not tried any of their food so I cannot comment, but as they are rather known for their margaritas, I happily tried strawberry and mango - both of which were to die for! Cafe Iguana is a good place to go for margaritas.

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Would not go back

Café Iguana is the only bar house I have ever been to as I was brought there by a friend to chill by the Singapore River. The first impression I had of the place was that it was rather cramped and dark. The tables were very close together and the walkway was very narrow so it was difficult to navigate.

My friend and I were shown to a seat near the edge of the overhead cloth shelter. As it was raining, we constantly had water dripping down on us, and it was difficult to get the attention of the staff so we did not manage to change our seat as well.

Food and drinks wise, I would say that their chips with salsa sauce were not too much to my liking. The salsa sauce was very sour, and the chips were practically tasteless and flour-ish. Perhaps I am not used to the flavour, but their chips were really hard and dry so I had no choice but to dip them generously in salsa sauce in order to stomach them. My friend and I had a lime margarita, which I felt tasted quite nice, like having a normal lime drink but with a tinge of alcohol.

Overall I would say that this is a place I would go to have a chat with my friends but I would not stay for long as it feels too cramped for my liking, and there isn’t really anything we can snack on comfortably.

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blueberry margaritas!

Have only been there for drinks, and it's a really great place for it. Awesome location, it's just beside Jumbo, so it's quite easy to find. They have seats inside and outside, where you can enjoy riverside dining. It's cooling at both places, just that it's a little noisier inside.

Make sure to order their house margaritas during happy hours, from 12PM-8PM. Usually there at 6-8pm, when it's $39 per jug. From 8PM-11PM, it goes full price, at $57. After 11PM, it's $39 a jug again. Recommended flavours- Blueberry and Strawberry. They serve free nacho chips with salsa dip too, and it's really good to munch on, with the drinks. There's also a three shot tequila sampler, which is below $20.

The staffs here are very friendly and attentive, it's easy to get their attention when you want to order more stuff. Serving, taking orders, refilling nachos, pouring drinks, handling the bill, they're fast and efficient at everything. There's no service charge, but you'll usually end up tipping the staff because they are that good.

You can bring your dogs here, and have a seat outside. This place is pet-friendly!

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Good authentic mexican food.

Located along the Singapore river, Café Iguana Riverside Point is one of the few restaurants in Singapore that offers authentic Mexican food. It's a 5-10 minutes walk away from Clarke Quay MRT station, which makes it accessible and convenient for those who would like to give it a try. My friends and I had decided to have one of our weekly catch up session there a few weeks back and treated ourselves to their quesadillas ( we added the chicken for the extra oomph! ) and a jug of peach margaritas. We gave the main course a miss as we had dinner right before that, but we'll be sure to have some on our next visit. Apparently, their Red Snapper Enchiladas is to die for. The Mexican food here is so good, that even my Mexican amigo gave it a thumbs up.

The staff here are really nice and approachable, so don't worry if you're not familiar with the Mexican cuisine, just ask for recommendations from them and they would be glad to assist you.The ambiance is here is pretty good too. The place is dimly litted and gave a really relaxing feel. A good place to chill out at after a long day's work.

Look out for it's happy hour for all spirits from opening till 8 and once again from 11 till closing. You'll save up a bit of money, though honestly,my wouldn't mind spending extra on the good drinks.

Good food, awesome service and great place to chillout at, Iguana is now on its way to being one of my top 10 restaurants to dine in Singapore

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