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Aikido Shinju-kai is one of the largest Aikido schools in Singapore with over 8000 members including more than 1000 children. The aim of Aikido training is not perfection of a technique or skill, nor to cause destruction, inflict injury or emerge as the winner. Rather, it is to harmonise or become one with nature, and it is this aspect that is appealing to many. Through Aikido practice, one's character is also developed so that one becomes focused with a strong mind within.

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9:30 AM - 9:00 PM
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8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
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(Updated: July 18, 2013)

I am able to defend myself now!

I had a short self-defence course in school held by an instructor from the school and despite it being a short course of 4 lessons, I am confident that when the time calls for it, I would be able to defend myself.

The instructor that I had was very clear in his communication and demonstrated the moves clearly. He was very patient with us, despite most of us being first-timers and were all very unsure of what to do. Some of my friends enjoyed this short course so much that they signed up for the actual course to pick up this martial art.

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Grace art to learn if you follow the right teacher

I used to travel alone very often especially bringing my clients for yoga retreats to remote parts of Bali and Thailand. That prompted me to learn some self defence arts and I chose Aikido for its graceful movements. I looked for a month before I decided on Aikido Shinjukai as I was impressed by their website and they have a decent looking office unlike most I called up. More importantly, the operation manager I spoke with spoke good English and he was a full time instructor so was able to tell me why I am paying S$107 at Community Clubs and S$150 at HQ is all about (amount stated was for 3 months). I attended his beginner class and found the teaching to be very structured and he was incredibly patient for an Auntie like me who cannot display martial art stance very well.

After some lessons, I had to travel to Bali again and this time, I had the chance to put what I learnt to test and I had the guy harassing me thrown off his bike, just by swing my arm backwards and lifting his chin to off balance him. Excited, I came back Singapore and sign up for multiple access pass to various dojos. To my dismay, not all instructors are of the same standard. Some teaching style are as abstract as ninjas movement, some talk for half of the lessons, some I lost them at the warm up. There is a lady instructor that conducts ladies only classes and she is structured in her teaching, not forgetting to mention she is hilarious too.

I went up the ranks and became an assistant to my Beginner class instructor. Assistants are volunteers but you get discounts for class fees.

Overall, I would say it is more reputable than most but you need to search carefully for a suitable instructor and stick with him. I have left after I became pregnant and I hear the course fees have gone up so check the price before committing,

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