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Singapore's magazine comprising of fashion, beauty and lifestyle aspects.


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Read to understand a woman

I admit I do read Her World but only the articles that concerns woman behaviour and how they think. That and to "admire" some of the models that they feature. I am a typical, hot blooded, straight man.

And what have I learnt? Women are complicated to the point of confusing and never to take what a woman says at face value. That, coming from Her World...thank you!

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High fashion magazine

Her World is a magazine targeted at females who are more mature or have a higher spending power. As I grow older, I found myself steering away from magazines like Teenage or Seventeen. They just do not appeal as much to me anymore. I enjoy reading Her World because of the chic and fun pictures on the glossy pages as well as the quality of the content in the magazine. Besides dishing out advice and articles that are closely related to the well-being of a Female, they also feature real-life stories (sad or success stories) about females, which can be inspiring! You can find recipes in here too, and they are usually healthy and quick recipes.

What's a female magazine without shopping recommendations? Her World features the trendiest look and style for the particular season and would recommend things that you can purchase to complete the look. As this magazine is targeted more to the working or financially-stable female, the items that they recommend usually come at a high price tag and are often branded. This is not a magazine for you if you are looking for cheap buys. Even if you cannot afford the clothes and shoes featured, you can always buy the magazine just for the joy of flipping the pages and enjoying the visuals and informative content!

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