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Listing created by poppy on February 09, 2013    

The magazine for free-spirited and young women of Singapore, covering aspects from fashion to lifestyle. 


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One of the best women's magazines in Singapore

I am a self-professed magazine addict, and I thank the heavens that Cleo has yet to cease publications - the way several other local magazines seemed to have done in the past.

Despite the diminishing magazine readership levels in Singapore, Cleo remains a firm stronghold in our local publications industry, and it is no wonder why, because it is pretty much a monthly bible for all local women. The magazine covers various aspects of life - from fashion, to healthcare and beauty, and even lifestyle tips on how to score that internship! Talk about well-rounded.

Even though Cleo may be a women's magazine, I don't think that this should deter teenagers from getting their very own copy of Cleo. Instead of mainstream and largely unhelpful magazines (like cough, Teenage, cough), Cleo actually offers actual insight into life far beyond KPop or One Direction.

Furthermore, Cleo went through a revamp a few years back, and their issues are sold at $3.50 per copy, which definitely makes each read more worthwhile and affordable - even for students!

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Invinsible Cleo!

Where did Singapore's Lime magazine go?

Unlike Lime magazine whose legacy was short-lived, Cleo managed to attain the injection of longevity!

Both Lime and Cleo contains the same recipe that made me more and more intrigued per flip. Especially Cleo.

The memory of my first Cleo magazine remained intact thanks to the drool worthy cover page. Chiselled men were sprawled across the covers with words "BACHELORS" written across it. There were three guys. Maybe two, on the cover. One owned a six pack, another an eight another a four. Any packs is satisfying as long as there isn't the case of no abs. Abs are a rare sighting when it comes to Singapore. The rare phenomenon that can sometimes be spotted at Knights Bridge promoting Abercrombie & Fitch. Day by day, I ponder upon the lingering mystery regarding why Singapore is severely underpopulated when it comes to owners of those abdominal muscles!

Cleo also contains juicy tips on the how-tos. Bed tips, tips on partners, tips about relationships and even tips on what or how to apply the makeup. Cleo is definitely a compulsory magazine the moment you start relying on Kotex per month.

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Juicy abs and tasty tips
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Cleo Singapore
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