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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 21, 2012    

The local version of the For Him Magazine that’s uniquely sexy, funny and useful.

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Read it for what it's worth...entertainment

I'd say that the Singapore version of FHM is tame, waaaayyy tamer than the American or British versions but only as far as the centrefold is concerned, which is a let-down.

I read FHM purely for the light entertainment. It's like a Swiss Army knife. It contains a little of everything enough to whet up an appetite but not enough to sate your hunger.

But not a bad magazine to have on your coffeetable, just make sure that mommy doesn't read them, she just might get a little insulted. Yet again do I really care?

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Lad mag

FHM is your typical lad mag - one that is quite possibly the most popular of all time, apart from the banned Playboy of course. Based on the covers, most people assume that it is merely a brain-dead magazine glamourising bimbos and nubile young bodies. That's not quite true.

Although there are ladies and models to appeal as eye candy, there are much more articles than merely smut. From travelogues to car reviews, to even self-help guides from the resident experts, it is actually quite an informative source of information. However, do be prepared to be greeted with scandalous looks and incredulous glances by the fairer sex when you say you read FHM.

My friend puts it best, "It's a t*ts and a*s magazine, with a smattering of gadgets, food, and travel. Everything a guy needs". Truer words cannot have been spoken.

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Wonderful entertainment

FHM magazine was something that companied me during my NS days. It was then selling around $5, and it is considered a cheap buy, given that NS allowance was never much. However, it served to be a good entertainment and a bonding tool for those of us who were all together 6 days a week, just enjoying some jokes in the magazine or flipping over the lovely ladies that are featured.

FHM has advanced pretty much, and there are more features as compared to the first time they came out. There are now segments on technologies and gadgets and cars, mainly stuff that draws men, since this is a FHM. But what I like most is that FHM is now featuring more and more local ladies. Although the interviews tend be as crappy as ever, it is simply entertaining to read the nonsense answers to the ridiculous questions that are asked. But it is always nice to see local ladies being featured rather than just cut and paste from overseas versions. Although after looking at FHM, sometimes I do wonder, why is it that with some many pretty girls around, why then is our Ms Singapore never look prettier than these ladies?

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