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Life with an attitude! Magazine that features weekly entertainment dose & giveaways!

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Inferior twin of Teenage

Frankly, I find Teens a very much un-opinionated and shallow read. Why it still exists on the newstand simply escapes me, because I do not see anything about Teens that is worth buying.

Teens features the exact same content as Teenage. It has the same mindless articles about KPop and the likes, and the only deviation is that Teens does not have the Dear Kelly column that Teenage is famous for. In fact, the advice column in Teens is pretty much redundant. With the existence of Google, internet, and mobile data, information is pretty much everywhere on the go. The advice column in Teens merely features all the 'duh' knowledge and information that can probably be easily found with a single tap of the finger. Not impressive.

The fashion spread in Teens is pretty stale as well. I'd really much rather refer to Seventeen, or even the Internet for my fashion gossip, because the fashion articles in Teens don't really seem very reliable, and they just don't catch up on the trends as quickly as these other two platforms do.

Teens used to be popular a few years back, but its time in the world today is clearly over.

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Carbon copy of Teenage or vice-versa?

I actually mistook Teens to be the same as Teenage until my brother told me otherwise. I was a little baffled, why do two magazines have almost the exact same content? I stupidly thought Teenage publishes two magazines for their readers. Very dumb, I know.

Well, there isn't much of a difference to tell in the first place. Posters for teenagers to put on their walls and obsess about? Both have them. Fashion advice for teens? Check. Kpop/mainstream bands/artists featured. Duh. Silly quizzes to determine which member of SHINee should be a fan's soul mate? Definitely. Advice column? Yup, except Teenage's Dear Kelly seems more appealing to me than Teens' advice column.

So yeah, is it still dumb for me to think both magazines are the same?

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I'll pass

I never really liked Teens, even when I was younger. Perhaps it was due to the excessive level of idol worship articles that plague the magazine, or the corny lifestyle features on living life in Singapore, but I felt that it wasn't my cup of tea.

I recently picked up a copy of Teens for my younger cousin and took the opportunity to flip through it. Truth be told, anything you can find there today, you can find on the net. I see K-pop features, fashion spreads on how to dress like PSY, and the latest handbag for tweens to be 'cool'.

Sorry, I'll pass. Even Teenage magazine is better is my opinion.

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Teens is a $3-worthy magazine

Teens was my teen religion too.

I bought one every month and even till now, I have too much nostalgic love for them to throw away of them away. I love the fashion spreads in Teens. The fashions they highlight are always affordable and chic. Everything else in this magazine is just as interesting.

The letters that people write in were the primary source of entertainment in my secondary school days. Me and my friends would turn to the last few pages and laugh at all the nonsense. We are very nice people, just people who are meanly entertained.

There was a section where people write in to know more people. And they have to write a self-profile. One of them was "Dislikes:" where you had to write what you won't want to see in your letter buddy. And 50/100 wrote "no one is perfect". You understand that this doesn't answer the question in anyway right? It's like me asking "What food do you not like?" and getting an answer like "no food is perfect".

Serious laughs right here.

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Dont really like the content

Like Teenage magazine, Teens is also another magazine written for the teenagers. However during my teenage years I do not really like Teens magazine as I felt that the content of Teens was not substantial enough. It has way too many advertisements and pictures rather than informative content that can help or educate the teenagers. Even though they also had a column for the teenagers to write in their woes but other than that the entertainment content are not also not as interesting as other magazines.

The only thing that I like from Teens magazine is that they always have large posters from popular idols or bands that are worth my collection. Other than that I would not recommend Teens magazine.

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Brain-numbing reading material.

Teens is to readers what carbon monoxide is to our brains... Silently overpowering our brain capacity and putting us to sleep with their mindless writing about flavour-of-the-month bands trends.

I stopped reading Teens after a short time due to their plentiful articles on K-Pop and J-Pop. I mean, do Singaporean teens really need this? Where are the articles that are much needed to improve and shape our teenagers? How about some coverage on the US presidential election, or even on the options of further studies available to them after leaving secondary school?

It's a sad sight when Singaporean teenagers are reading Teens when the material that's found in their issues could be similarly found in 8 days as well as popular online websites.

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More tips!

I really enjoy reading magazines like teens, seventeens and teenage. Out of these three magazines that I read, I think teens has the least information regarding fashion and make up for example. However, it is still interesting and worth the money as there are many interviews and information about the various singers.

What I like about teens is that there are giveaways on every months issue and I have won quite a few times. They also provide tips like how to release stress and tips on how to study for better results for exams. But I think it will be better to add on more fashion and make up tips for the female readers in addition to the other tips given.

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(Updated: November 17, 2012)

More American/British acts please

Confession no. 1: I'm kind of a magazine addict. I enjoy reading music and movie reviews and like all teenagers, I crave for the latest celebrity gossips.

Teens is a monthly magazine. It is for the fashion-conscious and trendy readers who are interested in the latest beauty and style trends. Teens(the magazine) has represented an important rite of passage, helping to define, socialize and empower teens!(yes, teenagers!)

I even got a Ashley Tisdale CD for the free giveaways. I had no idea why my subconscious wanted that. I guess I wanted to try my luck to see if I can win any prizes. Or maybe I was a high school musical freak back then. Sigh, like all teens, I was going through a phase. I'm not proud of it.

Likewise, they also give out free posters in each issue. Again, what's with the hype around KPOP? More American/British bands please!

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