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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on May 25, 2013    

A luxurious hotel located in the exclusive Sentosa Cove neighborhood, the W Hotels are a world renowned hotel chain that has just opened in Singapore.

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The location itself already makes this place a winner - Sentosa Cove feels like a place away from Singapore, with the azure blue skies reflected in sparkling, rippling water, yachts bobbing in transverse motions, propagated by the waves, and a huge number of expats. Coming to W Hotel for a staycation feels more like a vacation.

The pool has to be one of its other main draws, being what I personally feel is one of the most well-designed and beautiful pools in Singapore. Upkeep is certainly not lacking, and it is relaxing even to sit by the pool and people-watch all day (perhaps it's because this is in Sentosa, but this place is filled with beautiful people).

The rooms are well-furnished and spotlessly clean, and my mother was very impressed with the service staff, who were very courteous and tirelessly brought us materials when we asked for them (we're a pretty fussy family). The minibar is well-stocked, too, even though my mom refused to let us consume anything, given the hefty price tags.

I suppose when there are promotions, or when you decide to give yourself a luxurious treat, this is the place to come. Price tag notwithstanding, a staycation here is a wonderful experience.

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(Updated: January 08, 2014)


My family and I stayed over for one night for Christmas last year, and we had the most enjoyable experience. Service was top-notch, the staff answered our queries promptly and accurately - for example, where to find good food near the hotel etc. As it was Christmas, they also left a bag of festive cookies in our room, which I thought was a nice gesture.

The design of the hotel is marvelous. Very futuristic and modern, with many quirky furniture such as egg-shell shaped chairs in the lobby and mood lighting in the rooms. The rooms are really spacious as well, and the beds and pillows are so soft, you almost feel like you're sinking.

One limitation, perhaps, is that the hotel is pretty small. Besides the pool, gym, spa and dining area, there really isn't much to see or do. But that's okay, as there is plenty to explore at Quayside Isle, which is just outside the W Hotel. Ideal place for a weekend getaway!

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Indifferent Service Spoils Great Ambience

W Hotel Singapore is a mix of modern contemporary artistic influence, natural beauty, and elegant extravagance. Somehow, it all manages to work together, making a visit to W Hotel Singapore both impressive and memorable at the same time.

Ambience at W Hotel Singapore is energetic and quirky, with sculptures, paintings, lights, pattens and shapes combining and clashing to create various spaces. Walk from one end of W Hotel Singapore to the other and the decor changes along the way. Beautiful in a somewhat madcap way. However, it's rather difficult to find a nearby trash bin in the public areas.

As we were preparing for a corporate event, we faced problems with the service staff, and their lack of initiative. This caused frustration for our people. During the actual event though, the staff at W Hotel Singapore performed much better, and were both visible and helpful to our guests.

The room and facilities at W Hotel Singapore are good, though not the best I've seen for a hotel of this class. The exterior facade is somewhat unattractive, but the view from the rooms is great. The in-room facilities for the Fabulous Room is good as well. However, W Hotel Singapore doesn't have much in the way of activities, and they rely more on the attractions around Sentosa to entertain guests.

W Hotel Singapore is a nice place to stay, or to hold an event, though the service can be inconsistent as the majority of the staff are quite junior / not so experienced. Even if you're not staying at the W Hotel Singapore, it's still a nice place to visit.

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