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The Equarius Hotel is a of Resorts World™ Sentosa where guests are accommodated in oversized rooms with panoramic views of either forest or sea. Guests are rooms are fitted with luxe mattresses paired with 400 thread count Egyptian cotton bed linen and spacious bathrooms with double vanity areas. Guests staying in suite rooms can also take advantage of the exclusive 24-hour personal butler service.


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Good for relaxation, not for recreation

The festive season perhaps calls for an abundance of staycations. Sentosa, divorced from the bustle of the mainland, absorbs many of these locals looking to get away from citylife for a bit. Equarius therefore has an extremely alluring location, and the seclusion of the hotel only furthers that effect, since Sentosa, despite being marketed as a place for a getaway, is still pretty urbanized.

The pool is definitely one of the biggest draws the hotel holds. It is large and situated in a tranquil environment - perfect for relaxation. Floating on the pool surrounded by water on all sides and lush greenery beyond the water is definitely an extremely soothing, calming experience. The balcony attached to our room (I'm not sure whether all rooms have similar-sized balconies) was also great for lounging around at, especially late at night, when we didn't want to leave the comfort of our hotel rooms.

The service staff were friendly and warm, although I found that the service could sometimes be a bit slow. I tried to call for more towels but they delivered them pretty late.

In all, Equarius can be a great place to go if you're looking for a place to relax, but not if you're looking to have fun visiting the theme parks and other attractions in Sentosa, due to the distance from said landmarks.

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(Updated: July 29, 2013)

Amazing if you can find it

The most important criteria for a good hotel stay is of course being able to find the hotel in the first place. Equarius hotel is isolated and is located in the outskirts of RWS and the directions to the place were so poor (it is not listed on signages) that I almost gave up finding the hotel and was resigned to sleeping on the streets. So to Equarius, please do something to help us guests find your hotel better. And to all potential guests, follow the directions to ESPA (located beside Equarius and whose location is shown in signages).

Aside from that, the service at Equarius was impeccable and the service staff were all accomodating. The rooms were beyond comfortable with an amazing view (we chose the hotel facing the forest). Perfect for a romantic staycation.

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(Updated: February 18, 2013)

Where was the buzzing of human symphony hinting that there's people there?

I strolled along it's path searching high and low for the entrance door. The first one I entered was the wrong one. It was flooded with men clad in tuxedos and bow ties, clinging and clanging their delicate glass of wine. After questioning the limited population there for an extensive GPRS system, I succeeded in attaining this isolated destination.

It was a rather isolated hotel compared to the other three; Festive, Hard Rock and Michael Hotel. I was burning in curiosity as to how this hotel would look like. Especially their pool. I caught a glimpse of a winding green slide from afar. The hotels here are known to boast a diverse supply of unique designed pools. Hence, it was simply natural that I linked the slide and Equarius Hotel pools into one. It totally fuelled me with an extreme effervescence of excitement, I even disregarded the blazing sun that was beaming down upon me.

I was slightly disappointed when I reached the poolside. The hotel was isolated but the location as to where the pool was is definitely the isolated of all isolations. There was one humongous pool that was connected to the resorts there. It was rather deafening. No splish. No splash. Nothing. The water was still. I thought a swarm of mosquitos could lay trillions of eggs there had they not been chlorinated. The area was littered with deck chairs. There was no sign that a human was there. Maybe only the worker, for there are those neatly stacked towels arranged nearby the deck chairs. It was rather serene though. The pool was carpeted with dark blue tiles. The shallow pools from the resorts verandas streamed into the main river pools. It was rather breathtaking actually! The ideal setting to set my shutter button on my cameras ablaze.

Apart from the memorable pools, untouched towels and numerous deck chairs, the entire venue buzzed with silence. Was I in a library? Even the library had the constant sound of pages flipping and pens scribbling and scrawling across rough edged papers. It seemed like I had ventured into a travel channel on television that was being placed on mute!

However, the service there brimmed with excellence. They even offered a free tram ride anywhere or even everywhere around this punily exotic island!

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Special hotel experience

My brother booked a room in this hotel using the privilege from his RWS Invite card. At that time, the hotel was not fully ready yet, some parts of the hotel were still under construction.

We were given an upper level room, there was a balcony as big as the room itself. We thought it would be a good idea to let our children experience camping so my brother went back to take his tent and set up on the balcony.

It was an unique experience for my children, being able to camp outdoor but also relatively close to the comfort of a hotel room so anytime that they felt they had enough of the outdoor, they can just come back indoor.

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(Updated: December 06, 2012)

Serenity amidst lush greenery

I stayed at level 5 (the highest level) and once you walk out from the lift lobby, you know at once that this hotel is upscale-luxury quality. The design of the walls and lighting provided good ambience and a high class feel while walking to my hotel room.

Internally, it was adorned with good quality furniture and fittings and it bore a huge double vanity toilet! The most wonderful thing about the room is the bed, it was a very comfortably deep set california king size bed! Can you imagine that! When I woke up in the morning, I was also welcomed by the warm sunshine that enters through the balcony right infront of the bed. Standing at the balcony, in front of my eyes was a large landscaped forest, and on the left was the sea. It definitely has a very good view!

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Worth a second visit

I stayed in this Equarius a couple of months ago. The lobby was spacious with comfortable couches complemented by lulling background music. They even served us lemongrass water while we were waiting for our rooms to be prepared – great service!

The aroma from the scented flowers was far too overwhelming though, it could have been better if they toned down the scent a bit. I was pleasantly surprised when I went into the toilet on the ground floor as it was really luxurious, with a couch within as well as ample makeup corners. There were also potted plants in every single cubicle; I thought that was rather refreshing. Needless to say, the toilet in the room I booked was equally luxurious, with toiletries of good quality, two basins, as well as separate cubicles for the bathtub, shower and toilet bowl. The bed was comfy, but I found the pillow far too soft for my comfort; it’s my personal preference though.

This hotel might be relatively new, but its quality is definitely on par with the other hotels; worth it!

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A luxurious experience

Located in Resorts World Sentosa, it is no wonder that this hotel is a luxurious one.

The toilet is very spacious and has both a shower and a bath tub. Complimentary bath salts are provided so that you can have a pleasurable soak in the bath tub. There is even a head rest to make your experience more enjoyable.

I stayed on the first floor so I had a balcony which leads to a private pool, accessible by all customers staying on the first floor.

Other complimentary items included TWG tea sachets, bottled water and toiletries. If I had to name one thing I disliked, it would be the smell of all the soaps.

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