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Listing created by poppy on May 13, 2012    

Other than the luxurious king-sized bed or twin beds, there’s also a bonus sofa bed that folds out to a double bed in all rooms and loft beds to cater to the children in most rooms, so it’s the perfect getaway hotel for families travelling with their kids.


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Disappointingly mediocre

Perhaps my amazing experience with Hard Rock Hotel has ruined all other hotels in Singapore for me, but I had the highest of hopes for my stay with Festive Hotel to be an amazing one - I mean, it is an RWS hotel after all. Sadly, these very hopes fell flat the moment I stepped into Festive Hotel.

While the hotel is indeed full of colours and fanciful decorations, it failed to leave me with a pleasant vibe. Rather, some of the decor seemed a little tacky and distasteful to me, but then again, classier embellishments have always pandered more to my tastes.

I wasn't particularly impressed by their rooms either. The room that had been prepared for my family smelled musky, and the tables seemed to be coated rather heavily with dust. In fact, when I was lazing on the bed, I was a little horrified to see large dust particulates floating about the room.

Service was mediocre at best, as the corridors seemed to be cluttered with several plates of uncleared trays from in-room dining, and it didn't quite leave for a welcoming sight. The service staff also seemed a little slow on the uptake of our phone requests, and we waited for quite a bit before our requested towels were delivered.

That being said, Festive Hotel does seem like a perfect stay for families with young children. My room came with a separate bunk bed, and I sank to the depths of an 8 year old that day, climbing in and out of the bunk bed I could never have. And just maybe, this might be the only redeeming factor of Festive Hotel.

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The hotel is quite cute and colourful, but may come across to those with more upper-crust tastes as garish and vulgar. Although, to children, this is a wonderland, every room and elevator a surprise. I wouldn't call the decor tasteful, but it certainly is something else.

Besides the decor, there are next to no draws. The lack of provision of free wifi at an RWS hotel is quite a surprise - and an unpleasant one at that. The facilities don't seem particularly outstanding, really, and while I was there, the service staff did the bare minimum - while they were amenable to requests, they were curt, bordering on discourteous.

The private balcony and swimming pool are plus points, though. The private balcony reminds me of the time I had in Australia, staying at the Four Seasons Hotel, Gold Coast, although these balconies are much quieter and more relaxing. The pool is supremely huge, and I do love to splash around in it.

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Spacious and there are areas to improve on

Festive Hotel is one of the few hotels at Resort World Sentosa; it is a short distance away from the retail shops as well as dining places. The counter staff was polite and allowed us to choose interconnecting rooms. We booked the Deluxe Family King rooms. There are only four lifts at the same area up to the rooms and our rooms were quite a distance away from the lifts.

Upon entering the room, there is a slightly musty smell and we kept the balcony doors open for a short while. Other than that, the room is spacious with one king-sized bed, a loft bed and a sofa bed. The space is enough for five adults to sleep comfortably at night. I arrived at about four in the evening and decided to take a short nap. The bedding and pillows was comfortable and soft. There were more than enough pillows on the bed itself. The ceiling will not be the usual plain ones, in the room I was in; they had orchids to admire when you are lying on the bed.

Unlike most hotels, Festive Hotel does not provide free wireless internet. You will have to pay to use the internet if you wish to. If you have internet connection, you will find that the 3G/4G connection there is not that good either.

Along my way to the lift, I spotted a vending machine selling snacks and it will be of no surprise to see that the prices of the snacks available in your usual vending machine are marked up. Beside the vending machine you will spot a machine that dispenses ice cubes. If you need some ice, head down to the corridor.

One other thing to take note would be the cleanliness of the area. It is generally clean however, as the floor is carpeted, there are stands of hair on the floor when we entered. The sofa bed was rather dusty and there were stains spotted on the carpet as well as the sofa bed. I felt that the cleaning could have been more thorough. Otherwise, it was not too bad of an experience, though definitely not the best.

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(Updated: April 01, 2013)

Who said it was only for children?

Festive Hotel brims with joy the moment you land a foot on it's grounds. The decor is splendid. The ambiance was lively and cosy. Vibrant coloured sofas were littered all across it's lobby. There were jaw dropping unique chain of hollow chandeliers that oozed innovation aplenty. There was even a sector dedicated to balloon moulding? Or whatever you call it. The stairs that cascaded down the bottom right hand corner of the lobby sprinkled the majestic element within the compound. And this is only the lobby.

The lobby ushering us towards our selected room was hypnotizingly splendid. The carpeted grounds and the custom-made grey corridors. Boring? Far from it. The rooms took innovation to whole other level. Even the ceiling wasn't flat out banal. Literally. The beds were padded with Simmons mattress. There was even a double decker bed with a sturdy ladder propped against it. Oh, that isn't all there is. There's even a balcony.

Sparkling both inside and out, Festive Hotel formed the ideal setting for photoshooting sessions organised amongst anyone, be it the young or old. I certainly did that. Snapping my shutter here, there, everywhere. My shutter button certainly went off the hooks the minute I ventured into Festive Hotel's compound.

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Simmons mattress
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(Updated: March 25, 2013)

Colorfully Mini

My best friend celebrated her birthday at Festive Hotel and as her party theme was "Colorfully mini', Festive hotel seems to be the prefect choice as it was colorfully decorated with lanterns, circles, flowers and all sorts of bright colors kids will go wild about. There is also a mini cafe called bourlangerie at the lobby offering scones, muffins, macaroons, ice creams and quiches for guest to have high-tea. Each lift had a different flower theme which makes it special as when ever lift opens, it's a new surprise.

My friend order the deluxe king room which has a queen size bed and a double deck bed which we had fun climbing up and down. The room was bigger than we expected and could fit around 20 people easily. There were quite a few kids staying at the hotel as it's really suitable for families. We had a blast at the hotel and the furnishing and deco really spiced up the party.

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It fits at least 5 people!

Room was really big with the interesting loft bed meant for two children to share it. The room could accomodate up to 2 children and 4 adults which made it very suitable for family stay. There are connecting rooms available too and extended families can even stay together in the hotel. The toilet was rather huge too but the disappointing thing was that the toilet bowl was not separated from the shower nor the basin area which made it very inconvenient for my family to use the shower while I brush my teeth or so.

I enjoyed playing at the swimming pool playground with my cousin as there were interesting water features. The 1.2m swimming pool was quite huge too. The jacuzzi area did help to relax my muscles a little but it would be even better if there was a bar area along the swimming pool. Best thing was that there were towels provided near the swimming pool.

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loving the lofts for children!

Great place for big families! I love the lofts and it seems like it does not only appeal to children but to adults as well. I like how spacious the room is and the private balcony offers a great view for a drink, smoke or just to people watch. However, the balconies are closely linked to your neighbours so you might not fancy it if you want your own privacy. It will be great for those who like to meet new people and mingle around, start conversations and make friends with your neighbour.

The swimming pool is huge and I am so satisfied with it. It is almost as big as a standard 50m pool or might even be bigger than that! Pardon my lousy estimation. Television speakers were not top notch. The bass was making a lot of other noises when i turned the volume really high up. Bed was extremely comfortable as though you're sleeping on clouds. The toilets were average in my opinion and it could be a tad bit bigger, i feel.

Ice machine available along the corridor at every level of the hotel. One thing bad was probably the carpark location. It was hard trying to park near festive hotel as there were no proper signage and i ended up parking at hard rock hotel instead. It can be quite confusing trying to navigate around RWS due to the lack of signages.

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child loft
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