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Since its inception in 1994, Shanghai Tang has been the pioneering international luxury lifestyle brand from China. With its mission as the global ambassador of contemporary Chinese Chic, Shanghai Tang interprets Chinese culture and craftsmanship with vibrant sophistication.

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Oriental Sophistication

Shanghai Tang is very very very sophisticated. Think Shanghai in its glamour days, think mandarin collar for guys and powdered ladies clad in cheong sum. Shanghai Tang is one of the few oriental luxury brands available in the market and it brings out the best in oriental design.

The pieces are beyond exquisite. The fabric, the patterns, the details are all made to perfection. Better yet, most of the pieces are tailored for the Asian built, making most pieces flattering for us Asians. Each piece is beautifully crafted and definitely worth its price tag. Most are perfect for black ties or even white ties.

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(Updated: July 12, 2012)

A favorite with the non-local

Ever heard of the saying "One man's meat is another man's poison"? This saying can be aptly applied to Shanghai Tang. Most locals would not choose to venture into this store because it seems too 'oriental' or 'Chinese'. I am not saying that we are ashamed of our culture; we are simply more exposed and used to Western fashion. However, this brand definitely appeals to the Westerner.

Most Shanghai Tang stores are usually empty, with a few foreigners or older persons occasionally patronizing the store. In fact, I myself have never stepped into the store until I was dragged in by my boyfriend. I must say, the moment I stepped into the store, I was enthralled!

The store I patronized was located at The Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands, and the moment I entered I was greeted by an exotic and intriguing jasmine fragrance floating in the air and enveloping my senses. Everything was arranged so neatly and presented in such a classy and elegant way; I felt like I was in one of those exclusive, expensive fashion stores in the olden days. The apparels are made with such detailing and fitting that I kept having to touch everything! Their silk items are exceptionally soothing to touch as well. I couldn't get my hands off their silk scarf collection and comfortable bathrobes.

With such fine quality and tailoring, the price tags of the clothes are not cheap. A silk bathrobe retailed for a few hundred dollars and a simple cotton-blend polo tee retailed for 120 dollars!

Whilst waiting for my boyfriend to try on clothes, I did manage to take a seat on the plush chairs available and browse through the stunning catalogue book. Lin Chiling, an international supermodel, was the face of Shanghai Tang's women's wear collection, and she looked bedazzling and extremely exotic in an oriental sort of way.

Shanghai Tang has truly brought a modern twist to traditional fashion.

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Silk Apparel
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Marina Bay Sands
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Oriental Twist

Looking at the shop from a distance, Shanghai Tang first occurred to me as a very oriental shop. I am certainly not denying that it is very chinese in nature, but it has more to it than meets the eye. The outlets of this franchise are fitted with sophisticated new-age chinese interiors that bring out the simplicity within the chinese culture itself but in the meantime not letting it lose its 'taste' to heritage.

The concept of the shop was inspired by traditional Han chinese clothing with a twist of modernity and sophistication. It sets out to portray the typical chinese costumes in a way that it would fit into modern society without sticking out like a sore thumb, and in my opinion it has really transformed the chinese traditional clothing into a piece of fashion desire. The traditional qi-paos are fitted in such a way that it would go well as a formal top, or even a casual every-day pull over. Moreover, they are usually fitted to perfection by the in house tailors that would tailor the clothing.

Besides having clothing, it has also 'pimped' up the look with the addition of fusion accessories like funkier necklaces and chunky bangles with oriental prints that puts an extra oomph to the entire sophisticated feel. Being an international luxury boutique with an oriental fusion twist, do also be sure to expect top notch quality silk and materials for the products. Perhaps this should be the next outfit shopping destination for the upcoming social, or dinner occasion.

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