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#01-190/Blk 822 Tampines Street 81 Singapore 520822
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With the sunny weather in Singapore, we tend to find ourselves looking for ways on how to cool ourselves down. Some may go for a swim while some may choose to sweat it out. Now, how about indulging in cold, sweet dessert?
Look no further as Penang A1 Chendol offers delicious and cooling Chendol, at affordable prices. Imagine this – homemade chendol strips, gula Melaka and chunky kidney beans. 
What makes this Penang-style chendol differ from the rest is that its owner, Kenny Yeo, uses fresh coconut milk instead of canned one. He also uses pure gula Melaka instead of brown sugar. Rest assured as only the best quality ingredients are being used. 

The chendol also comes with a durian topping, complementing the shaved ice, gula Melaka, coconut milk, chendol and kidney beans. For those who do not like the strong durian flavour, you can also try the one with avocado topping!
Other than selling chendol, this stall also serves bubble tea and fruit smoothies in flavours such as yam and mango. A must try is the D24 Durian Smoothie. Chloe Tan, 24, is a huge fan of the durian smoothie as real durian flesh is used, unlike those who only use ‘flavouring.’

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11.30am - 8.00pm
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< $10
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Blk 822 Tampines Street 81, #01-190, Singapore 520822


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Sub-par chendol.

Having heard quite a few compliments about A1 Chendol, I finally got the opportunity to try it recently. I initially balked a little at the price, which was $3.00 for a bowl of their traditional chendol.

After finishing my chendol, I couldn't help but feel a little ripped off. I mean, the chendol tasted rather flat and not that sweet at all. I also found the chendol too watery, and this completely ruined the thick goodness of the coconut milk which is a main component of chendol.

Having tasted Penang chendol first-hand, I can safely say that A1 Chendol does not even remotely taste like Penang chendol. I can safely say that for $1.20, less than half the price at A1 Chendol, one can enjoy a larger serving and better-tasting chendol at Tekka Market.

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