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Listing created by vtanjyy on March 06, 2013    

Cheap Karaoke !! Price varies depending on the time that you go. The acoustic is good and the mike as well. Don’t expect a touch screen panel for selecting your songs. The place isn’t that high-tech.  However you can expect to find the latest songs and songbooks are updated frequently. So you won’t find yourself being compelled to sing classics only. Microphone covers are provided as well that’s something that I like about them.


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Retro Ambience, Aging Equipment, Affordable Karaoke

Cash Studio Karaoke is popular in Singapore for its range of Japanese songs, retro 70s ambience, and relatively affordable prices. However, Cash Studio Karaoke tends to lag behind other karaoke studios in Singapore in terms of audio technology and song selection screens. It also shows signs of aging, such as failing air-conditioning, and generally uncleanliness, such as customers smoking within the rooms. Furthermore, Cash Studio Karaoke is mostly located in dodgy, or out of the way, locations.

The red, gold, black and neon blue coloured rooms of Cash Studio Karaoke are dimly lit and relatively clean, although some rooms smell of cigarette smoke. The room size is more spacious than other karaoke studios, and often include mobile phone chargers, spare seats, or retro microphone stands on a small dance floor. Their touch screen song selection screen is barely user-friendly, and navigation require much swipping. Some outlets require you to download a mobile app to navigate, which is cumbersome. An additional remote control would be welcome. I like that Cash Studio Karaoke allows you to save song selections (which are tagged to your mobile number), and members get discounts and special treatment, so repeat visits are encouraged. However, some of their microphones still have wires, while others are cordless, but hygiene isn't an issue with microphone covers provided.

Cash Studio Karaoke utilizes the Daiichi Kosho Amusement Multimedia (DAM) karaoke audio system, which is known for its raw sound performance, and smooth song switching. The actual equipment in-room however, is aging, and shows signs of poor maintenance such as fuzziness, or cutting off mid-way. Actual service from staff at Cash Studio Karaoke tends to be decent, they're polite and relatively efficient, quick at fulfilling orders, and willing to help with requests. But there is little interaction. The song catalog at Cash Studio Karaoke is very extensive, offering songs in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Malay, Hindi, and Korean.

Rates at Cash Studio Karaoke are mid-range, lower than most karaoke studios, but not the cheapest, at SGD $58 for 3 hours and 3 persons, with additional people costing SGD $13 each. Drinks are expensive, starting from SGD $4 per non-alcoholic beverage. Cash Studio Karaoke provides tidbits, but you can also choose to bring your own drinks and food. Most of their rooms also feature dual television screens, so you get clear views no matter where you're seated. Cash Studio Karaoke outlets are nearly constantly booked on weekends, but generally available on weekday evenings.

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Retro Microphone Stand!
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Worth the price

Cash studio karaoke is perfect for friends and even family gatherings. With pretty spacious rooms for about 6 people, those singing their guts out do not have to worry about their bad vocals since the rooms are completely sound proof. Perhaps your only worry is the transparent glass doors where random passerby will catch you dancing away to Kpop. Song choices wise, it is not the most updated karaoke place I’ve been to.

Nonetheless, they have my favorite songs & there’s still a free drink for each person if your throat gets dry from all the singing. All in all, the price and service tallies.

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Room for Improvement?

I've visited Cash Studio about 3 - 4 times at Bedok Central and sad to say, only one of those times was I truly satisfied. The service was good and the people there are friendly and assisted us as much as they could - but that's where the problem lied.

They could only do so much when it was their equipment that didn't meet standards. When we were singing the microphones would lose sound or suddenly unplug due to faulty wiring. On one occasion we spent 30 minutes trying to fix the faulty wiring. We tried requesting for another room but there weren't any available.

As you may know, karaoke sessions usually last for 3 hours. Spending 1/6 of my time there trying to fix the in adequacy of their equipment really put a dampen on my mood and wallet.

On another occasion, they had to restart their whole system as the music kept jamming halfway on the screens.

If you are able to look past all of this, then I would say go right ahead as apart from their lack of better equipment, they provide nice rooms and a wide selection of songs and Cash Studios prices are relatively cheaper than other karaoke places out there.

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Room & Song Selection
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Bedok Central
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Second to Teo Heng for cheap karaoke

Cash Studio, like Teo Heng KTV, is a family karaoke box that provides an alternative to expensive singing.

It is slightly more costly than Teo Heng but still cheaper than KBox or Partyworld. Their sound system is needlessly to say, better than Teo Heng with rooms that are more comfy. They allow the bringing in of drinks and food-liquor excluded- and for the price of $20 per person on a weekend, it’s one of my other to-go for cheap thrills.

However, what we experienced was some really slow service. The air-con in the room wasn’t cold and after 15 minutes, we started to get all sticky. Only after asking them to adjust the temperature 3 times, was a fix really provided. With their staff coming in to check at intervals of 10 minutes, it made us a little annoyed. Who likes an interrupted singing session? Same goes for the time it took for them to attend to us.

For me, Teo Heng would still be the better choice because for only under $10, I get better service. I’d rather a normal and comfortable enough room with a mediocre sound system than to have one with slow service.

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The Karaoke Studio that's worth your every penny

As compared to K-Box and KTV Party world, Cash Studio Karaoke stands out for its cheap and affordable prices. The first thing that came to my mind when i first heard about this studio from my friend was that it was incredibly cheap. For under $60, I was surprised we could book an entire room for 4 hours.

The studio was decently decorated with a classy feel and the staff in the studio were also very courteous and cheerful. In addition to that, the unique thing about this studio is that they even allow you to bring outside food into the Karaoke Studio. How cool is that? Furthermore, by being a member, you get priority to the rooms and the staff even let you stay an extra hour or more if the studio is not busy with customers. Such a marketing strategy really caught my eye and without any hesitation at all, i became a member.

However, in spite of its super cheap prices, there are downsides to this Karaoke studio. In my opinion, the sound system isn't the best as at times you can hear fuzzy sounds emitting from the speakers. The worst part for me was that they didn't have songs from my favourite bands such as Panic! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance. I was absolutely gutted when I couldn't find them.

So, would i come back again? Definitely. Personally, I value the crazy and fun-filled experiences I had with my friends at this Karaoke Studio over the quality of the sound system. What's best when you can have the same quality of fun but at cheap prices! In all, I would highly recommended people to go to Cash Studio Karaoke, especially if they want to keep their pockets a little heavier ;)

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Super Cheap!!

This place will be awesome if you don't mind that it is less classy than the other karaoke places. Sometimes, if you are unlucky you may get a room that with smoke stench.

What I like about the place is that people are allowed to bring their own food into the room and you will not be told off. I think wine or liquor are allowed to be brought in as well. This really helps to save a lot of money.

And their songbooks are constantly updated. So expect really new songs! The only pitfall is they have really ridiculous MV for some songs. Some with even Japanese characters.

They provide mike covers and their sound system is really good! Especially the echo, it's not the ear piercing kind, instead it is that kind that resonates and enhances your voice.

The price is really good and sometimes they allow you to stay a bit longer when there are lesser people. So even though the place is a little run down, I still like the way they run things there. Everything is flexible.

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