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Serangoon Junior College 1033 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 534768
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Serangoon Junior College is the 14th Junior College in Singapore and was officially declared open on 29 May 1992. 


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Awesome and personal

Ever since I was in secondary school I have pondered over my future education, whether to enter a junior college or a polytechnic. Once I stepped into SRJC, I never looked back. SRJC provided me with a close knitted family of students and teachers all motivated towards a coming goal, to excel, not only in academics but in other areas. This college indeed gave me avenues for growth not only in terms of leadership but had a key emphasis on character building which I had to agree played a significant part in who I have become today.

On a lighter note, this college also focused very much on running and giving back to the community around us, with various activities engaging the entire school body. Indeed SRJC is truly the place to be, where lives are shaped and transformed.

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A good school but boring location

Sure, I didn't complete my JC studies at SRJC but left merely after a year for that rigid academic lifestyle isn't for me but that doesn't imply that SRJC isn't a good school.

The teachers cared from the heart, often more than willing to offer help with school work or general advice. Even the principal (a couple of years back, not sure if it's still the same now) often shows a compassionate heart towards the students, even to me, someone who decides to drop out after a year.

However, the planning of the timetable is horrible. I'm from the Arts stream and I usually have to stay in school from morning 7.30 till 5.00 everyday, not because I'm packed with classes but I've about 3-4 hours of spare time in between lessons everyday (except for Wednesday where there's CCA). It's really hard to spend the spare time after a while when you're bored with the nearby malls like Heartland Mall or Hougang Mall. Spending time in the "aquarium" (air-conditioned study area with open big glass panels you can see from outside) also doesn't seem to be constructive with all the chatting going on, not to mention the air pollution coming in from students right after their physical education lesson.

Nonetheless, I still think SRJC is a good school and if I had completed my studies there and then, my life now would definitely be better. Not that I'm doing extremely badly now but life is full of regrets isn't it?

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More than just grades.

Even though it wasn't the best junior college around, it was the people in it who made these 2 years of my life, a very special one. I went in without knowing what to expect, and when the workload and expectations increased, the only thing I was looking forward to on a daily basis, was my CCA - touch rugby. I loved every single moment of training, for it has made me stronger both mentally and physically. It has moulded me to who I am today, and I daresay, to a better person. Besides the usual teamwork, touch rugby has also taught me that perseverance and discipline should be practiced in everything we do. My team had a variety of personalities, but no matter what we decided on, we stuck through with it thick and thin. We started as losers, but eventually came out as champions. And best prize we won so far, is our friendship and memories we had together.

Maybe that's the difference from entering a neighbourhood JC, compared to an elite JC - the people are just warmer, and friendlier, and you don't just get grades, but also lessons and friendships that will last forever.

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Quality through sports

Serangoon Junior College is my alma mater. I'm proud to say it and will hold my head up high to have graduated from this institution.

While it may not be as glamorous as other colleges in Singapore or have a proud history to hold on to, I was part of the revolution at SRJC. It was here that I discovered my love for running, through the school's weekly run every Friday morning where even our Principal and teachers will lace up and join us in pounding the track. A "running culture", my Principal called it.

Eventually, SRJC was the place where I ran towards my dreams and played a huge part in the person I am today.

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