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David Tan
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Nanyang Junior College was founded in 1978 and is located at Serangoon Avenue 3.


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Cliche i may sound, i have to say that two years have passed too fast, in fact way too fast. During this period of time, i feel that i have matured alot- I was no longer the playful kid who muddled her way through her schooling years, but a person who have finally found her goal in life and is now working hard towards it. NYJC was neither near my house, nor was it my dream school but i have chosen it because my heart told me to do so. I desired for novelty and decided to have a change in environment.

Here I am, into a foreign place where my new chapter of life begins... I was not used to the environment but there was this unspoken familiarity and warmth i felt from the school. Within months, NYJC became my second home. I was fortunate enough to be in a supportive class. The lasting friendships I have forged were the additional bonuses I have gained from NYJC. I do not deny that there are many times when i felt like giving up for the workload were too much for me then. But i held on, determined to graduate together with this class that has always been encouraging me. The students may be a tad competitive and I found especially suffocating during exam periods. However, this has also motivated me to not slack off and work harder towards my goals. I have learnt much from NYJC: courage and hard work is not enough without goal and direction.

With that in mind, I have learnt to accept my shortcomings and strive to do my best in all that I do. These two years may be short, but i am certain that it has been the most fulfilling two years of my life. Thank you, NYJC! :)

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A warm, caring and vibrant school

Last year, I attended Nanyang JC's JC Experience Program. Let me start off by pointing out that Nanyang JC is the only JC in Singapore which offers this program. In the 3 days I spent in Nanyang JC, I indeed felt the warmth and vibrancy of the school culture. It had a fatherly principal, whom on the first day of the program was already pumping my hand and telling me that the JC experience is indeed a big step from secondary school. The facilitators, whom were my seniors, took care of our every need and were like brothers and sisters to us.
The facilities, while not world class, are splendid. The college does indeed believe in nurturing talents of its students through a myriad of co-cirricular activities and programs. Moreover, the drive of the teachers, who thrive on teaching, makes learning take on a whole new level.
While in the end, I moved on to another JC after receiving my O-Level results, Nanyang JC will always leave a positive imprint to this third party.

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No regrets.

Initially I had no interest to enter Nanyang Junior College, but my perspective immediately changed after two years. In fact, My experience at Nanyang JC has been a rather enjoyable one. Over the two years that I have been there, I met best friends who have stuck with me thick and thin during the tough A level period. Also, my teachers were kind and caring, devoting their spare time to give us extra lessons. Being at Nanyang Jc has defied all my expectations, and I'm definitely sad about having to leave the school this year.

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(Updated: December 01, 2012)

A one of a kind JC experience

In Nanyang, we have a cute and fatherly principal. He once gave out biscuits to me and even randomly talked to my friends and I. Shaking hands with him was a dream come true for me! My 1 hour journey to school doesn't stop me from loving it because we start school at 8.30am or 9am, so I no longer need to drag my lazy butt and droopy eyes to school anymore. Also, we always look forward to dress-down days where we can wear any tees on top of our bottoms which make studying much more comfortable. During our breaks, we head to NEX for our favourite Gong Cha, gossip in the library or shamelessly danced to the Xbox Kinect at the atrium! However, we would complain about how our school is located on a hill. We dread climbing the “Nanyang Hill” every morning and my energy level will drain when I finally reached the top. I have toned thigh muscles now! Due to our common beige uniform, we always get questions such as “Are you from Hwa Chong?” I will proudly assert, “No, I’m from NYJC!”

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The most awesome junior college you can ever get into.

When i first stepped into Nanyang JC, i knew immediately that it was the very place i wanted to be in. It definitely felt different as compared to other JCs. Im not saying that the other JCs are bad, but Nanyang JC gave me the warmth and comfort that they couldn't.

The cutoff points didnt matter much to me; though i could enter schools with much lower cutoff points, that didnt affect my decision-making. To be honest i was much more concerned about the issue of convenience because i simply can't imagine the prospect of having to wake up at 5am every morning just to travel to a school that is academically better but much further away from my residence. Also, due to the special time tabling system in Nanyang JC, its not uncommon to have lessons starting as late as 9am, and furthermore it only takes me 20 minutes of travelling time!

I've yet to mention the best thing - NEX is just a 5-minute walk from my school! A school that suits my taste, is awesome when it comes to convenience, and is situated right next to a shopping mall?! The best deal ever for a food-lover and a shopaholic. And before i forget, i would like to mention that i have the cutest principal ever; he personally pushed a trolley of apples around the canteen and distributed them to us during the night study period. Such a sweet guy. If he was much younger and single, i would have started stalking him, like seriously.

I seem to be blabbering but I just cant help but express my love for my school. I'm not exaggerating, but most of the students who enter the awesome school rarely come out regretting their decision.

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