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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 15, 2012    

Meridian Junior College (MJC) is the 16th junior college in Singapore from 2003 and is situated at Pasir Ris.


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Cultural Shock

Without MJC I think I wouldn't have made it into the university than I'm at today. To be honest MJC wasn't my top choice university; as a Victorian I wanted to get into VJC but sadly my L1R5 didn't quite make the cut. Well anyway fast forward into settling down in MJC, I have to say the school's culture really shocked me in the initial stages of my JC life.

As most people like to call it, MJC was fondly known as "Mugger Junior College", or a place where the only thing everyone does is study, study and study. MJC was still a new and upcoming JC then and I was part of the 4th batch of students. It is true, I couldn't get use to seeing people around me study so much. You will see them before assembly, during recess, in the libraries and at all corners of the school!

The principal, Esther Lai, took it upon herself to push the school to perform and set a name for itself. As a result, there were scary rumours of high retain rates and crazy exam standards and huge workload of assignments. To be fair, the school didn't really retain many students in JC1. In fact, they try to advance as many as they can even if they fall short of the cut-off.

MJC teachers are a dedicated bunch of teachers. They are loving, caring and most of them sacrifice after office hours to provide extra consultations to students. As a result, MJC propelled itself into the top 5 JCs in Singapore within less than 5 years of its existence. I'm happy to say that despite not really enjoying the "mugging" culture of MJC, the push and pressure that the school gave allowed me to perform well enough to get myself into a local Uni; which if I had to compare among my peers, is something I am really thankful for.

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Not as mugger as you think we are

Mugger school! - that's what everybody says of my school. Mug, mug and mug. To a certain extent, yes that's true. I have to admit that I am also a 'muggeridian'. However, it frustrates me how people often fail to see the other side of Meridian Junior College.

We are a school that drives a hard work ethic. We work hard and we party/play hard. Despite the endless pile of tutorials and homework, our school somehow always finds the time for us to party and relax with events such as the annual sports day named "Colosseum" and whole school charity movement named " Project Festive" . Through such events, I got to relieve stress and also had the opportunity to bond with my school mates. Everywhere I go, there are so many familiar faces that are willing to lend a helping hand. Compared to other schools, the bond and attachment we have is exceptional. This is evident at the 2012 Junior College soccer finals between MJ and SAJC where we cheered our lungs out for our school. The entire Jalan Besar stadium was drowned in cheers of "MJ BOLEH , MJ BOLEH!". Even the SAJC students were in awe of our spirit.

As for the teachers, they are a dedicated bunch whom would go the extra mile for students by adding numerous consult slots in their busy schedule or giving us little notes and sweets telling us not to give up. In particular, I was really touched by a story of a teacher who was willing to meetup with a student outside of school hours just to help her pass her subject.

In my short two years in MJC, it had made me realise that my decision two years ago was a right one. MJC moulded me into a disciplined individual that knows when to relax and when to work his ass off. For those with decent O level results and are deliberating which Junior College to go to, I highly recommend my school. Kinda shameless but it's really what I feel.

And finally, for all those who label us as 'muggers', you are right. We are muggers, but we are happy muggers that will help and care for another. This is the spirit of the Meridian Family. :)

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(Updated: January 19, 2013)


From an outsider's view, Meridian Junior College seems like a really stressful school. Students go all out in their studies such that everywhere they go, they have a book in hand. I have been to MJC thrice. Once for a chinese literature test, once for CCA DSA trial, and once for its recent open house. Teachers are really friendly and is willing to go all out for their students. However, one thing I don't like about the school is their 'mugger' culture. Meridians are also known as 'muggeridians' due to their culture.

Being a potential Meridian, I hope my impression of MJC is not how it actually is. One of the major reason to it being my first choice is the band. The band is constantly improving and is one of the closest-knitted CCA in the school.

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