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#B1-009 Suntec City Mall 3, Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038985
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Cosy comfort reminiscent of casual eateries in Japan Decor is minimal but effective in creating a clean-cut look Serves authentic Tonkatsu - the only Tonkatsu Specialty chain restaurant in Singapore

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List of Outlets:
Tonkichi - Suntec City
3, Temasek Boulevard,
#B1-009, Suntec City Mall,
Singapore 038985

Tel: 63394231
Fax: 63393371

Tonkichi - Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road, #04-24
Tower A, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

Tel: 67357522
Fax: 67357523

Tonkichi - Isetan Scotts
4th Level, Isetan Scotts,
350. Orchard Road, Shaw House,
Singapore 038985

Tel: 68354648
Fax: 68353148

Tonkichi - Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, #07-06
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Tel: 62387976
Fax: 62387312

Tonkichi - Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5
#03-26/27 Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510

Tel: 67891726
Fax: 67893906



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Good Katsu, Bad prices, Lacklustre Service

One year ago, Tonkichi would have easily earned an 80% or 90% rating from me. It is unfortunate that their recent mangerial change/reform has completely undermined the experience at the restaurant.

Their pork katsu is indeed commendable. It is rich, full of taste, crispy, and the texture is superb. They also prepare their dipping sauce the right way, and let you grind the sesame yourself. In short, their katsu is really done right.

Despite this, I find it difficult to imagine myself coming back even though I used to be a regular customer at Tonkichi (Tampines). For one, their service standards have been consistently falling. Despite being a regular, their service was always the same - inattentive, lackadaisical, and more than half the time, with a frown on their face. At times, it was uncomfortable interacting with the servers - something completely unacceptable at a restaurant with this kind of price tag. I have to add, however, that one of their servers, an extremely enthusiastic and friendly Male, was the exception to this rule.

Additionally, their prices have gone up even higher, and popular items like their Spicy Seafood Kimchi Ramen was removed. Membership cards were also revoked, so promotions like their 10% discount or 25% discount on their Tonkichi day no longer made their food more affordable. On my last visit, the combination of lacklustre service and rising prices severely compromised my experience. There seems to be no reason to re-visit the outlet, given that alternatives like Saboten provide quality Katsu as well, and in fact even better Katsu than they do. Their other area of specialty - Chirashi and Ramen, saw price hikes, a reduction of quantity and quality of ingredients, and for ramen - the removal of a menu item.

Tonkichi isn't bad. It's just that it used to be really good, but now it has become only "good'. If you're craving Katsu and there's a Tonkichi nearby, I would recommend you go there and try it out. They do, after all, provide free flow rice, salad, and green tea, which is pretty good. Otherwise, you could consider trying Saboten, or if you're not in the mood for Katsu, some other Japanese restaurant. There are many others at the level Tonkichi is at with far better service.

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Always excellent

Tonkichi is a place where I have been consistently going back for at least the past 8 years just because it has been so consistently delicious.

There is a variety of deep fried goodness you can choose from, but I've always been faithful to my choices of rosu and oyster frys. I love their specials as well, pork with cheese, and the ones with plum? Absolute yum! Their deep fried oysters are my favourite, they are crisp as always, yet they retain their silky texture and overflowing juices of the ocean.

I recommend that you head down with a bunch of people, so you can order the different varieties and you get to sample everything!

Also, their thinly sliced cabbage salad, and lovely pearls of sticky japanese rice are refillable for free! More good news for big eaters!

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Cosy and excellent food!

As a regular as Tonkichi, I have to say that the food there is priced reasonably and the portion of serving is pretty generous! Having tried quite a variety of dishes, I would say my favourite would have to be the Chiraishi set. Seriously love the don and udon they serve there.

The sashimi they serve at Tonkichi taste pretty good (and fresh!) too. If noodles are more to your taste, then you may opt for ramen set meals.

If you want to give Tonkichi a try, do not miss their signature set meal (Hire Katsu Set or Rosu Katsu Set). They have a free flow of vegetable and rice but you need to request for it! The fried cutlets served are also incredibly crispy and extremely tender.

It must also be said that I love the ambience in Tonkichi. It gives off a very traditional Japanese feel. Best of all, the service is also top-quality with friendly staff with an affable demeanor.

Highly recommended for dining with a small group of close-knitted friends and family.

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Best pork ever!

I have never been a pork eater, I usually hate pork and stay away from it as much as I can. I simply dislike the taste of pork usually. However after trying the black pork fillet tonkatsu from Tonkichi, I have changed! I truly enjoy their deep fried crispy pork fillet, dipped in their sesame seed-based sauce. Eat it with rice, and it'll make your day. For some strange reason, the tonkatsu does not have the unpleasant 'porky' taste that I usually get. It's crispy, tender, and just simply very fulfilling.

I truly enjoy dining here and I find that the prices are reasonable for the taste and quality of the food there. It's also nicely and simply decorated with a Japanese theme, making it homy. Truly a dining and food experience not to be missed!

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For all the pork lovers

Tonkichi offers a very simple menu with only a few to select from. Amongst the best would be the Tonkatsu Pork Fillet. It may seem to be pretty simple but the taste is just mind blowing. The pork was juicy and tender and if you would like, you can have it with Japanese rice. The whole meal can satisfy your hunger optimally. For those who love miso soup, you also can order that as additional dish but I wouldn't say that the miso soup isn't really that tasty. It is kind of diluted and the whole taste is gone with the abundance amount of water poured in.

To go along with your pork fillet, you could also order extra dishes such as the crab cake which was evenly coated with batter. It brings out the crispiness and it looks really appetizing. The center of the cake is soft and filled with creamy crab meat. 

And for those going for healthier snacks, you could have the vegetable salad. They are fresh and definitely is a good option for appetizer if you are going for plenty of pork as the main course. 

This restaurant is recommendable to everyone, but for an advice, look our for the promotions and special discounts for credit or debit cards, who knows you would get complimentary dish. 

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(Updated: April 29, 2012)

Best Tonkatsu in town

I have nothing but great experiences with Tonkichi. It was recommended to me by my Japanese teacher, I was hooked after the first try and there was no turning back. I couldn't bear to eat tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) anywhere else after this.

The cutlet is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The fats are soft, yet have texture, and oozing with juicy goodness. The cheese cutlet gives the pork an extra oomph as it melts in your mouth. I usually order rice to go with it, especially when I order curry pork cutlet.

The fun part of would be grinding the sesame seeds yourself to add to the tonkatsu sauce which children would definitely enjoy. The sauce is thick and brings out the juiciness of the pork.

There is also a free flow of vegetables for mix with their special salad (seaweed. I think) sauce for a healthier meal which is great for people who want the sinful indulgence yet feel better about it.

My food usually comes quickly and hot. True to Japanese standards, Service is attentive and friendly. The ambience of the restaurants are good and quiet despite being a family place.

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