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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

We love that the buckwheat soba and udon are made fresh on the premises, so each mouthful of the strands has that perfect bite. Enjoy the noodles in a translucent stock, or paired with other side dishes such as soft-shelled crab handrolls, grilled tofu and sashimi. Also worth investigating are the value-for-money lunch and dinner sets, including chicken teriyaki and vegetable tempura.

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Delicious Soba with a good price

Shimbashi Soba serves up some really fine soba, the quality of the buckwheat is very good, and one who is very selective on taste will know how much more fragrant their buckwheat flour used to make soba is compared to those used to make our store bought soba. In fact, their soba is handmade by a soba master who makes the soba in full view of people who can look into his soba making station through the glass.

They serve two main types of styles of soba, either in hot soup or cold. The soup soba is smoother and the soup itself tastes very good, but I personally prefer the cold soba, as it has a better texture and the noodle is more solid than the soup ones. The soba sauce is perfect for the soba, and the wasabi that accompanies it is not overpoweringly spicy but is actually rather sweet.

For those who order the cold soba, they give you the water used to cook the soba, which you can mix with the remaining sauce after your meal, and it makes a really good hot drink after the cold soba. Their set meals are really value for money, and I find most of their food reasonably priced. I feel that the only flaw they really have is a slowdown in service during certain times of the day.

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Delicious soba

Without a doubt, Shimbashi Soba has nailed down the taste of soba. In every bite, there is the tasty buckwheat apparent, and it goes well whether the soba is ordered warm, or cold. It is both nutritious, and there are also great sets which are affordable! However, I have to say, do not order the warm soba with their duck meat. Claimed to be air flown in, it is dry and tasteless ): Other than that horrible experience with the duck meat soba, Shimbashi Soba is a good place to relax and unwind. Staff are also friendly and knowledgeable about their food sold.

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the tasty soba
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(Updated: September 23, 2012)

Great Soba & Value for Money Sets!

Shimbashi Soba prides itself on its soba, and I must agree, it offers one of the best sobas I have eaten.

The set meals offered are really value for money as you get both rice and cold/warm soba! It’s a big portion so do go hungry! I tried the Salmon Don set, which came with cold soba. The salmon was cooked well, and the soba was springy and smooth. I have also tried, and would recommend the warm mushroom soba. The mushrooms are tasty and go well with the soba noodles. The soup is really comforting as well.

So do give this place a try if you are looking for some great soba!

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