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Listing created by MummyG on February 01, 2013    

125 years ago, a western food restaurant was opened in Kayabacho, Tokyo.  Western cuisine was still rare in Japan, “Yayoiken”, as the restaurant was called, its original owner was the grandfather of Sueyuki Shioi, the founder of Plenus Co., Ltd.

Special Japanese set menu with excellent nutritional balance. Rice and miso soup accompany each main dish of meat or fish along with side dishes of vegetables or Japanese pickles called “tsukemono”. Free flow rice, which is only imported from Japan after passing stringent quality and safety inspections.

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10am to 10pm
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Bugis Plus, Liang Court


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Horrible service at Bugis+

I had lunch here today at the request of my brother, who had eaten previously at the Liang Court branch. Although the service standard contrasted greatly with the outlet at Liang Court, where the latter had excellent service, the one at Bugis+ left much to be desired. Firstly, the waiter taking our order looked bored which just left me a negative impression of the place, and he appeared to be rolling his eyes when my brother left a feedback to the cook about their Tamago yaki, Japanese omelette, that it was not well done as the inner layers were like scrambled eggs, and the outer layer too solid. Secondly, the staff took a long time in seating us even though there were many available seats. Sigh.

On the bright side, there is free flow of Japanese rice for those who order from the set menus, and the food that we ordered arrived rather quickly. I ordered a Miso Katsu Set, which is simmered pork cutlet with miso paste. The pork cutlet was really tasty and went well with the rice, and it was a generous helping. Although my brother, a Japanese food connoisseur if I may add, said that the pork cutlet was not done properly as it was not tender enough, I felt it was just right- to each his/her own.

Head to the Liang Court outlet if you want to be served by excellent staff and get really tip-top food, if not, the Bugis+ branch works as fine too. (:

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I would keep coming back for more

I have been here twice since opening. The service is what keeps me coming back. They knew how to chase me out of my seat during busy lunch hour in a subtle manner.

I personally tried the pork cutlet set and another time the saba fish set. The pork is tender yet crispy. I never like saba fish as it has a "smell" but here they did it nicely with tender meat and crispy skin. I laughed when I heard they use free flow rice as publicity as the rice melts in my mouth I knew I needed a second helping. The portion of the meat is generous and the side dishes were just the right amount, not too little and of quality.

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