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#02-105, Marina Square 6 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039594
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St. Marc Cafe originated from Tokyo, Japan. The cafe's parent company, Saintmarcs Holdings, has been expanding across Japan, in which there are over 300 outlets so far. The cafe serves freshly baked breads, dessert, and a variety of beverages at an affordable price.

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Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 22:00
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< $10
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1 HARBOURFRONT WALK #01-108-110 VIVO CITY 098585 Singapore

6 Raffles Boulevard #02-105/184/185 Marina Square Singapore 039594.


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Parfaits, parfaits everywhere

You will hardly need a menu when you visit St. Marc Cafe. They always has a display cabinet filled with plastic models of their beautiful parfaits, desserts and pastries.

Their biggest draw is clearly the parfaits. Swirls of soft-serve ice cream, interlaced with a color-coordinated range of fruits, sauces and crunchy biscuits can make anybody drool. The soft-serve melts fast, so take your Instagram shots quickly!

They also serve some good cups of coffee. Their Iced Vietnam Coffee came in a huge glass. The coffee was fragrant and was a strong enough shot in it to give me a good jolt. I am no expert but I count that as good coffee.

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(Updated: May 12, 2014)

Makes Starbucks taste like crap any day

Great cafe-like ambience and Japanese restaurant fare --- that's how I'd like to think of St. Marc. For those who are into cafes for the ambience but sick of the typical cafe fare (substandard, over-sweetened muffins, cold sandwiches, blends of tea or coffee slapped together in one crappy concoction), I do recommend giving St. Marc a try.

There is a range of Japanese restaurant food you can order -- from curry rice to parfait desserts to soft-serve ice cream to their signature 'Chococro' croissants. The Matcha Daifuku Chococro was ingenious (though it seems that you just can't go wrong with matcha). Nestled beneath the crisp exterior is a treasure trove of matcha-flavoured cream and mochi balls filled with red bean paste.

But, whatever you choose to get at St. Marc, it just wouldn't do to give their Matcha Latte a miss. Think of a thick, creamy, milky brew thoroughly infused with the robust flavour of matcha. And what a soul-soothing combination it is --- the richness and creaminess of the latte mellowed by the floral notes and tannic character of matcha. I could sip on such a divine brew all day any day.

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Best croissants!!!

I am surprised at how no one has reviewed St Marc's yet!!! I'm a BIG FAN of their croissants. The croissants here are wayyy better than the ones sold at Tiong Bahru Bakery and if you are looking for good quality croissants, this is the place to visit. Their classic croissants are the chocolate ones, but they have seasonal offerings such a green tea croissants (presently), white chocolate croissants, strawberry croissants and so on.

The chocolate croissant is amazing. There was once I lucked out and got piping hot ones. The pastry was buttery, flaky and soft and the filling inside was abundant, melty and not too sweet! Ii enjoyed every single bite of it. My only complain would be that it's a little too oily but I guess it's the butter that makes the croissant what it is. Hands down the best chocolate croissant!! I recommended it to my friends and all of them loved it as well! Right now they are selling green tea croissants and it's croissant with matcha filling, red bean and... mochi!!!! The mochi added a unique chewy texture to the croissant and the matcha filling felt very authentic and goes very well with the red bean and mochi. It all makes sense. At $2.60-$2.80 per piece for a small croissant, it is a little pricey but I assure you these will be the best filled croissants you will ever ever have :)

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Chocolate croissants
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