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Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons Hot

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Bugis Village 158 Rochor Road Singapore 188433
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Founded by Ramen Champion Keisuke Takeda, Tonkotsu King Four Seasons is centred around the four seasons in Japan - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It serves ramen inspired by the different seasons.

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Good food, good times

One of my favourite Ramen places in Singapore – Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons. There are four outlets in Singapore, the one I frequent would be at Bugis Village. It is a short walk away from Bugis MRT (EW12/DT14). After you cross the traffic light over to Bugis Street, turn right and follow the sheltered path and it will lead you to Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King.

There are five types of ramen to choose from – winter, spring, autumn, summer and king. Prices start from S$10.90; the prices are exclusive of GST and service charge.

The queue can get ridiculously long on Friday nights and weekends. It would be advisable to avoid the lunchtime crowd or go on a weekday. If you are looking to go on a weekend, the staff did mention that Saturdays can get really crowded, much more as compared to Sunday. While you are waiting in the queue, feel free to get yourself a cup of barley tea from the trolley in front. Definitely a plus point, especially if you are in the queue in the humid afternoon and not many dining places in Singapore offer drinks for their customers in line as well.

Once you are seated, there will be a basket to place your bags in it. On the table will be the menu as well as a sheet of paper to take down your ramen choice. The broth is usually left overnight to simmer and it is of no wonder why it is not your usual broth. As much as the broth is thick, however I found the usual one a tad salty. You won’t want to find yourself requesting for cup after cup of water. Therefore, I would normally go for the lighter version of the broth. All ramen comes with pork chasyu and black fungus. There is an option of the paper, uncheck if you do not wish to have them.

Grind white and black sesame while waiting for your food to come. I find it an interesting way to keep their customers occupied. Add the sesame to your noodles when it arrives. It improves the overall taste of the ramen as well.

Of course, if you are there, you are not going to miss out the free flow of hardboiled eggs and seasoned beansprouts. The staffs there are attentive and will refill the bowl of eggs or cup of water even before they are asked to do so. They are friendly as well, you can ask for rubber bands to tie up your hair if you find that it is getting in your way while eating. In fact, the staff there might even ask if you need one before you ask for one.

Good service, good food and nice ambience. Your first trip down to Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons will not be your last trip.

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Thick, tasty, innovative

I am a big fan of ramen keisuke tonkotsu king at Orchid Hotel so when I got to know about this new place, I knew I had to try it out and I'm glad I did because this ramen is really great and flavorful! The concept behind this outlet is obviously the four seasons so they have ramens named after the four seasons - spring, summer, autumn, winter. I went down on a weekend afternoon and as expected, I had to queue for my turn. While waiting, there was a self-service barley tea trolley where you can have some barley tea while waiting. I didn't like the tea and stopped at two sips but it was certainly a good gesture that you don't see happening at other popular food places.

I ordered the autumn ramen and it was really good. I liked how they used bonito flakes as their toppings! Reminded me of tako balls hahaha and I really like the taste of bonito flakes so it was like icing on the cake to me. The noodles were done right and the soup was thick, tasty and flavorful without being overly salty and spammed with msg. The minced meat in the bowl also provided a refreshing change from the big pieces of chashu and meat that I was used to in my ramen bowls. Don't worry, it doesn't taste like ba chor mee!! It is unique in its own way and I have never had ramen like this anywhere else. I will still go back to the normal Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King for my ramen but this will also be the place that I visit whenever I want something different. After all, I have still yet to try Spring, Summer and Winter!

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My favourite ramen place!

I've been to Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel a few times and have always wanted to try the four seasons one and I've finally been there today.

Tonkotsu truly never fails to satisfy. The soup is really tasty and flavourful, the noodles are soft and springy, and that egg is just perfect. I ordered the "King", and my friend ordered the "Autumn" which were pretty interesting, with minced pork and bonito. "King" had the pork in small chewable sizes and looking a little like beef, instead of the usual big piece of chashu, with onions which was really sweet. I also tried the green tea cola which was interesting and nice(it tasted more like cola), it also came in a glass bottle which I kept. The price went up by a bit but I feel that it was still worth it.

The decorations inside are really pleasing with cherry blossoms and wooden tables and chairs. The chefs and some of the waitresses are also Japanese and it felt really good sitting in there, feeling like I'm in Japan.

The service here was amazing, I've met the best waitress ever. I think her name is Yasuko, she's so nice she makes me feel ashamed of myself. As the table was really small and crowded with the utensils, tissues, free eggs and beansprouts, I felt a little cramped and decided to put my bag on the floor beside our table and she immediately offered us a basket to put our bags in.

Also, when she wanted to keep my empty green tea cola bottle and I told her I wanted to keep it, she offered to wash it for me. She didn't just offer like a normal waitress would, she asked, "Can I wash it?" And she cleaned it and brought it back to me in a small plastic bag. She was really sincere and thoughtful and really goes the extra mile. The way Japanese treat others is truly admirable and it really does help to have Japanese staff in a Japanese stall. This was the most lasting impression I ever had on a restaurant's service.

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Hearty, affordable ramen fit for a king.

My sister brought me here to try the ramen after having it with her friend, knowing my immense love for ramen.

There was a long queue and we waited for around 40 minutes, but I found it nice that they provided Barley Tea to make the wait more bearable. Though the taste of the tea was quite questionable, their act of service already gave me a good impression.

The outside of the store looks rather unpromising, but the ambience inside is a totally different story. The place was filled (but not overwhelmed) with Japanese decor such as 'noren' and cherry blossoms, and the orange lights gave a warm, homely feel to the place. I loved how you ordered - by circling and indicating your preference on sheets of paper which came in both English and Japanese, adding to the authenticity of the place. You could also customise and choose not to add spring onions and seaweed for example, if you didn't want them; great for picky eaters!

On top of that, the food arrived really quickly. We were in the midst of enjoying our hard-boiled eggs and spicy beansprouts which were free-flow and free-of-charge, when the bowls of piping hot ramen arrived.

We had the Spring and Winter ramen, which to me were both equally good. The best parts of the ramen were the tamago (flavoured egg) and the broth! I found the original broth a little too salty, but my sister had hers in 'light' which was perfect. The broth is hearty yet not to heavy, and the egg is extremely flavourful, with the yolk runny and the white semi-solid. Even my sister who did not eat eggs confessed that her favourite part of the ramen was the egg. Another delectable part was the char siew, which was literally melt-in-your-mouth because it was absolutely tender. In fact, bits of the meat could be found floating around in the soup, which only added to its taste.

I've tried many ramen places in Singapore before, but I must admit this is one of my favourites. The price is reasonable (around $12 per person), the service is prompt, but most of all, the ramen is divine.

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Really good spicy ramen!

I’m pretty sure most of you guys would have heard of the much-raved-about Tonkotsu King Four Seasons. I might be a bit late, but I finally jumped on the bandwagon and went to try out the ramen at the restaurant last week.

It was life-changing.

Let’s start from the top. From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually pretty spacious inside. The décor is simple, but does a fantastic job of making it feel as if it wasn’t in Singapore. When seated, my friends and I were each presented with an individual order chit, which made ordering a breeze. We were given a bowl of hard-boiled eggs, which we later found out was free-flow, as well as a jar of marinated bean sprouts. I’m not sure about you, but this was completely new to me, because I haven’t come across any other restaurant that serves this. The bean sprouts were tasty and amazingly flavourful, and that, coming from someone who really doesn’t like bean sprouts like myself, says A LOT.

Before our ramen came, we were also given a makeshift mortar and pestle, to grind sesame seeds that could be added to our ramen for extra flavour. Then, our ramen was served.

I had Summer, because I love spicy food, and somehow, spicy ramen from other restaurants have never really lived up to my expectations. This one certainly did. Summer had just the right amount of spiciness, which complemented the soup base so well. It was pretty much the best bowl of spicy ramen I’d ever had. I finished my ramen with the hard-boiled eggs and bean sprouts, and it was soooo good.

Yes, I’m already planning my next trip back there.

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