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Shin-Sapporo Ramen is located in Century Square and Suntec City Mall. It was in 1954 when Morito Omiya, a chef from Sapporo, created Miso Ramen. The soup became a favorite of many all across Japan and its shores; and Sapporo was hailed as the birthplace of Miso ramen. Shin-Sapporo Ramen brings this strong Japanese tradition and cultural heritage in one bowl of soup. Each bowl of hearty soup is a warming symphony of fresh ingredients, following an age-old recipe, executed in deliberate fashion.

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Tampines Century Square

Suntec City Mall, Tower 4


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new favourite ramen haunt

This is my boyfriend’s favourite ramen store, and when I finally gave it a try it wasn’t hard to see why. This relatively undiscovered home-grown ramen chain is pretty easy to miss even though they’ve been doing quite well with 4 branches. Their ramen is to die for, and unlike any I’ve had before.

They offer lunch set menus which include a bowl of ramen, complimentary salad, a side and green tea. We ordered one Miso Ramen set ($11.80) with Shin-Sapporo Gyoza and Shoyu Ramen set ($10.80) with Chuka Tofu. Each broth came with different noodles according to the soup base. Their pan-fried gyozas were crisp, juicy, and the meat filling was very generous. I preferred the Chuka Tofu, which was silky and topped with a tangy sauce, a refreshing start to our meal. Of everything we had, the star was definitely their Miso Ramen - their freshly made noodles were springy, wavy and had a bit of a bite to them, and the saltiness of the miso broth was neutralised by the sweet corn and bean sprouts. Topped with two slices of tender chashu meat and an ambrosial half-egg, their ramen may very well be the best I’ve eaten.

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This is one of my personal favorite ramen places, both for its value and the quality of its noodles.

I have visited both Orchard Central and Century Square outlets and am somewhat of a regular at the Century Square outlet - service at both outlets has been consistently good even before I started going there regularly.

A bowl of ramen will cost you around $14.90++, but their free flow noodles effectively makes it $14.90 for two bowls of ramen. If you have a big appetite (as I am prone to), this place can effectively satiate you. My personal favorite here is their Kara-Miso Ramen which is the spicy version of their miso ramen - in all my visits here I have surprisingly eaten nothing else. To be honest, it's still hardly spicy but has more of a "kick" than their normal ramen. Their Tonkatsu ramen is also to be recommended should you prefer a lighter broth - the difference between the two is after all only the broth.

The quality of ajitama here is also commendable and the egg yolk is always consistently runny: just the way it should be. Another plus point is that THEY HAVE GARLIC. Which for any garlic lover, is always a good thing. Also, garlic goes well with ramen - that's a rule. Garlic aside, they also have quite a lot of other condiments like chilli oil and the like. Something for every taste.

This place is my go-to place for when I'm feeling famished or craving ramen. Consistency in quality + free flow noodles makes it a very attractive place to eat indeed. Hence, one of my favorite ramen places.

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Century Square
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I really do not like the ramen served up.

Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't come back even with the free flow ramen. The ramen I tried was tasteless, and it was decidedly undelicious from start to end - I had to compel myself to even finish it, and I was famished and had a craving for ramen then.

My friend recommended this place, and everyone else at the table ended up vowing never to go back. For the price, I'm sure there are better options. We waited at least 30min for the food on a weekday night at 8pm, when the place wasn't even that packed, and had to endure rude service staff. Honestly, it was a bad experience altogether, and I will definitely not be a repeat customer.

Ultimately, the ramen is bad, the service is bad, and the prices are way too high for what they offer.

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(Updated: August 29, 2014)

READ: Free-flow ramen

I'm pretty sure many people don't know about this - Shin-Sapporo serves FREE FLOW RAMEN. now that you know, i'd better cherish the times when the restaurant isn't brimming with ravenous customers. According to their menu, it is japanese tradition to serve free ramen add-ons, as long as you ask for it. That's right, FREE RAMEN. They even have 4 types of ramen to choose from, simply request for your add-on.

Of course, they only provide free add-on for ramen, not the broth/soup. By the second helping, there is significantly less broth/soup left, but still sufficient for a third serving. You can add $2 for additional broth. I'd say it is pretty worth it, you get a bowl of ramen for ~$15 with free flow noodles?! Why the heck not?!

I'd recommend the shoyu ramen and adding the chilli oil into your broth - I find it really tasty. Overall, I think their broth are really really tasty. DEFINITELY A MUST GO.

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Japanese ramen

I like Japanese food and especially ramen. When I saw this shop opened in ARC, I was very delighted. There would be one more place to eat in ARC. My children had enrichment lessons in ARC and sometimes, we would eat out and there was a lack of choice of eating place in ARC.

The ramen here was not exceptionally good tasting but at least it tasted authentic. Also, the chef looked like a Japanese and Japanese is a proud people and they would do their best so as not to tarnish their reputation. Their pride also comes at a price, the food here is not cheap compared to other restaurants ramen. Paying lower may be an insult to the chef.

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Pricey for the quality

The ramen served here is not exceptional, I would go as far to stay that the ramen here is below average. The texture of the noodle does not blow me away, neither does the soup. The ramen here is rather pricey, if I remembered correctly, it cost between $15-20. I would not recommend anyone to eat here as it is definitely not worth the price. There are other places such as ippudo which are only slightly more expensive but definitely serves better tasting ramen that this.

I say skip this place. For a cheaper alternative, go to Ajisen and for better ramen, go to aforementioned ippudo or ramen champion.

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(Updated: September 17, 2012)

cozy but small

I am giving 4 stars because of the environment of the restaurant, the service and the food offered! Really feels that one should give this place a try.

If you love ramen, you should try Shin Sapporo. The ramen here can be compared to Ramen Champion and maybe even better. I love the fact that the menu showed different types of ramen made by the chefs or cook. They have their very own Shin Sapporo ramen as well.

I was there with 3 other friends and I ordered the shio ramen. The menu was helpful in describing every ramen they made and that the shio ramen I ordered was of the lighter version. Don’t worry, it’s written in perfect English.

This restaurant lost my last star because the shop is really small. They need to get a bigger space because the current floor space does not justify their food.

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