Tsukiji Gindaco 築地銀だこ

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#B4-62, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801
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Listing created by kuchiki on March 05, 2013    

Tsukiji Gindaco carefully selects ingredients to create the best takoyaki balls. At Tsukiji Gindaco, every takoyaki ball has a crisp exterior and soft, mushy interior, and is generously stuffed with diced octopus, dried shrimp, pickled ginger, and chopped green onion. 

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Daily: 10:00 - 22:00
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< $10
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2 Orchard Turn
#B4-62/63/64/65, ION Orchard,
Singapore 238801


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best takoyaki in SG?

Gindaco serves some of the best takoyaki I've ever tasted in Singapore. In my opinion, it's actually miles better than another popular takoyaki chain, which I won't name! The entire takoyaki is a treat, flavourful and with contrasting textures. The outside is crisp, while the insides are very soft and fluffy, not floury or bland at all.

It's also interesting watching the takoyaki being made while queueing for them. Always good to know that the food's freshly made!

While the takoyaki at Gindaco is simply amazing, the Japanese pancakes were more ordinary, and unremarkable. I'd stick to just ordering the takoyaki!

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My love of all time

Gindaco always have long queues and people watching how the staff make the tako balls through the glass panels. I have always love to eat takoyaki since young and because the ones that Gindaco looks really good, I went for a try. I abandoned the usual takoyaki stores and have not look back ever since,

The exterior of the takoyaki balls is crisp and soft on the inside. The inside is not like their normal counterparts that only consist of tasteless flour and the main ingredient. Other than their main ingredient (octopus) they include chopped green onions, dried shrimps and pickled ginger that makes the flour smells and taste so good. The inside can be really hot sometimes so be careful when eating it. Unfortunately for people who don't eat octopus, they do not offer a variety for you to choose from. However, they do have variety of toppings and I personally love their egg mayo topping. It's delicious and goes really well with the tako balls.

It is by far the best tako balls I have eaten and always my staple when I visit Ion Orchard or anywhere else with Gindaco in sight.

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