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Ministry of Food @ My Izakaya

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#02-45, Bugis Junction 80 Middle Road Singapore 188996
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Listing created by EQ.T on December 04, 2012    

Serving traditional Japanese food such as sushi and modernized Japanese food with a twist such as creamy salmon carbonara, this restaurant certainly has something for everyone. It also serves classic Japanese desserts, so it's perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

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Marina Square #02-138E

Bugis Junction #02-45

Serangoon Nex #02-04/05/06

Lot1 Mall #03-12

Jurong Point #03-42

Tampiness 1 #04-15

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A little pricey

MOF is perpetually crowded; if you are hoping for a quiet restaurant with a laidback restaurant; you can forget about it. I personally find the items a tad bit too pricey - items range on the average from about $14 - $20.

I recommend EVERYONE to try the dishes in tofu section. It looks really simple and small in portion, but it is REALLY filling. I was ravenous, yet I was super full when I merely finished half of my dish. It is also absolutely delicious with the chewy flavoured skin outside; it might not exactly be the healthiest dish but you will NOT regret your choice.

As an avid lover of sashimi, I personally like the mixed sashimi bento set; because I get to eat all of my favourite types of sashimi. It would be perfect with ramen though, because the rice can be super filling.

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lovely desserts

As a student with limited amounts of pocket money, one of the most important factor influencing where I dine would be the cost. Honestly, MOF can be rather expensive, with main courses at around $20 and desserts about half of that. However, if you visit during weekday afternoons (I can't remember the exact timing) there's a 30% off the entire ala carte menu for students, which makes it far more affordable!

The cold ramen with salmon sashimi is one of my favourite dishes. The almond flakes and unique sauce - I can't quite make out what it is, although I think it has a mayo base - add lovely bursts of flavour to the ramen, which is very 'Q', springy and slightly chewy. The texture of the noodles by itself is quite impressive in my opinion!

The hot stone pot dishes are really good too. Basically, flavoured rice with toppings like unagi is served in sizzling hot stone bowls, which gives the dish a mild but distinct smoky flavour that can be really addictive.

Last but not least, the desserts are definitely worth a try. The soft-serve ice cream here is commendable, and irresistible when paired with their sweet potato or yam mini-pancakes. The combination of hot and cold is simply amazing! I can't remember the name of the dish, but it's a must-try for sure.

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dessert, hot stone pot rice
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Cold Ramen, yes! Others... not so much.

My friend and I were talking about Japanese food, and a few days later he brought me here to try their Cold Ramen. I was a bit skeptical when I saw it - cold noodles in what looked like salad dressing with a ton of cucumbers, tomatoes and meat toppings. To my surprise, the taste was not too overpowering! I expected it to taste like thousand island sauce because that's what it looked like, but it was rather pleasant and not too tangy. The texture of the ramen was the main highlight though : slightly chewy yet not rubbery, much like the smoother and less oily version of half-cooked instant noodles.

We also tried their Salmon Belly bento. Not the best salmon belly i've had, which was a tad disappointing because it was slightly overpriced. We also had other side dishes like chawanmushi, which was again, nothing special. One good thing about the restaurant was that service was prompt and efficient.

Overall, I would say MOF is your average Japanese restaurant with average food, only slightly overpriced. I would come back to try their desserts though.

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(Updated: December 15, 2013)

Itadaki.... did you just say something?

Needed a quick fix for my absolutely uncontrollable Japanese cuisine craving, I was elated to chance upon MOF @ My Izakaya at T1. It was quite a surprise realising its existence considering how familiar I am with the food outlets in the vicinity, and probably due to its humble entrance. (Referring to both the low profile opening of the new outlet and literally the store front) The last thing you’ll expect from a restaurant with a small entrance is a large seating capacity and yes, the T1 outlet was enormously HUGE.

The restaurant was bustling with people, which is a good sign of popularity and thriving business (according to my mom) but it was a tad bit too noisy for my liking. (Imagine a family trying to have a proper conversation but ends up raising our voices due to the noise till we seem like we’re bickering)

As the restaurant is huge, it is clearly understaffed and we had a hard time getting the attention of the poor waiters because they simply had too much things to do. Minus point.

The food wise is above average I’d say. I usually order the set meals which has two small portions of rice and udon because it’s value for money and I'm all for variety. Have visited them quite a couple of times and will be back to try their desserts soon!

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Tampines 1
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Expensive but not overpriced

One might cringe at the sight of the prices of the food at MOF as they are certainly more pricey than other restaurants for that matter, moreover MOF is not exactly a speciality restaurant and seems more like a run of the mill chain restaurants.

MOF is expensive but it is certainly not overpriced. The food quality is spectacular for a "normal" chain restaurant. Special shout-out to their sashimi, one of the freshest I have ever tried. My only issue is that I am confused at the target market of MOF, it is definitely not for the normal heartlanders who would deem the food to be too pricey, neither does it cater to the niche markets who would deem the food quality to be insufficient.

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Ice Chocolate

I think the highlight of eating at MOF for me is the ice chocolate. It comes with a serving of soft serve on top and they are very generous with the amount. The ice chocolate is perfect and takes the highlight away from my main course!

The tofu set is another hot item for me. However, they gravy they give is really little. You also have to add $1 for rice. Other than that, for a total of 10.80 not inclusive of GST and service charge, I think it is quite worth it.

The bento sets are rather dry though, despite my friend ordering the salmon and mushroom one, which looked like it had the most gravy. Perhaps not the best choice. Also, the waitress kept forgetting our orders and missed out 1 item after another.

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Not sure about their food but omg their ice creeeeeammmm!

The review title says it all – their ice cream desserts are awesome! They provided me a solution for stress relief during those tenuous JC years leading up to A Levels. Though, I've never tried their main courses. It was more of an ice-cream parlor for me.

It was a place where I was able to happily satisfy my cravings for ice cream involving red bean, green tea and black sesame. Theirs did not taste artificial, and was adequately sweet and fragrant – it helped me convert a number of friends to lovers of green tea ice cream and black sesame ice cream! They also had this honey thing I love that was really fragrant and not overwhelmingly sweet.

In short, a memorable café perfect for a gathering and to indulge in Japanese delights!

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overpriced, not too memorable food.

I have only been once to eat at MOF, and have never went back due to the mediocre food which did not leave much to be desired. Perhaps it was the particular outlet I ate at that left unmemorable food but memorable bad memories, but I never wanted to step into a MOF outlet anywhere else.

The menu sounded appetizing, but the food ended up far from it, only okayish. Prices were also rather expensive for the food served...I would much rather had gone to another Japanese restaurant/cafe! I think what saved this place was the the staff were friendly and helpful, though I do wish they could improve on their food.

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Slightly overpriced but worth the money

Slightly overpriced. That's what I would describe thie restaurant when I flip the menu. But yes, the food I would say is certainly up to my expectations and they taste really good, especially their desserts! Oh gosh, how could anyone resist their red bean and maccha dessert! It's like a MUST TRY! Although it's a little pricey for a small portion but it tastes so good. Very authentic. Perhaps just one dessert wouldn't harm much eh? As for the main course, i tried the curry beef and it was not too bad, pretty filling too.

It's gradually opening up to become a family kind of restaurant and I must say that the staff's service are excellent. They are really polite and friendly as they take down our orders patiently, ensuring that they have gotten our orders correctly to provide a pleasant dining experience. I would definitely come back to MOF again, because I miss their dessert!

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impressive menu but not too impressive food

i have tried Ministry of Food on a few occasion and each time, I swore I will never return again. On different occasions, I tried their teriyaki chicken bento, carbonara, and ramen. The teriyaki chicken bento came in a cute bento box and looked really appetizing. However, the chicken and rice were too dry for my liking. I felt that my mum could cook better than that. I thought that I was unlucky and ordered the wrong dish. So, the second time I went to MOF, i ordered something else. This time round, I had the carbonara, which was bad too. The sauce was too bland and watery. The ramen that I had was slightly better. Though it wasn't the best, it was better than the other dishes that I had previously.

The only redeeming factor for MOF is their desserts. I like that red bean dessert. The cold dessert is sweet and the hokkaido red bean is fresh and tasty. You could choose to add on mochi balls or ice cream. I like mine plain.

Overall, I would recommend MOF for their food. But desserts wise, I don't see why not, especially if you are a red bean lover.

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