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#01-03 Sin Ming Centre 8 Sin Ming Road Singapore
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Lydia Hunter
Listing created by Lydia Hunter on February 10, 2016    

An ice cream parlour and pizzeria serving 100% vegan food. Delivery available over a certain amount. Healthy and low fat alternatives to everyones favourite comfort food. 

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Brown Rice Ice Cream For The Lactose-Intolerant And Health Nut

We all have that friend who’s lactose intolerant and can’t eat ice cream without holing in the washroom regretting life choices. With Brownice, however, even they can have yummy ice cream - and survive to tell the tale.

Brownice’s brown rice ice cream is the healthier option than most ice creams; it contains no dairy but uses organic brown rice to make the creamy base. Their ice cream comes off a little pastier and less smooth than most ice creams which have cream and milk, but taste wise their French Chocolate trumps most. While still maintaining its light, guiltfree texture, the French Chocolate tastes rich and decadent - easily my favourite flavour.

Students will also love this quiet spot in Sin Ming Avenue for its empty and chill atmosphere on most days, making it the best place for a quiet chat or study session.

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Sin Ming Avenue
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Egg free, dairy free, guilt free

Vegan cheese, meat, ice cream and desserts. Hear me out. Brownice at the Sin Ming Centre serves egg free, dairy free, guilt free ice cream and dessert, as well as a wide selection of pizzas. If the word vegan strikes fear and disgust into your hearts, reassess your views after trying what Brownice has to offer. If a large selection of meals is what you’re after then this may not be for you, however if you’re in the mood to be stuffed to the max by pizza and ice cream whilst not having to avoid carbs for the next three days to comfort yourself, then this is your place.

The pizzas are also available to take away and the ice cream can be bought by the potful, so you can also convince your friends and family at home. The waffles with the peanut butter caramel ice cream were what cemented my love for Brownice, if you weren’t told that they were vegan, you never would have guessed. The waffle was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and the ice cream was rich in flavour and so so creamy. The portion was also big enough for 2, which is always a bonus.

If anything, Brownice should invest in a better way to deliver its food. At the moment, they say that you should contact them a few days in advance and if it’s under $100 there’s also a $15 charge. Not the end of the world, but after you’ve had it once you’ll crave it when curled up in bed and not in a state to face the world, trust me on that. A large selection of pizzas and an even larger selection of ice cream, well priced, as well as being good for the animals and your health, don’t bash the vegan movement until you’ve tried it.

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