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Emma Lee
Listing created by Emma Lee on January 18, 2016    

Suzuki has a wide range of ukuleles. They offer cheap ukuleles for leisure playing, and higher end ukuleles for those who are pursuing ukulele as a long-term passion. 


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Instrument everyone should learn

Everyone remembers the time when the ukulele was the “in” thing. It seemed like everyone was born with the ability to strum the 4-stringed instrument with ease. These miniature-like guitars come in the colours of the rainbow, or just plain wood. It’s cute and fun, and I see why everyone wants to own one.

For people who like to tinkle with instruments just for a while, getting a cheap, solid coloured ukulele is ideal. It is enough to satisfy my short-lived interest in learning the ukulele basic. However, the tuning knobs on the ukulele come loose easily while playing, and don’t be surprised if your song modulates into a minor key halfway through. But for the price I paid, the ukulele served its purpose well.

For those who are serious about picking up the ukulele, I advise you to invest in a better ukulele, despite the 3-digit price tag. The sound quality is waaay better, although the designs do not differ much. You can get your Ukulele at any Cristofori shop. The ukulele selection at the Bishan Junction 8 outlet is pretty decent.

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