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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on December 10, 2013    

A indian restuarant along Bukit Timah road that is 24 hours. It is a favourite indian food haunt for people looking for supper. 

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Great Crispy Prata!

Chanced upon this hidden gem along Bukit Timah Road when a friend and I ventured around Beauty World Plaza that's just opposite. Now the entire stretch of food houses is currently blocked by a lot of construction out front so be sure to keep your eyes peeled while searching for it!

We had the traditional plain and egg pratas along with a dish of buttered chicken. Service was good and there's a lot of variety to choose from! They even have Chinese fried rice and stir-fried dishes.

The pratas were really crispy, especially the plain ones. It was rather small in size as most places but still a good-enough portion for one. I definitely love hearing the crunches every time my utensils come into contact with the prata. Haha! As for the buttered chicken, we kind of expected fried cereal chicken but what came was a bowl of chicken curry look-alike. Just that it wasn't spicy at all and even tasted sweet. It was not bad as the chicken was tender and the gravy complimented well with the prata too.

A recommended supper place for those living in the west!

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Best Indian Food Ever !

My water polo team loves to come here after our training on Fridays! Their indian food is cheap and tasty! They're usually packed full so it's really difficult to get seats, especially if you're in a big group. However, I'll say it's definitely worth the wait!

I've tried their egg and cheese prata. It's so yummy! The cheese is nice and gooey like it should be, and the prata has a nice crisp when you cut it, and it's not too oily. I like their curry dip because it's not too spicy, so it doesn't overpower the taste of the prata when you eat it together.

Try their roti john! It's a delicious dish to share among three or four friends. It's like a Ramly's burger, if you've been to those Malay night markets they have along the streets of Singapore. They have different options for meat like mutton, chicken or beef. I seldom eat roti prata because it's really fattening, but Al Ameen is always my top choice if I'm craving some good prata!

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