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Andersen's of Denmark Ice Cream design, produce and sell premium quality ice cream together with related quality products. Andersen's of Denmark Ice Cream use ingredients that originate worldwide; • Dairy products from Australia, • Chocolate from Belgium • Flavours from Denmark Our award winning super premium Ice Creams are made to traditional Danish recipes. Our customers are offered superior service in a friendly, clean and inviting Danish environment where the Ice Cream presentation is based around our traditional Danish cone maker. Andersen's of Denmark Ice Cream purvey its products to the public in selected exclusive areas only.

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6 Raffles Boulevard #02-207A
Singapore 039594
Tel: 6334 4727

80 Marine Parade Road #B1-K4
Singapore 449269
Tel: 6344 0364

68 Orchard Road #01-K11
Singapore 238839
Tel: 62380750

3 Temasek Boulevard #01-K08
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6336 4606

163 Tanglin Road #B1-15
Singapore 247933
Tel: 6235 3967

23 Serangoon Central #B1-09
Singapore 556083
Tel: 6634 2308

53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #02-18
Singapore 560033
Tel: 6481 0798

180 Kitchener Road #02-K11/K13
Singapore 208539
Tel: 6509 3114

109 North Bridge Road #01-K11
Singapore 179097
Tel: 9646 5969

2 Jurong East St 21 #01-124A
Singapore 609601
Tel:6569 6256

1 Jurong West Central 2 #02-K6
Singapore 648886
Tel: 6898 5052

Bencoolen Enterprises Pte Ltd
11 Kaki Bukit Road 1
Eunos Technolink #05-04
Singapore 415939
Tel: +65 6846 9555
Fax: +65 6846 0052
Email: [email protected]


Family Fondue - Chocolate Fondue Dip
Family Fondue - Marshmallows, Waffle Cones, Biscuits
Family Fondue - 10 Ice Cream Flavours
Family Fondue - Strawberries, Rock Melon, Bananas, Kiwi Fruit
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(Updated: December 08, 2013)

The next best thing

Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs might be the rave but Andersen’s is equally good and more affordable I might say. The waffle basket dipped in Belgian chocolate topped with scoops of ice-cream is great to share over a deep conversation with your loved ones. Breaking off pieces of waffle, dipping it in the ice-cream is a treat for your taste buds.

Though I have to warn you, no matter how much you like chocolate, DO NOT get Belgian chocolate chip ice-cream with the waffle cone. When I bought that I felt like I was in heaven but I started to regret it. Its just too much chocolatey goodness! The Belgian chocolate chip ice-cream is chocolate ice-cream with bits of real Belgian chocolate in it. So when combined with the chocolate waffle cone it’s just too much to handle!

Other than that everything is fine. I would recommend the macadamia nut ice-cream, it has a nutty caramel flavour. The waffle cone it comes in is really unique touch.Overall it definitely satisfied my cravings as I indulged in their ice-cream.

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Waffle cone
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Family Fondue

My Dad got a voucher for this place, so we came here and had the Family Fondue, which was basically a bowl of Ganache in the middle of a plate of fruits and marshmallows. The fruits were relatively fresh, but definitely not the off-a-tree-to-your-plate kind of fresh. The marshmallows were also a little too small. The ganache, however, was delicious, and it was mostly what saved the meal. Dipping strawberries, kiwis and marshmallows in there, pulling them out and eating them was pure heaven.

The ganache wasn't too cloying hence, it went well with the marshmallows and neutralised the slightly sour kiwis. The outlet (in NEX) was a little cramped that day (Sunday evening). The place might be a little pricey without discounts, so if you're going there I suggest you bring some friends along and split the bill, so it's be a good dessert at a relatively cheap price.

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Danish Ice Cream With A Focus On Cones

Probably the most underrated of al the major ice cream brands, Andersen's Of Denmark Ice Cream has been quietly going about their business for well over 2 decades in Singapore. Their ice cream is made according to traditional Danish recipes, using dairy imported from Australia.

Ambience at Andersen's Of Denmark Ice Cream is normally average. Floor space of the majority of their outlets is rather small, and most of their customers order takeaway. Furniture is functional, but rather cramped in their small layouts. The highlight of ambience at Andersen's Of Denmark Ice Cream is their well displayed trays of ice cream, beyond this, decor is minimal.

Service at Andersen's Of Denmark Ice Cream is passable at best. Takeaways are usually a quick affair, with minimal interaction with staff. However, when it comes to dining in, I felt that staff at Andersen's Of Denmark Ice Cream provided only a decent but forgettable service, bordering on slightly brusque.

The menu selection at Andersen's Of Denmark Ice Cream is pretty good, but not very extensive. They have a good range of ice cream flavours, and I like that their ice cream has a milky, flavourful quality with rich and intense taste. However, I also felt that their ice cream tended to melt a lot faster as compared to other ice cream brands, and their pricing is also slightly more expensive than others.

The Family Fondue is good value for money, and makes for perfect sharing. The portions are sufficient for 3 - 4 people. You have a choice of 10 ice cream flavours, which on a typical day, is about 80% of all the available flavours. Note that each scoop of ice cream is mini size, not the regular size portions.

Waffle Cones are a speciality here, and is probably the major reason to dine here / takeaway. Their Waffle Cones are crisp and well cooked, with a satisfying crunch and a nice buttery flavour. The Marshmallows are the typical mass-produced variety, which can't go wrong. But the Biscuits weren't that good.

Fortunately, all fruits served here are fresh. They lend a nice burst of juice and flavour to the richness of the chocolate fondue.

I like that the Chocolate Fondue Dip is thick, rich, and chocolately, and the portion is also just right for dipping all the ingredients liberally.

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Family Fondue - Chocolate Fondue Dip
Family Fondue - Marshmallows, Waffle Cones, Biscuits
Family Fondue - 10 Ice Cream Flavours
Family Fondue - Strawberries, Rock Melon, Bananas, Kiwi Fruit
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Premium ice cream at okay prices.

I have been to this chain for a couple of times. Their star is their chocolate fondue, which I never fail to order whenever I visit them. I think that their ice cream is of just the right milkiness for me, some other brands just don't make the mark for me. This is surprisingly light and not too "jerlat", one can eat a few scoops without gagging or suffering a sugar rush. More importantly, the prices are not too steep.

Everytime I pass by a chain, the waffle cones coated with chocolate scream at me! Sitting in their pristine cases, they are dying to be munched down by greedy, hungry customers.
Not only do they sell ice cream, they sell an array of desserts too, from cookies to brownies and cakes. I have tried their apple pie before, and it was surpisingly good! It was paired with a scoop of their ice-cream which complemented the buttery crust of the pastry. The crumble on top the apple pie was really soft and not too buttery, atop a treasure chest of sauteed apples cooked to just the right texture and sweetness, leaving you wanting for more.

Lastly, don't be deceived by their dessert displays, they don't do justice to the desserts they actually served. I feel that their displays look too unappetizing, the brownie they serve is much bigger than what is shown in the display. (from what i saw in the chain at IMM)

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Not exactly impressive, but definitely too expensive

I have tried Andersen's Ice Cream twice, and I do not think I would go for a third try. In my first try, I ordered the Cookie and Cream flavour, thinking that such a common flavour would not go wrong. I was right, but disappointed by its way-too-common taste. For my second try, I ordered the taro one, but again, it was nothing impressive. To worsen my experiences, both costed me more than $4 each for just one and rather pathetic scoop.

In simple, Andersen's ice cream lacks the 'wow' factor.

Moreover, extra charges are incurred if one was to sit in their shop to enjoy their ice cream, contrary to the common mindset of 'pay more for takeaway'.

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I have never bought from Andersens before, but based on an experience that I got to witness with my friend, I have not wanted to try their ice-cream till today. This was last year. My friend saw the outlet at nex, and was curious to try their ice-cream, so we went to take a look.

The flavours looked nice, but I wasn't craving for ice-cream at that moment, so I decided to give it a miss, and thank goodness I did. My friend asked for a single scoop ice-cream cone, which cost $5. We stared at each other as he paid, and when we walked away, he started mumbling, "What the heck, so expensive!" and the scoop was not generous at all. However, he did mention that he liked what he was eating though, so I guess they must make good ice-cream, but I still find the price and serving size not on par with each other...

I might try the ice-cream at Andersens one day, if I am feeling generous with my cash, haha. But for now, no way. There are cheaper and extremely good ice-cream parlours out there in Singapore, such as Tom's Palette, so I'll settle for those for the time being.

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Serangoon, nex
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Tasti-licious ice cream!!

If Andersen's is what Denmark has to offer to the world, then I definitely wanna fly to Denmark to help myself to more of their cuisine!!

The ice-cream at Andersen's are just drool-inducing! Their Macadamia Nut, Danish Nougat as well as the Banana Fudge flavours are really out of this world. the creamy texture is thick enough to savour yet light enough that it melts quickly before the taste before too strong. That is the true hallmark of good ice cream.

I will never get tired of this place, never will. In fact, I aim to try their fondue the next time I'm here.

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great ice cream. that is all.

I love Andersen's ice cream. It is thick, sticky and very rich in flavor. My friend and I love the Hazelnut, Belgian Chocolate and Fudge flavor.

I have dine in before at the branch in City Square Mall and that was my first time. It will also be my last because they sure know how to stinge on their ice cream for dine in customers. Courtesy goes to the voucher my friend brought for us. We have to pay service charge though.

We ordered a couple fondue since it was only just 2 of us. The staffs there were not happy-looking staff for sure. At least the waitress serving us was not so bad. She did smile and was friendly. But I still think we should not be pay for service charge. And the ice cream was so small in comparison to what we could have taken away!

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Branch Location:
city square mall
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ice cream you can never finish

Andersen's of Denmark is the last place i would go for my ice cream fix. There is nothing special about the flavours, the usual cookies n creme or danish nougat (which is not even half as yummy as it sounds).

The service, no matter which branch I go to is always below-par mainly because of the lack of interpersonal skills and training given to the part-time workers. Some don't even know how to speak in English and some are totally unaware as to what they are serving. It gets frustrating after a while.

The ice cream, I find, is too thick and leathery. I don't remember ever finishing anything I bought from there. The muffins are alright though. And the brownies are way over-priced for the quality you get.

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Very unpleasant experience

My friend bought a Groupon that entitled her $10 off, so she brought me to try this out for the first time.

After looking at the menu online, we decided on the Couple Fondue and were looking at the ice cream flavours. Subsequently, we asked the waitress in front of us whether we could choose our flavours now or take a seat inside first. She mumbled something without looking up, making my friend and I feel perplexed. Again without looking up, she told, slightly louder, to take a seat inside.

After being seated, another waiter served us but with the same poor attitude. He did not bother recommending any ice cream flavours upon request either.

Basically, the Couple Fondue (U.P. $21.90) was pathetic--the serving of fruits were not fresh and the servings of ice cream were tiny and tasted plain normal.

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IMM Building
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