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Listing created by spoonsandspools on November 21, 2012    

LICK is a local ice cream cafe serving over 30 delicious icecream flavours to cater to every palette. Ranging from the classics, to local delights and even seasonal specials, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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Unlimited Ice Cream and Waffles for students!

For ice cream fanatics like me, to chance upon an affordable ice cream buffet is a dream come true. The Little Ice Cream Kafe has weekly ice cream buffets on Friday, for $13.50 nett per student!

Don’t expect anything out of this world though, the ice cream and waffles are just decent enough to satisfy my sugar cravings. However, they have some unique flavours that are worth a try, like the D24 Durian and Kaya Toast ice cream. My favourite is the sea-salt caramel as it is savoury and sweet all at the same time, and every bit was just caramel goodness. The waffles are freshly made right after you place your order, and they have just the right amount of crisp and moisture. The shop is large enough, and you can lounge on the sofa while enjoying your buffet. It's like living the life of a royal pig.

Despite the location being quite out of the way, the ice cream, affordability and ambience are reason is good enough for me to pay a second visit.

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To-die-for waffles

I went to lick a few weeks back after a recommendation from a friend who is pretty into this ice cream craze.

It is not hard to imagine that claustrophobic was the word that came to mind when I entered the shop. Like other popular ice cream cafes, crowd is the norm during those late hours. Lucky for us, we managed to get the sofa seat that’s on the higher platform – the best seats there. Try to aim for those seats next time you go there! When you sit there, you will forget all about the crowd and appreciate the beauty of their designs.

Now, the waffles - they are to-die-for. How can anyone not love it? Their waffles are super crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Plus, it goes perfectly well with their syrup.

As for the ice cream, I don't find them exceptional. Well, they were good, but intense competition from other ice cream shops has made all these unique flavours lost their appeal. Although I don’t have special attachments to their ice cream, I do remember their peppermint flavoured one. As their warning suggests, it’s really minty! I felt like I was eating toothpaste? I’m not trying to discourage anyone from trying, in fact, it’s so interesting that I think everyone should share it with your friends sometime. Note the word, share.

It’s located a little far from where I stay, otherwise, I would definitely go back for their waffles

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Great hangout place

I chanced upon Little Ice Cream Kafe while I was out with my friends, and was immediately attracted to the homely and relaxing atmosphere of the shop. The service staff are also very patient and friendly.

LICK serves a wide variety of ice-cream flavours. The classic flavours such as chocolate and strawberry are really good, especially chocolate, which was thick and creamy. I tried the honey lavender too, which was sweet and fragrant.

I love eating their ice-cream with waffles, with the waffles freshly-made upon ordering. The hot and crispy waffles paired up with the cool and refreshing ice-cream makes me a happy kid. The serving is quite big too, so friends can just order and share a serving. LICK is definitely a great hangout place for both the young and old. We can just stay there for as long as we want, enjoying our ice-cream while chit-chatting or playing with our friends. Will definitely come back here again in the future!

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Great Hangout Place

It's not the ice cream that draw me in, it's the cafe itself. It is a terrific place to chill and relax with friends. They have a sofa on top the platform that gives the cafe a homey feeling. I still remember the days when I would visit the place every friday with my friends and spent the evening there eating and playing cards. With unlimited ice cream and really comfortable sofa, we instantly felt at home.

They have a wide range of ice cream that can be accompanied with waffle. While we normally have to pay an additional price for the waffle, the fee is waived every Friday when they have their weekly ice cream buffet. (There's a different deal everyday.)

If you live in the east and looking for a great chill out place on Fridays, LICK is the place to go.

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Best guilty pleasure.

Living in a hot country like Singapore, icecream is just about everyone's guilty pleasure. I mean, on a hot sweltering day wouldn't you just love to be walking down the street with a cup of delicious icecream?

LICK is a local icecream shop that serves delicious icecream at a reasonable price. They have the most amazing flavours such as French Toast, Honey Lavender, Sea salt caramel and, specially for the christmas season, gingerbread.

I ordered a scoop of gingerbread icecream. The smooth, creamy icecream had little chunks of gingerbread inside. I could taste the components of a real gingerbread. (Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove) and I was extremely impressed by the flavour of the icecream. And guess what, they have an icecream buffet every friday. Well, I'm in!

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