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#B1-K17 Hougang Mall 90 Hougang Avenue 10 Singapore 538766
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Listing created by juzsimplicity on May 15, 2012    

Soft! is a premium Japanese vanilla softserve icecream. With a wide mix of toppings and softserve icecream, many special concoctions of icecreams and floats are created.

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decent ice cream, great toppings!

Ever since tasting the heavenly soft-serve ice cream that Hokkaido is famous for, I've never stopped craving it, and have been rather desperately trying to find a similar standard of soft-serve in Singapore. Unfortunately, I haven't been successful so far, and Soft! while claiming to sell 'authentic Japanese soft-serve' doesn't quite do the real deal justice either.

Fortunately, it makes up for that by offering a huge variety of toppings, which goes perfectly with the mild flavour of the vanilla ice cream! Nevertheless, it's not cheap at over $3 per serving. If you're budget-conscious, perhaps consider heading down to Macdonald's instead, as the vanilla ice cream tastes similar but is only a fraction of the price.

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Best soft-served ice cream around!

With the rising popularity of exotic ice cream flavours, you would be forgiven for thinking that the humble vanilla ice cream would soon be seeing the last of its days. Fortunately for vanilla-lovers like myself, Soft! Is bringing back good ol’ vanilla ice cream.

I love Soft!’s soft-served vanilla ice cream, because it gives you that I’m-floating-on-clouds feeling. The taste of vanilla is nice and creamy, yet not too strong, so it complements the toppings. Ah yes, the toppings. There is a variety of topping-combinations to choose from, and they go great with the taste of vanilla! My favourite is Godzilla Max, but one combination that caught my attention was the chendol flavour. I think it’s really cute that Soft! has taken a local dessert, and given it its own twist.

Soft! is a must-try (especially for vanilla-lovers), as they have awesome ice cream at affordable prices! Thumbs up for me!

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Cute but Tastes Average!

My friend and I decided to try Soft as the shop looked really cute and we were just looking for some dessert. The ice cream itself tastes similar to macdonald’s vanilla cone so if you are not very particular about taste, you can opt for the cheaper option at macdonald’s.

The good thing about the shop is that they already have a fixed set of toppings and a whole range of different sets to choose from so you will be spoilt for choice. I enjoyed simply looking at the colourful “menu” on the wall. Overall, a good experience and will return!

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lovely mix of vanilla softserve icecream and toppings, but a tad expensive

"Life is hard, enjoy soft", is the tagline for a premium Japanese vanilla softserve icecream stall at basement1 of Hougang Mall, SOFT!. They serve a wide mix of toppings with softserve icecream and fizzy floats.

Choco charm, a delicious icecream with fruity cereal topped with chocolate chips and sliced almonds is my absolute favourite. The mix of cold icecream, sweet cereal and crunchy chocolate and almonds is simply lovely. This icecream will surely be able to take away your fatigue and woes after a hard day's work. With more than twenty varieties to choose from, everyone will be able to find an interesting mix of flavours that will suit their palate.

Although managed by a single service crew, service remains prompt as there are often no queues. Perhaps, priced at $3.50 each, some may find this brand of icecream too expensive, since the taste of the icecream is similar to that of McDonald's icecream cone. It is worth a try, especially for those who love softserve icecream, at least once nonetheless.

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