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Raffles Hospital 585 North Bridge Road Singapore 188770
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Raffles Medical Group is a leading medical group and the largest private group practice in Singapore. As a fully integrated healthcare organisation, it owns and operates a network of family medicine clinics, a tertiary care private hospital, insurance services and a consumer healthcare division.


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Impeccable Service!

I brought my mother to Raffles Hospital recently for an X-Ray on her back as she was experiencing backaches for the past 2 months. Raffles Hospital left a great impression on me for its great service, professionalism, and of course location.

It was a hassle-free process to make an appointment, as compared to governmental hospitals, and we were able to secure a suitable slot quickly. The nurses would also explain to my mum over the phone on food intake/water intake and dietary precautions before the Xray. The doctor and nurses were also extremely skilled and professional, yet friendly and reassuring throughout the process of XRAY, collection of results, explanation of the diagnosis etc.

I think the slightly high price we paid for is worth for the service rendered to my mother.

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Great service.

This is definitely one of the most efficient hospitals I've been to. Some time ago, I had to undergo a serious treatment to remove my wisdom teeth. I had far too many than an average person, and had to undergo surgery. I was initially very worried about it, but the nurses were very kind and reassuring. Immediately, any sense of fear and uneasiness started to fade away.

After the operation, I was treated very well under the care of two nurses. They made sure I was alright and gave me some ice cream to subside my pain. They could see how bad and swollen my face was and tried to reassure me that my face would be better after a few weeks. I left the hospital with a smile and was really grateful to have such good treatment during my stay there.

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Professional !

Raffles Hospital is one of the private hospital in Singapore. To me, private hospital usually provides the best service, best quality and of course, the price is higher than government hospital, as there's no subsidies. But, if you have insurance that covers hospital bills, it's better to admit to private hospital.

Recently, my cousin was admitted to Raffles Hospital due to some reasons regarding neurologic. He stayed there for quite a few weeks after his operation. At first, he was very weak, his hand couldn't even hold a pen tight. With the great professional healthcare provided by the doctors and staffs there, and going back for rehab, he is now back to work and soon going to get married!

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