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Changi General Hospital is a 800-bed Singapore hospital with a comprehensive range of medical services, caring for the healthcare needs of the community in the East.


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(Updated: December 06, 2012)

Bad, just plain bad

I've heard bad reviews about Changi General Hospital (CGH) from friends and family but that's for another time. I'm relating a personal bad experience I had there myself.

I was having sharp tummy aches and vomiting in the middle of the night. Since CGH happens to be the nearest hospital within my proximity, my parents sent me down to the A&E department in the wee hours. Waiting time put aside, the doctor gave me a wrong diagnosis! After checking me, he deemed me to have appendicitis, assigned me to be put on drips and arrangement for hospitalization to get ready for surgery the next morning. The surgery never came and I was hospitalized for 3 days before being discharged, the diagnosis now being "food poisoning".

Perhaps I'm already lucky enough to have escaped being under the knife due to a wrong diagnosis but that's the core function of a hospital, how can someone get it wrong? Although the service level of nurses are generally good, the food eatable, there are times whereby doctors-in-training came to wake me up in the middle of the night to run their "lessons".

In conclusion, I would tend to avoid CGH for my medical treatments unless necessary. If I can afford to travel further, I would probably go for Singapore General Hospital instead.

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Noisy Place

I experienced staying in a hospital for the first time earlier this year as I had a rather serious ear infection. Since I stay in the east, I was referred to Changi General Hospital.

Honestly, I was not expecting to have a very good experience with the food, the service and other aspects because I always have the image that hospitals are just gloomy places where people are grumpy all day. However, the first thing that changed my mind was my doctor. He was extremely friendly and joked quite a lot so I did not feel intimidated. While he did state the seriousness of my condition, I felt assurance that he would be able to treat it so I did not worry too much.

During my stay I had to have intravenous injections and I must say they were really painful! The first nurse that came to administer it was the least patient. She injected the liquid so fast that it was so horribly painful. The next nurse who came was much nicer. She seemed to feel really bad and did the procedure much more slowly (it may seem worse to be slow but slowly means your skin has time to relax and stretch, otherwise the pressure build up is too much for our inflexible skin so it hurts!) and massaged my wrist at the same time to reduce the pain. The next nurse was even better, I told her the injections hurt a lot so she put the liquid in the IV drip, which was painless, and came back to change the bag later on. She made the most effort as using this method would require her to make a second trip and I felt that the other nurses just did not want to do it because it would be troublesome.

Food was okay some days, inedible on others. Attitude of the staff were generally good so I did not have a terrible stay apart from the noises during the night.

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