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Mount Elizabeth Hospital performs the largest number of cardiac surgeries and neurosurgeries in the private sector in the region. Adopting global best-practice standards for excellent patient care as well as clinical outcomes, Mount Elizabeth meets the continuing demand for quality healthcare in Singapore and around the world.


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Old but good

Mount Elizabeth Hospital has been at it's location for many, many years now. The once old building has been revamped recently, with major updates to keep up with the times.

I've been going to Mount Elizabeth for my orthodontic appointments and have noticed how much the place has change ever since the renovations. I must say that I am impressed, as the once dingy-looking hospital is now a bright, clean and welcoming one. They have changed the floors so accommodate to people who might be on wheelchairs, and also for rainy days where the floors easily get soaked by rainwater.

In addition, they have made the place very much brighter than it used to be by changing the lighting system and also giving a new coat of paint to the once dull walls. It has clearly made a difference in the hospital, and I think everyone appreciates their efforts to keep up with the modern times and the ever-changing needs of their patients.

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Indonesians' favorite

Whenever my Indonesian friends have relatives visiting Singapore, it will be almost certain that these relatives will be making a trip to Mount Elizabeth Hospital for some kind of body check up or treatment and even for cosmetic surgery. They do not seem to be interested in other hospitals and it is probably through word of mouth that Indonesians flock to Mount Elizabeth.

It is very conveniently located near all the major shopping malls in Orchard Road so all the tai tais can go for shopping and high tea after their beauty treatment. There are countless times that I keep my friends company, drinking coffee in Paragon, while they wait for their mums or sisters who are going for beauty treatment. I guess looking more beautiful will certainly motivate women to shop for more new clothes and bags and shoes to make them feel even more beautiful!

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Like the car lift

My children's paediatrician operated from a clinic in Mount Elizabeth. I guessed nobody can say they like visiting doctors.

But I like the car park here. Their multi-storey car park is served by a car lift. You need to drive your car into the lift and then select the floor that you want to park the car. The lift will not allow you to select the floor that does not have any few parking lots so don't worry about having to drive in and out of the lift to check whether there are free parking lots.

It is this simple thing that can cheer a sick child up. Driving our car into the lift always got my children excited not matter how sick they were.

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Good Hospital but kind of rundown.

I came here frequently for the nine months of my wife's pregnancy. She had complications during her pregnancy and we had no choice but to spend more for a senior gynae who had his clinic here.

Due to its reputation, I had expected Mt Elizabeth to be like Raffles Hospital. Instead, I was shocked by its rundown condition. The paint was peeling in many parts of the hospital, piping was exposed in others, and in some areas the aircon was leaking! I told my wife there was no way I would be paying a premium price for our baby to be born in a hospital where the roof may collapse on her.

Having said that, I was impressed with the service of the staff at Mt Elizabeth both when we were there and when I visited a friend a few months ago. The nurses and staff were not as hassled as those of government hospitals and were more accommodating. The doctors too were more senior and experienced.

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World-class hospital

If there is ever a need for me to visit the hospital (thankfully I hardly ever need to), Mount Elizabeth is where I always go. I was born in this hospital, and also I was hospitalised there for a short while when I was diagnosed with bronchitis many years back.

I can't remember much about my hospital visits, except that I had a relatively smooth time there. I can however, distinctly recall my mother's time at Mount Elizabeth where she gave birth to my baby brother and was hospitalised for a few days. It truly is a world-class hospital with top-notch, premium quality service that distinguishes it from many other hospitals in Singapore and across the globe. It's not hard to understand why so many people from other countries visit Mount Elizabeth for medical treatment.

Mount Elizabeth in short, is like a hotel - except you visit the hotel for medical treatment and not relaxation. The wards are huge and fully air-conditioned with carpeted floors, a wide-screen TV and even a DVD player.

That being said, Mount Elizabeth isn't for everyone - only for those who can really afford it because it will surely cost a bomb to stay there.

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Mount Elizabeth Hospital - indisputably a revered medical provider...

Just over a month ago, I developed a massive boil, or a “crater”, as my family affectionately termed it. In less than three days, a pin-pricked localized bite just above the left thigh developed into an angry and excruciatingly painful boil over five centimeters in diameter (and probably a millimeter in depth). The “crater” was dribbling pus and blood constantly and walking caused a sharp, shooting pain up my whole leg. Something had to be done and I made my way to the 24-hr A&E at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. With just one look, the doctor on call that night told me I had to have surgery. As it was almost midnight, surgery could only be done the next day as the surgeon who would be taking up the job was gone for the day. I was thus prescribed anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory medication to tide me through the night, before surgery first thing in the morning. Just as we were about to make our way back home, the doctor called out to us and told us he’d run into a senior surgeon and the latter would be able to see us. In less than an hour of seeing the surgeon, I was slated for immediate surgery.

Had the senior surgeon not taken it upon himself to work into the wee hours of the morning with his team of surgical assistants and anaesthetist, I’d have been wrought in an onslaught of unimaginable pain. I cannot fathom the grievous affliction and turmoil of having a crater that “magnitude” on my thigh whilst lying in bed for the rest of the night. The surgery took slightly over an hour and I was good to go the next day. When I went back for my first consultation, the surgeon told me that I’d probably been bitten by an insect and “rambunctious” scratching had caused the wound to become septic. Dead tissues thereabouts the mass of a fishball had been removed and sent for biopsy and what was left was a gaping hole.

Overall, a team of experienced and dedicated medical professionals had not only put me out of my misery fast, but had quelled a nasty and angry “crater” and thereby quite possibly saving my leg - The doctor at the A&E was able to identify the seriousness of the case on hand and made a commendable call for immediate surgery. He had saved me from probable Septicemia (or blood poisoning) that might have developed if I’d left the “crater” alone to further manifest. The senior surgeon’s professionalism of handling my case despite the fact that he was not on call that night and his deft surgical skills, were commendable as well. My “crater” recovered and subsided into a little keloid bump in a week. The nurses were amazing; they candidly cleaned and primed my grotesque gaping hole and taught me how to maintain the wound when they could have grimaced and shunned me like a “leper”. They also made it a point to keep me warm and well hydrated with free flow; thick, chocolatey Milo (after noting my lactose intolerance). I was entertained with cable TV and kept preoccupied by the deliverance from news from Herald Tribune and Nihon Shimbun. Lastly, the F&B department provided me with an ingenious menu of Local, Western and North Indian cuisine. Nothing allows one’s mind to deviate from pain as a well sensationalized palate.

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A classy private hospital right in downtown

I've never been admitted into Mount Elizabeth Hospital before (the closest being having a day surgery at one of the specialist clinic) but since my gf used to be working there, I spent a great deal of my time lingering around the compound.

While both the interior and exterior of the hospital isn't anything remarkable (one can even relate it to being run-down or old fashioned), the service level of the concierge staffs were really heaps better as compared to service staff at government or restructured hospitals. I've often seen them wearing a smile on their faces, never hesitating to render assistance to anyone in need, be it a patient, visitor or even tourist who accidentally stumbled in. On the other hand, when they have more time on their hands (i.e. lesser people around), they tend to let their professionalism slip down by chatting and giggling in groups.

Of course, for the higher level of service, you'll be expecting to pay more for it isn't subsidized. The location of the hospital, right behind Paragon along Orchard Road, further emphasized the price tag tied with its services.

I think Mount Elizabeth, being part of the Parkway Healthcare group (which is expanding overseas), should consider a revamp of its building if the finances permit since it's still the same as my memories of it a decade ago so as to ensure its outlook matches the prices it's charging.

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