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Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Fourth Storey, 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square Singapore 039797
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Listing created by Faye on February 27, 2012    

Morton's The Steakhouse in Singapore is located on the 4th Storey of Mandarin Oriental, which is situated in the heart of the Commercial and Central Business District. The restaurant is also nestled at the Marina Bay waterfront and nearby to the newly opened Marina Bay Sands integrated resort, world-class Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay and Singapore Flyer. Every detail, from the succulent steaks and seafood and vast wine selections to the seamless service, makes Morton's the classic dining experience. The Bar at Morton's is also a popular destination with local bar-goers and travelers, becoming an institution on the local bar scene over the years.

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Monday to Saturday 5:30pm - 11pm.


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Surprisingly affordable - for its range.

There are few restaurants to which I would accord the honour of a 100% rating, but Morton's The Steakhouse exceeds expectations in every way.

Their food is a gastronomic delight, a treat for the senses, both beautiful to look at and bold in taste and texture - not quite the epitome of fine culinary arts but getting there. I had the chance to try a full 4-course-meal, complete with their Caesar Salad (crisp, fresh, and *just* the right amount of cheese), Jumbo Lump Crab Cake (tastes like it was made with fresh crab, and it probably was), two different types of main courses (which I will go into further detail) and dessert: their signature 'Legendary' Hot Chocolate Cake, which lives up to its name both in price ($30) and taste. It is wonderfully indulgent; every bit of the cake is filled with thick, flavorful chocolate sauce which goes perfectly with their ice-cream. It was a delight to eat.

Even more delightful was the highlight of the dinner: their steak. Their Filet Mignon was petite and delightful to look at. Many christen it the "Lady's Steak", and it is so named as it goes down quite easily and isn't too big of a portion. (Besides, if it really is, you can share it and they'll split it for you - that's how good their service is). The upside for some is its consistent texture and taste, but for me, it wasn't adventurous enough. A word to the wise: cook your steak medium rare if it's good steak - the filet mignon I tried was cooked Medium, and the taste of beef in it was woefully less than the dish I had: their Centre Cut Prime Ribeye (16 oz, or nearly 400+ grams).

Yes, I finished the entire steak, and it was good with every bite, but in a different way with each bite. Eating this was like an adventure - every part of the steak tastes different, and for the first time, I found myself eating the fats along with the meat. "Marbling" is what the steak connoisseurs call the mixture of fat and beef, and it was indeed, really really good.

Their service was the icing on the cake. I was celebrating my birthday, and having informed them beforehand, they customised the menu to say "Happy Birthday, Yohanes" - a small gesture, but thoughtful and unexpected. Service was attentive and I never found my glass of ice water empty - staff were always ready to help with whatever our concern was throughout the two hour dinner, and even though we only had two hours to eat, we never felt rushed. The literal icing on the cake, however, was their complimentary giving of their 'Legendary" Hot Chocolate Cake as a birthday cake, it made for both great value and happy times.

Morton's is not cheap. A dinner will easily set you back at least $100 per person, but you will walk out of the restaurant feeling like every penny you paid is worth it. Unless you're the type who can't tell the difference between the steak at Aston's and Outback Steakhouse, come to Morton's. You won't regret it.

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Good steak, but really expensive

I have never really been a steak person, but since my friend, a great steak-lover, had an imminent birthday, I decided to make a reservation at this place.

The prices are definitely pretty high, the Fillet Mignon, which I tried, was spectacular, and that, I suppose, made up for the price. Even someone who's not a fan of red meat was blown away by the dish, and I think that's telling of how good it actually was. So for steak-lovers or other adventurous souls, this is definitely worth a try.

The name is deceptively limited - they serve seafood too, except that I was cajoled into ordering steak. I've heard rave reviews about the seafood from my friends, so I suppose if you'd like to try something that is not its namesake, by all means, go ahead.

This is not a meal for the light-pocketed though, considering that it is really costly. It's one of my special-occasion-only-restaurants.

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The Go-to Place for Steaks in Singapore

If I am asked to name one restaurant for good steaks in Singapore, the first one that comes to my mind would be Morton's. But it can be pretty pricey for the average meat lover without deep pockets. I have spent about $100-$200 per pax when I dined there and it is possible to spend beyond that amount too.

Now hope is not lost for those who wish to try Morton's without breaking the bank. Morton's Bar offers free flow fillet mignon steak sandwiches during their weekday happy hour. Yes, free. You only have to order a martini, which costs only $14.95. An absolute steal, if you ask me.

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Mandarin Oriental
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Of Steaks and Hot Chocolate Cakes

My first experience at Morton's was jaw-droppingly good. It's just one of those places where you'll have an epiphany and realise that THIS is how steak should be and every steak you've had before was just a sham. However, when you visit Morton's it really is all about the meat. During my latest experience eating at Morton's I had the Steak and Seafood Combo ($108++) and this combo comes with a salad, a side, a choice between scallops, prawns or crab cake and a single cut filet mignon. It's amazing value but I think that it detracts too much from the star of the show and if you had it, you might leave feeling a little disappointed.

Instead of ordering the single cut filet mignon, what I would recommend is upgrading your steak for either the New York Strip or the Prime Ribeye to really get a taste of what Morton's is about. The filet mignon was a little to lean and lacked the robust flavours these others steaks have because of their more fatty nature. If you're a small eater, you could upgrade the steak to an extra cut and share one combo between 2 people to really stretch your dollar.

As for the sides, I tried the bacon mac and cheese and the sauteed spinach with buttons mushrooms. The mac and cheese was honestly horrible. Bedrock Bar and Grill beats Morton's by a landslide on this front. The mac and cheese was lumpy and wayyy too oily that it kind of left a weird coat on your teeth. The sauteed spinach and button mushrooms were also nothing special and needed some garlic to kick it up a notch in flavour. What I would recommend instead is their Mash Potatoes, but then again I tried those about 2 years ago and I can't be certain if the same creamy consistency and standard has been kept.

Overall, Morton's is definitely still one of the better steakhouses in Singapore and is worth the splurge if you need a place to celebrate. You definitely should also try their legendary hot chocolate cake which has to be one of the BEST chocolate lava cakes in Singapore. They are currently having a promotion for their anniversary where the cakes are going for $16 instead of $30 so I would check them out soon before the promotion ends!

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel
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Extravagance characterised the entire experience the moment we set foot into the restaurant. Dim mbient lighting coupled with candle lit tables create a cosy and romantic setting. A dignified looking waiter ushers us to our seats before we were brought the "menu". Instead of a typical menu, a waiter pushes out a trolley laden with the choice food of the day such as prime cuts of ribeye, fillet mignon, lobsters, truffles etc. before giving us a presentation and their recommendations.

Having tried the steak in our previous visit, we decided to try something else. Therefore we ordered Christopher Chicken and if I recall correctly, Maine Lobster. For starters, we were served the complimentary onion loaf which had threatened to steal the show. The main course were really delicious, especially the lobster which was very fresh and substantial in serving. Albeit a steak house, I actually thought that their lobster was better than their steak, which in my opinion, was a tad heavy for my palate, albeit just as delicious.

At the end of the entire meal, which took approximately more than an hour, a hoard of waiters and waitress came forth to our table and burst into a boisterous birthday song before serving me with a complimentary molten chocolate lava cake topped with vanilla ice cream. To boot, we were also served brandy to aid our digestion, which was also complimentary. It was truly a very pampering experience where we were overwhelmed with good food and excellent service.

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Not for non-meat lovers

This restaurant is undoubtfully a five star restaurant. The place is stylish and fancy and everything is perfect. The waiters even come up to you and make cutting your steak look like music. However, this is not a place where non-meat lovers go to. Not being a big fan of steak, I did not really like this place. The meat was good, I have to admit, but it was too raw and too squishy for my taste.
My brother, a self-proclaimed gourmet, enjoyed the place tremendously. Apparently, the meat, according to his standards, were top of the line and fantastic,
Overall, I would not recommend this place to people who feel squeamish about eating so much meat in one sitting. But if you are a meat lover, go ahead! The place is fantastic

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Expensive but good.

I'm not a big fan of steaks and this place was far too expensive for me. If you are a steak lover, coming to this place for a meal is definitely a MUST. But for food lover who are not that keen on steaks, you would be much better off eating at cheaper places because you would not be able to discern good quality or well-tasting beef.

On my first trip to Morton's, I was recommended to try the Fillet Mignon, which was supposedly one of the most popular dishes. However, I did not really like it compared to my sister who enjoyed it very much. The dessert, however, was fantastic. The molten chocolate lava cake topped with a scoop of heavenly ice cream was to die for after eating all that beef. It was indeed a great experience, getting to taste top notch beef but the price is far too steep for a non-beef lover like me.

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Extra large steaks with super expensive prices. 

Before I paid a visit to this restaurant , I thought that Morton's is just like any other steak restaurants. But I was totally wrong. Located inside the Mandarin Oriental Singapore, the concept and decor of the restaurant is made cool and stylish. The restaurant is dim lit and the dining tables and seats were wooden, a great retro finishing. I felt like I was dining in one of the 80s American restaurant. 

The menu was appetizing. Among them, I spotted the popular USDA Prime ribeye steak, double cut fillet mignon, colossal shrimp, Broiled sea scallops and many more. 
The moment I settled down on my seat, I was served the complimentary onion loaf which was a great starter. It comes in a large portion, the caramelised onion aroma can be smelled at a distant and the bread is so fresh and soft that you will yearn to have more. 

Of course, as the main course I ordered the USDA Double cut fillet mignon which was also recommended by the staff.  This part might not be too fatty but yet still so meaty. The juicy and tender fillet mignon was complimented with fresh watercress which brings out the minty aroma so that you would not feel too 'sick' of eating the fillet mignon. This costs me almost $100. Yes, quite pricey.

After the main course, if you would like to have dessert, you could order the famous chocolate sundae. I didn't try that but I saw some diners having the sundae. The portion is large with chocolate cake that looks like brownie with vanilla ice cream on top. It looks really appetizing. But I was too full from having the large portion of fillet mignon. 

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The best food !

Indeed, the Morton’s Steak House is another good restaurant that I have ever visited in Singapore. They have excellently cooked steak that is very juicy and tender yet cooked to clear perfection! Indeed, their service is very well and they were always there to help us in need.

I came to this restaurant after a recommendation from my close friend, who told me that his class lunch at this place was fantastic as his classmates had the loved the very much! I am certainly very sure that I will come back to this place for future gatherings or when I crave for steak again! There is nothing bad about here in this place, well for at least myself I guess.
Yes it is expensive. I totally agree with that. But it is really worth the money to travel to the restaurant and to pay for the food.

Regardless of what you choose, the food is always excellent; portions are somewhat too big for me so I recommend sharing, not just the side dishes but the main dishes too. Sharing is good too isn’t it? .

If it's a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, be sure to let them know when you make the reservation, and they'll do something special for you.

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