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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 12, 2012    

A 45-seater dining room by chef Jason Lee that serves seven courses in generous portions.

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113am - 1030pm
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  • $20-30
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More lobster bliques please

My boyfriend and I ordered the dinner set which cost about $150 in total. The set consisted of appetiser, soup, main course and dessert. We ordered a glass of wine each because it just wouldn't feel complete. He ordered a shiraz whiles i ordered a chardonnay.

The appetiser was pasta with pan-fried prawns dizzled with olive oil. It was delicious for a start. The appetiser was followed by a thick lobster bisque soup which is my favourite in the set. It has a cream foam on top and was super rich with lobster taste. The only sad thing is that it was served in a small mug. It's my first time drinking soup out of a mug! For the main course both of us chose beef steak. The steak was huge with blanched veggies at the side. The steak was good but it's no wagyu beef.

Last but not least, the dessert. The dessert was shared. It was a creme bulee on top of chocolate ganache and coconut panna cotta topped with gula melaka syrup and the dish was decorated with mango sauce. The dessert was something special with the contrast of chocolate and coconut. After the meal, I still couldn't stop thinking about the lobster bisque! Just didn't get enough of it.

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lobster bisque
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I came here once to have a dinner with my teammates. As it was a big group of about 30 people, the chef created a special menu for us. A three course meal at $25.

Located at CHIJMES and surrounded by the beauty of it, the ambience in the restaurant was nice. Classy with a touch of casual. The service was great too. The waiters were prompt in taking our orders, and filling up the drinks as the guests arrive so as to ensue freshness.

All three courses of my lunch there was amazing. The steak I had was cooked to perfection, and nothing I've had since them could ever compare. The portions were not small, like in fine dining, nor were they large, but at the end of the meal, I was adequately full and extremely satisfied. I would definitely recommend this place to Singaporeans who like the western cuisine as much as I do!

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(Updated: September 24, 2012)

Amazing Food!

Dinner at Chef d’ Table was possibly one of the better dinners I have had. I had a full 3-course meal and I really enjoyed myself.

For starters, I had cured salmon. It was really simple that packed a punch full of flavour. The salmon was cooked perfectly, and it went well with the nicoise salad that accompanied it. The dressing was delicious as well. Next came the main course, and I had the angel hair pasta with half a lobster. The portion was big, and the lobster was fleshy and juicy. It was a well-seasoned plate. Finally for dessert, I had the crème brulee. When the dish first came out, I was rather surprised, because it wasn’t your usual crème brulee that was served in a bowl. Instead, it was served like a cake. But, it tasted just like a crème brulee, and it wasn’t too sweet. It was the perfect way to end a meal, and this was a meal I couldn’t stop thinking about for a while.

The portions here were rather big, so I wouldn’t recommend a full 3-course meal unless you’re really hungry or have a big appetite. Having said that, the prices are reasonable given the sizes of the food. They have a generous selection of pasta and French food, and the waiters are friendly and polite. Although it’s a little pricey, I feel that the food is well worth the money. Overall, it’s a great dinner place with amazing food.

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Delicious food at a high price

Lucas invited me to try the food @CHIJMES, Chef De Table. The service crews are polite and with great manners. The food are delicious and served in fast pace. A bit too fast for me to enjoy my dishes one by one. We had the lunch set menu and have same likings in food, so chosen the same dishes and really like it.

Lobster bisque is simply gorgeous! The texture is smooth and the soup is thick, unlike the normal soup I had outside that is diluted and taste like added a lot of MSG. It brings out a natural seafood taste as they've used real lobster to make this dish. The starter comes with bread crumbs and toast strips to match with the lobster bisque. I like the crunchiness of the toast strips.

For a steal lover like me, I know medium should be the best for a steak, but I'm really curious of the chef's skills so I I've requested for medium well steak for the main course. It is a perfectly done as the chef did not overcook till well done. Tender and a little crisp on the outside. Simply melted in my mouth. The pumpkin paste with the brown sauce has help to add in a tint of sweetness for the steak! You really got to try it, and I will definitely get my medium steak for my next visit. 

Lastly, is the dessert. I adore the simplicity but is very disappointed with the taste. A scoop of normal vanilla ice cream that tastes cheap and does not have natural vanilla flavour. The chocolate pound cake is bland but I like the texture which is fluffy and not too heavy. I like the idea of using berries as decoration, it is fresh and gave me a natural sweetness in my mouth. I've finished the berries and thrash the rest at the side.

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