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Ho Mei Yin
Listing created by Ho Mei Yin on December 16, 2013    

Now in its third generation and third decade of eye care, The Lens Men is a family business where people walk in as customers and patients, and come back as friends. From its humble beginnings as a small lens workshop to a simple storefront in Parkway Parade, The Lens Men now serves generations of families and friends in three locations from the East Coast and Sengkang suburbs to downtown Orchard Road and the Jurong East Mall.

The Lens Men has blazed a trail in the local eyewear scene, setting the trend for prescription glasses doubling up as fashion statements. Their customers stand out from the crowd, showing off frames from all over the world that cover everything from state-of-the-art innovation to putting the fun in “functional”. The Lens Men stringently practice contact lens consultation and dispensing per the Ministry of Health Optometrists & Opticians Board, and complete eye examinations are available at every outlet.

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Patience is the key

I went to The Lens Men to be fitted with contact lenses for the first time. I was duly nervous about the whole affair, especially about having to poke a piece of plastic onto my eyeball. During my first visit, I was quickly run through the standard procedures of the eye tests to see if my degree had increased (it hadn't) though I was told to my disappointment, I'd probably have to get two different types of contact lens for each of my eyes, which was much more of a hassle.

A few weeks later, I came into the shop again to get my prescription contacts as well as learn how to put in and take out the slimy little things from my eyes. Before that, I had read extensively about all the dangers of contact lenses as well as watched several Youtube videos picturing teenage girls popping their contacts in and out of their eyes with ease. However, reality was not as rosy, as I had a relatively easy time put the contact into the eye, though I suffered a slight panic attack when I was told I had to physically "pinch" the elusive thing out as well!

The optician teaching me was rather straight to the point and brusque in his manner of teaching, which on hindsight I suppose was tough love, especially since my hands were shaking as if I had a bout of Parkinson's Disease. Though, I didn't really appreciate the fact when he quickly got exasperated at my inability to get my contacts out after the first few tries. When I eventually got the plastic thing out, he went through the procedure once through with me again, before merrily packing me off on my way! Definitely did not feel very confident with the whole affair when he sent me off, but I was too shy to speak up about it, so I just let it slide. However, there were no major upsets when I got home, so all was well in a way. Though I should think perhaps a more patient teaching method be implemented instead of having someone sigh in exasperation every time I didn't do something right.

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