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#02-26 / Tiong Bahru Market , 30 Seng Poh Road, Singapore 168898
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Jensen Chua
Listing created by Jensen Chua on September 25, 2013    

Long established hawker stall specializing in vegetarian food - noodles and porridge. Take away available. Payment - Cash only.

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Mon to Sun: 7.00am - 1.00 pm
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Food excellent but attitude draconian .

I grew up in Tiong Bahru when it was all one wet market without an upstairs food court.
I gladly would returned to those days when hawkers do not power stance by showing you black faces . I mean we're already so subservient by forming long queues and waiting patiently .. This morning I ordered RU YI vegetarian bee hoon . There was no queue; hooray I thought . Bad luck comes anytime . The lady who behaves like the boss berated me agrresively that I did not even know how to order my food. She shouts and orders that I move on to the second window to
pay . I weakly tells her that I'd just returned after 3 years and has forgotten. She sneers and looked at me with disdain . I fear for her . They say the onset of lunacy is a compulsive quarrelsome attitude .
Vegetarian food , says my aunty, are for people who are kind and compassionate towards all living things . Perhaps the owner does not eat what she serves?

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(Updated: October 27, 2013)

Don't need to be a vegan to enjoy this stall's offering .

This is another of my reviews of hawker stalls. But I only review stalls that have that "X" factor, or shall I translate that into : long established, household name and "top of mind" effect. This all added up to frequent long queue. Such stalls are the de facto "go to" place when your cravings kicks in. You don't consider others, just that special one. So much that should you dine at stalls offering similar fare, you felt compromised and less satisfied. In food, it's not so much a mental perspective, it's a taste bud thing.

So what's about Ru Yi vegetarian food (more than 30 years in the business) that endears itself to many a loyal clientele base? While there many vegetarian food stalls at most food centres islandwide, you can't deny the gluten based topping all tasted somewhat similar. Something about Ruyi's offering, with it's non-oily fried white bee hoon, toppings of mock meats, deep fried bean curd skins and vegetables tasted just perfect when drenched with the balanced mild gravy. It's just that - simple and elegant. Nothing ostentatious. Just remember to ensure the helper include the pickled green chillies. It gives the meal a nice little kick.

For those packing takeway orders and prefer not to have their bee hoon soggy, just inform the stall helpers and they will give you gravy in a separate plastic bag (which they already pre-packed) without extra charges. Great service!

There are quite a few other vegetarian food outlets elsewhere using the name Ru Yi , Ru Yi Garden,...I am not certain if they are related. But I do know, when I am in Tiong Bahru Food Centre and I wanted vegetarian beehoon, it's no one else but Ru Yi. (^_^)

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