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Listing created by shalene on April 09, 2012    

Who says hearty American fare doesn't belong in a Singapore coffeeshop? Botak Jones brings burgers, hot dogs and fries into the heartlands, promising quality food and service at "damn good prices".

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(Updated: April 14, 2012)

Popular but overrated western food

I would have expected more from a stall that has invested so much to advertise themselves as an affordable western food stall located at hawker centres and coffeeshops, but my experience was a disappointing one.

I ordered the cajun chicken thinking that I couldn't go wrong with that, but I was very wrong. The chicken was dry and it wasn't in the least bit appetizing. It didn't look appetizing, and neither did it taste appetizing. The fries were average at best, but I have to say I've tasted much better fries elsewhere. Perhaps it's because Botak Jones had already shot to fame and hence they didn't see the need to quality check their food anymore?

The portion of the food was large though, which was a redeeming point for them, but that's about it. The price I paid definitely wasn't value for money which made me regret having an unenjoyable meal there. The price is similar to that of a normal western food stall located at any coffeeshop or hawker centre, and some, if not most, of those stalls definitely tasted better than my cajun chicken.

The only thing I liked about them is the effort put into designing their menu - they made it an enjoyable experience for me to decide what I should order, but it didn't make much of a difference since the food was very disappointing.

I haven't revisited this place ever since.

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Ang Mo Kio
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quality American fare in the heartlands

With the closing down of Botak Jones hawker stores across the island, I thought the chain was gone for good. So I was pretty surprised when my friends brought me over to Botak Jones in Clementi for lunch, and glad to find the menu exactly the same.

I had my usual Cajun Chicken ($8), which was coated with cheese and their special sauce. The chicken was juicy and not at all dry, and though I would have liked more sauce the meal was very satisfying. My colleague boldly ordered the Triple Burger ($14.50), which is this towering burger with three patties and thick slices of cheddar cheese. The hand-moulded patties were pretty tasty, but nothing special. Still, for a burger of that size it’s crazy value-for-money, if you have the appetite for it.

It’s a shame Botak Jones had to move out of the heartlands. If you’re looking for good quality American fare without burning a hole in your pocket you should give them a try!

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Great Western Meal!

I'm quite appalled at the negativity of the reviews most users here have given to Botak Jones because of all the times I've had it, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal! I've had it for around ten times at 3 different places in all. I usually frequent the one at a coffee shop at Bedok. The other two outlets I have frequented were the ones in Changi and Somerset. 

I think that their service is better than many other western food stores such as Aston's; my orders are always pleasantly and patiently taken down and with a genuine smile. Even when I request for extra sauces etc to be brought after my food have arrived, the staff do it without complaints. 

Must trys: Cajun Chicken 
I extremely love this dish! It's true though that after a while it gets abit dry. But I think the cheese sizzled on it makes up for the dryness. You could also get a less dry side such as coleslaw. 

Fish and Chips are good as well, my folks love it due to the lack of the fishiness. In addition, based on all the experiences my folks had while eating this, fish and chip portions from botaks are usually very big! 

A must try side dish includes their Double baked cheese potato. In the past it was free and came along with a meal just like any side dish, but now if you were to choose that as sides you have to pay. It's worth a try though!! Extremely love this!! If there is only one thing you can have at Botaks, you HAVE to try this!!!!

I tried their Chocolate Sensation cake a year back, not fantastic or anything. I would recommend you to go elsewhere for desserts.

Last advice: if you frequent BJ often, do ask for their loyalty card. I don't think they would give it out till you ask for it. 

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(Updated: November 22, 2013)


I went to Botak Jones hoping to try some decent western food one day, and I thought it would be nice since people were queuing for it and talking about it; it was even broadcasted on one of the foodie shows by Mediacorp.

I ordered fish and chips and my mom got a chicken chop. It was horrible. The fish is almost tasteless, which I could only make do with it by dipping into the tartar sauce. The chicken was dry and is just, totally not worth the money. The fries are just the usual normal fries.

The portion is okay, the price is a little pricer than the usual hawker western food. I don't see the point of eating Botak Jones again, with mediocre food priced at a steeper end for hawker western food.

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Ang Mo Kio
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Damn good food? No...

I'm done with you, Botak Jones! ( I sound like an exasperated girlfriend, haha) But honestly, no matter how many times I tried to Botak Jones another chance to prove that they can give me better food, i always get disappointed.

Like many commercialised food chains, their food quality tends to decrease when they expand into numerous branches all over the island. I remember the fries being soggy and tasteless, I felt like I was eating cardboard. (Not that I have tried) Their chicken was also dry and overcooked. I'm not saying these based on a one-off experience. I have a Botak Jones branch just across the street from my place and trust me when I said I have given them plenty of chances.

What happened to the "damn good food" you promised, Botak Jones?!

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Small Portions for Big Prices

Botak Jones has always been highly recommended by my friends for its low pricings and food. I recently dined at the branch at Clementi, located in a regular hawker center amongst the other traditional food stalls.

I would say that I was disappointed by the experience because the portions were very small, although the food was not bad. The prices were not my idea of cheap for a hawker center stall.

However, service was fast and the staff were friendly and open to changing our orders at the last minute. I am unlikely to dine here again unless it’s for gatherings.

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Saying it's "Damn good food (first part of their slogan)" might be pushing it

With Botak Jones, I now understand that good service does not only need to come from fancy places.

When I went there I ordered the Jones burger and though the bun was very soggy, the patty certainly made up for it. I also got the cheese-baked potato as a side and I’d gladly give up the extra 80 cents in my future visits.

What may potentially bring down the experience though was that I felt that the place was under-staffed. A couple at the table next to me had waited very long for their order, but what impressed me was that both a member of the kitchen crew AND the waitress (the only waitress) went to apologize and explain the situation to them and even offered complimentary fries.

Though the waitress did go around every table to ask if we enjoyed the food, it felt too forced coming out of her. Nevertheless, I appreciated the effort and this place certainly is value for money.

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Cheesy Potato!

I don't consider myself a food connoisseur, so even though I did taste Botak Jones at the height of it's popularity, it doesn't leave a lasting impression on me. Not to say that the food was bad. It was great, but I'm just the kind of guy who rems the bad and forget the good when it comes to food. The kind of guy chefs hate.

Anyway, since the only thing I rem about Botak Jones is the great food, I harbor no preconceptions about its quality and hence the perceived drop of standard reported by some of the reviewers. Ignorance is bliss!

I usually eat at the Bedok branch in the afternoon. Service is good and everyone was smiley and friendly. I also love the option of an extra large meal if I'm really hungry. Prices may be a little steeper than normal fare, but it's ultimately in a coffeeshop setting so the price would not be as bad as a restaurant or cafe's.

I absolutely relished its mashed potato with cheese, makes my mouth water just thinking of it now. All in all, I feel that Botak Jones is a more attractive choice to the long queues of Astons if you're looking for western specialties.

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no more long queues

Botak Jones used to be the savior of dying, empty coffee shops because wherever and whenever it opened an outlet there would be long queues even at secluded locations. I tried it out of curiosity because of all the hype and actually had to wait close to 45 mins for my fish and chips! The cajun chicken was the second dish I tried and till today, these are the 2 dishes I will order most of the time.

Now that the hype has died down, I usually do not see any long queue forming at the cashier but the stall still has its regular crowds.

Some of their outlets used to serve beer on tap but sadly that is no longer available. I still miss having a pint of ice cold hoegaarden with my fish and chips.

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Great start but now mediocre

When Botak Jones first made inroads into the Singapore market, I was a big fan. I always felt local western food stalls at hawker centers did not serve a large enough portion. And here came Botak Jones to our hawker centers with his loud American branding, generous portions, and delicious food.

I was hooked and so were many Singaporeans and Botak Jones expanded quickly. However, with its growth came a dismal drop in the quality of service which would not be too bad if it was not accompanied by drops in the quality of the food and the portions. Gone are the mouth watering tastes and large portions. The quality and quantity is now that of any normal western food stall but the prices remain high.

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QUality suffered as the years went by

I remember meals at botak jones to be special occasions after school where me and my classmates would travel some distance to get to. We went the extra mile to locate this food joint simply because we thought that it was the best western food we could get for under 10 bucks. Unfortunately the same cannot be said now.

During my past few visits to botak jones, I was disappointed to find myself eating a much inferior version of the good old fish & chips. While the portion of fish seemed to have gotten smaller, what I found truly disappointing was that the fries that I once loved were served soggy.

While its food is still better in comparison to other more pricy western food stalls, it is very much less mouth watering as it once was.

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