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Economic Rice (Block W4 Republic Polytechnic)

Economic Rice (Block W4 Republic Polytechnic) Hot

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9 Woodlands Avenue 9 Singapore 738964
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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 03, 2012    

The cheapest Economic Rice in Republic Polytechnic!

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Cheapest economic rice you can find in RP

I was once a Republic Polytechnic student. And one of the more popular stalls has to be the economic rice at Food Haven. There will always be long queue at the stall during break times. No worries, as their actions are quite fast so you need not wait long for your turn. The price is super cheap! The variety of dish to choose from is quite a lot as compared to the one at South Foodcourt. You can request for curry sauce or other sauces for your rice. Some of the food have been put out for a certain time, thus may turned slightly cold. I would like to go back one day and patronize the stall again!

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The economic rice at the lawn or block W4 of Republic Polytechnic is rather popular as there is always a long queue whenever it's lunch time. However, they are really quick and you do not have to wait for a long time for your turn. I find it rather cheap and affordable, not more than $3 for three types of food that you chose, but they do not really give a lot of the food that you choose.

Although the food taste quite good, it is not really warm as I think it has been placed there for quite some time. I do not really like to buy from that stall often as the person seems a little impatient sometimes.

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Mai Hiam buay Pai (Don't fuss not bad)

After being in this school for 3 years, I graduated not only with high grades and 3 years older, but also a wealth of experience on what to eat in Republic Polytechnic.

Situated on the 3rd floor near the back of the air-conditioned food court, I frequent this place at lunch time during my school days. Timing to avoid is the 12 pm to 1pm crowd which is ridiculous. I usually time it either at 1130am or a late lunch at 1pm.

For me, the thing which attracted me to this place is that it is a no-fuss food and that it is affordable. I do not have a problem with a borderline service standard because if it was you behind the counter of an everlasting stream of customers hungrily waiting to be fed, you have got to move really fast. I do not blame them for these kind of service and attribute it to the nature and working hours of the job.

If you ever want to drop by after school hours, forget about it. This place closes roughly around 5pm and the good food are usually gone during the lunch hours. Things to look out for are their kailan, their black sauce and sweet and sour pork and chicken. The rice portion can also be adjusted to fit a bigger or a hungry ghost like me.

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Kailan, Sweet and sour Chicken
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Republic Polytechnic
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Too much salts!

Republic Polytechnic is located at the other end of Singapore and that's Woodlands. It happened to be one of those days that I had to head there to settle some personal matters. It was lunch time and thus everyone will be flocking the whole canteen. There were too many students and staffs and if you are coming here to check out the place, best to come after 2pm.

I thought of trying something cheap and new. I've never tried Chinese Economic Rice before. As I join the queue, I take a look at the menu. For rice with 3 types of vegetables, it's $2. For rice with 2 types of vegetables and 1 meat (chicken or beef or pork), it's $2.80. There are more sets depending on what you take. I took baby kailan, eggplant and sweet and sour chicken. After which, payment is done.

So I took a seat and decided to give it a taste. To my horror, both of the vegetables turn out to be very salty. I couldn't taste anything else except for the excessive amount of salt. The sweet and sour chicken was okay, only slightly sweet but still it's manageable.

Oh other than that, the service is bad too. The person at the cashier was too impatience and likes to give faces.

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