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Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice

Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice Hot

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#05-116, Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road 228213
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Listing created by poppy on May 13, 2012    

Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice is located at Far East Plaza, a short walk from Orchard. Here, you are served unpretentious chicken rice at affordable prices.


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Bland and Dry Chicken

I always see people chomping down happily on their chicken - I decided that I might want to become just like these happy people eating some chicken. I made the mistake of ordering a plate of chicken rice.

Make no mistake, the shop, with its really good location in town, must mean that there is enough business to keep it running. The only thing I don't understand is the reason why the shop is still running with its slightly bland chicken. Perhaps it used to be good, but my impression on the shop isn't a really good one. I've tried other chicken rice stalls, and this stall is nothing compared to the others.

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(Updated: March 07, 2013)

Skip if you can

The good part about this stall has got to be its strategic location. Chicken rice stalls are aplenty but being right smack in the middle of town would mean that one stall could almost be guaranteed traffic.

I was not impressed with my meal at all. I found the chicken to be measly and the rice to be mediocre. The most recent experience was actually years ago. While I remember nothing disastrous, I do not recall anything positive either.

In times of dire circumstances i.e. the huge lunch crowd, be prepared to share the huge round table you are sitting at with other strangers. Not a winner in my book!

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Not worth it

I consider myself an amateur chicken rice connoisseur, as a heavy consumer who has tasted the best of Singapore's major chicken rice players including Tian Tian, Five Star, and Boon Tong Kee. I only visited this Far East Plaza stall reluctantly when the friends I went shopping with suggested we have lunch there. Back then, I was still on a secondary school student's budget and had to oblige.

With my slightly heftier budget now, I would never return to that stall, in light of the plentiful food options in the mall. My main complaint is that the chickens here are not very big. The chili sauce also lacks kick. Furthermore, the rice is not as fragrant as that of the aforementioned chains - and to me, the rice is the main reason why I love the dish in the first place. When I was there, the rice had a few clumps as well, whereas I feel good rice would be separate.

I cannot conceive of any conditions under which I would recommend this stall. If you are really hungry, there are Malay food stalls and the reasonably-priced Sakura restaurant in the top floors.

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Delicious Chicken Rice!

Strategically located on the uppermost floor of Far East Plaza, Hainanese Delicacy Chicken Rice is a stall I frequent each time I go shopping there! Although it does not stand out in terms of looks - just a simple shopfront with a hawker style tables and chairs, it definitely shines in terms of delicious food!

It is usual to see people standing around outside the shop during dinner time. A wait time of 1/2hr is to be expected then as there are there are little seats in the place, and you'll usually be asked to share a table with other random patrons. It isn't a cause for worry though, because service in the shop is really swift! Your food will be served in no time and soon, you'll be enjoying the delicious chicken rice in front of you!

The chicken is tender and smooth, which is an important aspect of a good chicken rice in my books! The rice is also very fragrant, you will be tempted to order a second serving!

The only qualms I have about the place would be that, perhaps due to the efficiency, it is not a place to slowly savour your food. The whole environment of the place feels very rushed, and I always feel obliged to finish my food in a jiffy and vacant the seat for the next hungry patron.

All in all, the place serves affordable and tasty chicken rice. It serves as a great place to have midday meal before continue shopping, and I will definitely be back for more!

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