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Listing created by dawntillmidnight on May 05, 2012    

Chong Pang Nasi lemak had its humble beginning in the former rustic Chong Pang Village Hawker Centre in 1973.Today we serve our customers in a coffee shop situated along the busy Sembawang Road. We open for business from 5pm until 7am the next day. Over the years, more and more customers are won over by our freshly cooked dishes prepared under stringent control for freshness and quality. We use the freshest ingredients in our food preparation. Our rice are steamed at the right temperature to bring out the rich aromatic flavour. Our specially marinated chicken wings are fried to juicy crispiness. Most importantly our signature chilli sauce are freshly made from our uniquely-concoted recipe which is as “exciting” delicious as ever. Our side dishes such as spicy long bean and sambal Brinjal always have customers asking for more!

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5pm until 7am
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Best chilli in town

Located next to my camp, Chong Pang Nasi Lemak is naturally a place I frequent during my nights out, boasting of both convenience and taste. Run as 2 separate stores, one drinks and the main nasi lemak store, my first impression of the place is that of small, cosy and homely. The tables are small and squat, as are the chairs, but they are laid out such that you have a good view of the surroundings.

The main thing that causes me, as well as crowds of other customers to flock to this place, would be the chilli. Honestly, you can't just seem to get enough of the stuff. It goes well with practically just everything, including the nasi lemak rice itself. Moreover, the variety of ingredients that could be picked to go with your rice is simply staggering, from huge chicken drumstick to fresh vegetables. Ordinarily, a budget of below $5 would take me out with a full, contented stomach, unless you happened to order more expensive items like the chicken drumstick, which costs $1 apiece.

At night, the crowd flocking to this place is simply dazzling. With a whole line of cars parked at the 3rd lane of the road (Just to clarify, lanes on the road are read from the right, so the first lane on the left is actually the 3rd lane), it is simply testament to the popularity of the place! Hence, if you happen to drop by Chong Pang, remember to give the Nasi Lemak a try!

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Worth the Q!

Yummy nasi lemak with good service! It’s definitely worth the long queue! You can expect long queues as early as 5pm, especially on weekends. Loved their crispy chicken wings and the fragrance rice! They have many varieties of sides for you to mixed and match your rice with.

Crowd will queue from the staircases and patrons can enjoy their food either at the tables below the stairs or the few tables available within the coffeeshop. I would recommend this instead of another famous nasi lemak that is located in north-east area.

However, parking is another headache here. Most people will park at the landed properties behind the coffeeshop but I suppose that is illegal as I do see summon aunties walking around to distribute ‘flyers’ to cars that are parked on double yellow lines. So choose a lot without double yellow lines and you are safe!

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Worth the queue

Also a great place for late night owls. It operates through the night.

The nasi lemak is fragrant and it has plenty of sides to go with it. Otak, shrimps, different vegetables, ikan bilis, and their signature chicken wings. Not to be missed!
The stall holders prepare the food batch by batch and because of good customer queue, you are ensured freshly cooked dishes! The chicken wings are crisp and tasty and they are always well cooked. Other fried chicken business, even KFC, sometimes have badly fried chicken, either bloody or too dried up.

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(Updated: November 14, 2012)

Yummy and not too greasy

Expect a long queue when you're ordering Nasi Lemak at Chong Pang. An average waiting time can get to 5-10 minutes. In addition, seats are not easy to find. The coffee shop is rather small which means that there will be limited chairs and tables. Even clearing of tables take a while as there are very few cleaners around. This is why you will often see utensils on floors, which is an unappealing sight. Thankfully, the food made up for this fallback.

The cocnut rice is very fragrant. Just the way I like it, it's not too oily and greasy. The chili paste is spicy enough. There's a little hint of sweetness in it. The price is fairly reasonable. I paid about S3++.

Verdict: Great food. Room for improvement for cleanliness.

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(Updated: May 08, 2012)

Late Night Nasi Lemak in the North

I love nasi lemak! So Chompang Nasi Lemak was a natural must-try when I heard about it when my girlfriend first moved to Yishun. The stall along Sembawang road is a hit for people who live in the North, or those visiting it, because honestly, there are not much choices.

This Nasi Lemak stall is a variation of the “Chinese cai peng Nasi Lemak” type that in my opinion is topped by Punggol Nasi Lemak (near Kovan). The user can choose from the various ingredients available in a “cai peng” fashion. Rice and chilli are the main determining factors for a good nasi lemak. And as an avid fan of the traditional malay dish, I would say that the rice from this stall is not flavourful enough. It seems like they have saved on the coconut milk! The chilli on the other hand is its selling point, together with the piping hot ingredients served, the nasi lemak is pretty decent in an area where food is average.

If you have time after your nasi lemak and find yourself thirsty as the drinks stall that shares the property as the nasi lemak stall is quite limited, you might want to head down to the tau huey stall next door. It is good, not too sweet!
Overall, it is a decent choice for a late night bite of your favourite malay dish!

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nasi lemak
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(Updated: May 11, 2012)

Tasty supper for those living in the North

For people staying in the North, Chong Pang Nasi Lemak is a great choice for dinner or supper! Even though it might be situated at a quiet corner of Chong Pang, many night owls still flock to this place for their fragrant nasi lemak, which makes you salivate once you see the variety of ingredients there.

One thing about Chong Pang Nasi Lemak that makes me want to go back again and again is its chili. Its chili is not too spicy yet a little sweet at the same time, making the rice taste flavorful with every bite! Also, there are many ingredients to choose from. I will always spend at least 5 minutes deciding on which ingredients to get for my nasi lemak. Chicken wing or drum is a must, it is gigantic! Not only that, the meat is tender and juicy but not too oily, topped off with the crispiness of the fried chicken skin, it simply tastes awesome! The spicy long beans and the tau hu goreng are pretty delicious too.

Even though Chong Pang Nasi Lemak is not like the normal restaurants where you can enjoy your meals in air con, it is still worth the visit. The place may seem like a street side stall but so far, I have not seen any cockroaches or rats, so I guess it is quite clean! There is a tau huey stall nearby where you can pop by for after meal dessert! It would be quite a distance to walk from Yishun or Khatib MRT station, so you might want to take public transport or drive down if you have a car!

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Awesome midnight supper choice!

If you are an insomniac living in the North, you must definitely have heard about Chong Pang Nasi Lemak. It is one of the few eateries that open throughout the night, satisfying your craving for aromatic rice, crispy chicken wings and spicy nasi lemak chilli at the weirdest timing it may arise.

Despite it being just a hawker place, non-air conditioned with old-school folded tables and plastic chairs, many people are willing to brave the chance of a rat scurrying by into the nearby bushes for the food is simply too tasty to not try. Other than the usual nasi lemak dishes like cabbage, fried fish, egg and chicken wings, Chong Pang Nasi Lemak also prepares a variety of other dishes, like curry, sambal sotong, otahs, stingrays and many more, all freshly prepared to cater to your supper needs.

Do not underestimate the crowd even if you are planning to visit the place at 3 in the morning. There are limited seats and parallel lots in the area, so if you are driving, be prepared to park your car some distance away and walk a bit. If you are not a fan of eating at the roadside, you can also packet the food home or call for delivery!

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