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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

The Tiong Bahru precinct is best known for the wet market’s highly sought-after chwee kwee, and for its conserved Straits Settlements architecture. But Singapore’s oldest neighbourhood estate also has a sizeable crop of zhi char eateries – if you know where to look. One of them is Ting Heng Seafood Restaurant, along Tiong Poh Road, an airy, fluorescent-lit alfresco dining area. By virtue of its opening hours, Ting Heng tends to be a magnet for the night crowd.

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(Updated: May 20, 2014)

The cutest, tiniest but also most delicious kuluyoke!

Before Tiong Bahru became infested with hipster cafes and 'avid' coffee drinkers my mother (come on, parents usually know the really good food places) brought me to Ting Heng because I really like fish steamboat. Mothers really do know best, in this case it translated into understanding the type of stock I go weak in the knees for, and the quality of fish they put into the steamboat. It is tasty without the annoying parched feeling you get after having tzi char type soups.

Beyond that, a must order for us has got to be the sweet and sour pork. Unlike conventional types you find elsewhere, these are all tiny and bite sized, and they remain crispy even with that thick coating of sweet and sour sauce. Also the seafood crispy noodle is really good as well, hopefully they are still generous with the ingredients as they were before.

Service was meh, probably a feature of the booming crowds they get at night. Minimal smiles and nonchalant faces all around but I don't really care much for these, as long as I get my kuluyoke!!!

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Cheap open air dining chi char

This place was one of the older Chi Char restaurants in Singapore. This place, which offers open air dining, is a great hit among locals as well as tourists. This place is also great as traffic is minimal but do take note that drivers will have some difficulty finding a vacant parking lot there.

I would recommend their garoupa steamboat ($30), assorted mushrooms with toufu ($12) and their spring chicken. Their steamboat is flavourful and not too salty and the chicken has very crispy skin but the meat is very tender. Their service is very efficient as we had all our food served within 15 minutes.

Another plus point for football fans is that they also air live telecast of BPL matches.

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