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Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice Hot

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191 East Coast Road 428897
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Listing created by xinty on July 23, 2012    

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice is yet another popular chicken rice stall in Singapore. It is notable for the kampung chicken that it uses for its chicken rice.

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Not too bad, I was pleasantly surprised by the tenderness of the chicken. I remember something that my dad said while we were taking a bite of this chicken rice. He said that it reminded him of his dad's chicken rice. My grandfather was a Hainanese who could make the authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice that originated from Hainan Dao - it was such a pity that he passed on before I could try it.

Although the taste was slightly different from that of my grandfather's, my father said that whenever he eats Hainanese chicken rice, he is immediately reminded of his father. Bearing that in mind, somehow, I have always remembered this scene that took place in this very shop. Who knew that chicken rice could trigger such nostalgia?

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(Updated: March 07, 2013)

Reasonably good

When I used to hang out in the East years ago Five Star always stood out to me, probably due to its reputation of being one of the IT chicken rice stalls in Singapore.

I am personally not a fan of kampong chicken but requested for my order of half a chicken to be breast meat exclusive (I can’t stand bones or fatty parts!). With the right amount of sauce and chilli, the tenderness of the meat was really enjoyable! Besides just chicken, their omelette and salad prawn dishes we had agreed with my taste buds as well.

Overall, I find Five Star a reasonably good (not the best, but if you’re in the vicinity, why not?) avenue to have your chicken rice fix.

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Not one I would recommend

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice is situated rather near to my home and upon hearing recommendations by some who felt that it was the best chicken rice they tasted, my friends and I decided to give it a try.

We felt that the chicken was pretty mediocre,the rice was really bland and tasted more similar to plain rice rather than the Hainanese chicken rice that Singapore is renowned for. We certainly thought that this restaurant did not deserve its reputation as the "Best Chicken Rice in the East". However, I must say that the dishes are priced at an affordable range, even though I would still rather go for the chicken rice at the hawker centre located nearest to me anytime.

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Soft succulent chicken

Five star hainanese chicken rice stall serves soft succulent kampung chicken that is not too fat but not too dry at the same time. The light soy sauce that goes with the chicken is not too overpowering and just right. They serve chicken rice as well as plain steamed rice, for those who do not enjoy chicken rice which may be a little oily. 

Other than chicken, they do offer tze char-style items too. Like vegetables, beancurd, meat etc. However, they are just passable and not too fantastic. But I would say that the stall is rather clean and well ventilated. Would be a great place for dinner if you are craving for some  chicken rice.

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For a kampung chicken rice fix

I think Five Star's pride and joy is their use of kampung chicken. If I'm not wrong, no other famous chicken rice stall uses kampung chicken. This type of chicken is leaner and according to some, tastier. Personally, I find kampung chicken lacking in meat, even though the overall taste is the same.

The sauce that Five Star drizzles over the chicken is lovely - not too salty and not too much. The chicken skin is also of a nice thickness. A pity that the kampung chicken is SO expensive - we paid $10 for the lower part (xia4 zhuang1 in Chinese) of the chicken. My father insists that kampung chicken tastes better but I'd rather pay less and have more meat.

The veggie dishes you can order on the side, like the stir-fried sweet potato leaves I had, are very expensive. I don't know if I would pay $10 again just for a regular plate of greens!!

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Chicken Rice
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