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Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint

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125 Upper Paya Lebar Road Singapore 534838
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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 15, 2012    

Singapore's first and only restaurant to offer Authentic Guangdong Zhujiang style Roast Duck, Chilli Roasted Pork Ribs, Roast Meat, Barbequed pork (Char Siew) & Sausages and all kinds of stewed soup. Kay Lee also accepts orders of Big Golden Pigs, Fortune Golden Suckling Pigs and Roast Chicken.

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10 am to 7 pm (closed on Tuesdays). Public holidays opened as usual.

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Best roast meat ever

I've been hesitating about whether I should write this review, because it will mean that more people will know about this place. But I decided not to be selfish, because good food is worth sharing. People have probably heard about Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint because they once made the news of attempting to sell their store for $3.5million. Astounding price I must say, but their food is astounding indeed.

Their char siew is of a darker colour than other counterparts, but it is more juicy and succulent. The place uses herbs in their marinade for the char siew, which adds on to the attractiveness of the meat. The meat is chewy yet not tough at all, and it makes me want to eat lots of those heavenly pieces of char siew.

The roasted pork is also worth mentioning. The ratio of skin to the fat and meat was perfect, with the fat melting in my mouth, and the skin so crispy and fragrant. Also, I really like the sauce that accompanies some of the other dishes such as roast duck. Despite the long queue snaking out of the shop at all times, I will never hesitate to join the queue for a wonderful meal of what is probably the best roast meat in Singapore.

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Great unique roast meat

I have never tasted any roast meat as delicious as Kay Lee's. My mother is a fan of this roast meat joint and she always buy the meat back home for me. I still remember the first time when I had this meat, I thought it was burnt. The meat was darker what I usually see. Nonetheless, I took a bite and goodness me, it was SO juicy and flavorful! The roast aspect of the meat was delivered perfectly. It was perfectly cooked. Many places sell meat that are overcooked, resulting in tough and overly-chewy meat. The meat here is ultimate perfection. Eat it with plain, white, fluffy rice and a simple meal like that can actually make your day.

The roast duck is also unbelievably good. I don't usually like roast duck but I really like the ones sold here at Kay Lee. The tender duck meat is eaten best with the layer of crispy skin above. Super nice and highly-recommended. I usually heat it up before I eat as the journey back home would have cooled the food. If you are eating there, I advise you to avoid peak hour meal times as queues are a common sight at this popular roast meat joint! They also provide special services for huge orders, just give them a call will do. There are various boiled soups as well and you can order a bowl of it to complete your near-perfection roast meat meal. Prices are steeper than the average roast meat store but the price difference is justifiable by the higher-quality and more delicious meat. Very highly-recommended!

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